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  1. Sorry to see man.u lose out tonight. I really thought they had a chance especially after Chelsea took them so close. Class header by Messi though. Better side on the night.
  2. Am loving this at the min. I've got 2 nyko perfect shot guns. I worry about the longevity of this title but it's the best lightgun game i've played. The 18 cert is well justified and i hope there are a few more titles like this in the pipeline plz
  3. The speed shoes in sonic were pretty poor as well. They were always next to a section that contained a triple downward loop, followed by a straight and then a leap of faith somewhere, just to show you how fast the screen could scroll. Also, those damn 'L' power up's if you can class them as that in Pacland. Admit it, how many times did you push those hydrants/cactus's back trying to get a lousy time bonus and die in the process ? The Ripstar in Blasteroids as well because it reminded me of the last starfighter, which was crap, so it qualifies imo. Edit: God, the whip in double dragon, little range and very gay
  4. Simple question really but one i can't find an answer to. how many people could i host on a left4dead server if my upload speed is 730Kbps (approx) with a 20Mb d/l Is there any other factors apart from speed that are used in the equation ? Say the answer is about 6, does this go for most games with a dedicated server ? thanks so much
  5. Lazlo

    Piracy >O<

    It's just the nature of digital media i think, as long as games/films come in 0's and 1's they will be copied. The same is true of analogue of course. Media has to be intelligent in it's own right to combat piracy. What shape this would take i don't know. Look at is this way, if a normal joe can copy decent banknotes in his garage, what chance have dvd's got ? Cloning is universal to almost everything including us.
  6. Hmmm, i drink a bit of both (lager and ales) so i've done both. 1. Tyskie 2. Red Stripe 3. Cobra 4. Heineken 5. Tennants (lager) 1. Theakstons xb 2. Wadsworth 6x 3. Directors 4. Shepherd Neame Kents Best 5. London pride. Vodka skittles/turbo shandy/cheeky vimto ftw
  7. I regret not buying a Dreamcast while i had the chance. I have a friend who has a cart and a cd neo-geo. I know mame plays the games identically on your computer but playing them on that console just feels different. I'd still love one of those. Lovely bit of kit for it's time.
  8. I tell you something, well played my friend. Guilds are crying out for people like you who can think above their level. Grats
  9. Yeah, despite the size of your link, the 25Gig funcom folder in my h.d would put most people off if the client was anywhere close to that. There is a buddy key thing in progress, i guess you'll have to wait.
  10. There's a buddy key thing in the making according to the accounts page. Unfortunately the retail comes on 2 dvd's and the funcom folder on my h.d is 25.1 gig, so downloading a client would be a pretty time consuming affair i would imagine. Shame like but in a way if you waited until dx10 is implemented and the bugs & content fixed it would probably be a better experience anyway. There's not a 'serious' instance until your mid 30's, most before that can be completed on your own. It's still pretty good though. I've got a lvl 67 pom on Dagon. Crafting is buggy atm. There's a couple of lvl.80's in my guild now and they are not pleased about the lack of end game content. If you're still unsure about whether to buy it or not watch this and be converted Lol
  11. How long was it before dx10 was available in lotro from launch. 8 months ? Lotro at launch was laggy in towns & in combat and dull looking. It's a bit better now mind. Am playing a Priest of mitra on Dagon Pve. Running on meduim detail with an 8800gts 512, seems fine. Not tinkered with the settings yet though. Liking it up to now though. It's hard to give a more definitive review until i've explored a bit more but it's canny
  12. I read somewhere that you don't actually get your pre-order mount until you choose a prestige class at level 40 ????
  13. There's something on play about getting accelerated xp if you buy the collectors edition. There's no price listed as yet though and i don't know if you still get the free mount as you do with the normal version. Anyone elaborate on this ?
  14. Not 360 specific but the biggest fps cheat site msx security recently went down for good, screwing everybody who had a lifetime membership (£200) They did online only cheats for bf2,2142,cs,tf,unreal etc Punkbuster pulled a master stroke by giving people a delayed 2 week ban for cheating before declaring the cheaters cd-key void, so by the time it was reported that the cheats wern't safe loads of people had already been caught but didn't know it. Msx was flooded with requests for new keys/ money back etc and just buggered off. It just isn't safe any more for the cheaters. VAC is still pretty crap at catching people but punkbuster have definitely got their finger out of late. Artificialaiming is next on their list i hear.
  15. My complaint to Atari: Me: Hi, i have mask of the betrayer (nwn2) and i have a securom isssue that won't let me play. Obsidian have said this is your responsibility, can you help. Atari: what is your o/s and specs ? Me: Vista 32bit........ Atari: Stop there, Nwn2 or the expansions are not supported by us in Vista Me: But Nwn2 works ok, it's only after i installed the expansion. Atari: Sorry ! Me: You are a cockbiscuit of a cunt and no mistake
  16. Ah sweet. They're making a Postal Movie. Gary Coleman with a machine gun
  17. Oh my word, it looks like the start of dragons lair What a shame, Peter Jackson has nothing to worry about there. Disappointing
  18. Zombie Lake. It's got zombies, it's got Nazis. It's got a lake. What more could you ask for. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081027/
  19. Playing neverwinter nights 2 multiplayer on my pc and having to sit through a lecture by some fat comic book guy about the merits of playing a Paladin over a monk etc etc. Hit die blah blah, unarmed attack, holy avenger blah blah. Piss off i'm trying to kill things. Getting caught using a wallhack on bf2 and having my hardware banned globally from all punkbuster games. That sucks but i suppose it serves me right. So relative to the queston, playing online shooters don't interest me because i can't cheat and admins of the servers are just little hitlers anyway who'l ban you soon as someone screams to them that you ran over them in a tank by accident
  20. Pc= Nwn2 expansion Oh and doing good retro playing diddy kong racing through project 64. Gunbird 2 & Parodius series getting an odd play in mame
  21. The giant boss in Painkiller. For such a linear game some of the bosses looked like they'd been coded by someone else. I'd never seen anything on that sort of scale before
  22. It was because he thought the ps2 hardware could never do the game justice. Or something along those lines
  23. Lazlo


    It's probably been mentioned but as soon as i got spotted by the first security camera i thought 'system shock 2' As soon as that happened i found myself comparing it to every other shooter i'd played and could find references to all of them. The combat was a nightmare. I can't think of anything positive to say about it. No proper ranged weaponry Different dialogue from the little sisters would have been nice saying as they are a crucial part in the game. Good visually though, really got me going until i started playing it.
  24. My sentiments exactly except i use play. 'Would you like a strategy guide with that title sir', 'you'll need it' (half hearted laugh and shoulder movement). 'Would you like me to asphixiate you with your own stupid wide tie ? Patronising c***s Seriously though last time i was in game i wanted test drive unlimited for the p.c. i opened the box and there was a keycode on a sticky label inside the box. So cheers for that anyway, even though the game was still shit
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