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  1. God that was easy. Like so fucking comfortable. Sit down Ramsdale!
  2. dizogg

    The Man Utd Thread

    And if your auntie had a pair of bollocks she’d be your uncle!
  3. Ultimately the idea will be to make profit, once they've destoyed the competition. If PlayStation goes under then expect prices to go up for Xbox. I have a PS5 and Series X. One thing I prefer about the PS5 is its a machine for playing games, and once you've finished you're out. The whole way the Xbox is designed is to get you into the Microsoft ecosystem, the rewards, all that stuff. It feels a bit more like a Facebook or a Google where you are the product. Don't get me wrong we are all enjoying the start of the big push where the Microsoft offer is really fantastic VFM - but be careful what you wish for. No company is doing any of this out of the goodness of their hearts - the end goal is always to increase shareholder value.
  4. No. They don’t. Not really.
  5. It wasn’t about your post in particular no, but I would include it in that. I have no idea what you’re on about with ‘the whole of the last generation’, but sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder about something not worth spending time thinking about.
  6. All the posts laughing at Sony are super cringey. Stop cheerleading international corporations. And I love my Xbox!
  7. Probably because Burnley are one of the teams they ‘should’ be beating and especially a weakened Burnley. If it was Man City cancelling the game they wouldn’t give a shit. But yeah football fans are idiots.
  8. Yeah have you tried letting the batter rest in any of these tests? Try making the batter at least a couple of hours before you use it.
  9. dizogg


    Isn’t “we played the game we had to play” him saying you parked the bus because with 10 men against Liverpool it would be suicide to try and play how Arteta would naturally want you to. Its analysis of the game not a dig at some bullshit conspiracy.
  10. Will you/your average gamer start buying Ultimate Team points if FIFA is free? Some might. I wouldn’t. Most people (14yr old boys) who are into FIFA enough to spend money on FIFA points won’t think twice about buying the game. Of course, there is a possibility they would get more in points which would offset the loss of revenue from selling it, but it’s far from obvious. I don’t see how you could describe it as a “baffling” business decision.
  11. But if they’re already making billions in transactions and it also costs £50 to buy the game… how is that a baffling business decision?!
  12. Bet Leicester were gutted by this as they lifted the Premier League title
  13. Lol, we had countless drab 0-0 draws with shit teams during the Coutinho years.
  14. Every football fan thinks their team is hard done by. It’s always been this way. What sort of ‘scenes’ would you expect? Just more people moaning on the internet because they have more fans?
  15. Yeah obviously I see that. But the guy is based in the US and originally made the game as a bit of fun for him and a friend. Also the game is now a worldwide thing, not a UK only craze. I’m not trying to argue anyway, just saying it makes sense why it might use US English.
  16. I don’t get why anyone would go in this thread before they’ve done it for that day. Whatever you see will spoil it in some way, even if it’s just how easy/hard it is based on peoples scores. Took me 6 today! Also the guy who made this lives in the US according to the URL, so...
  17. dizogg

    Outer Wilds

    Wanted to play this for a while so downloaded it off Gamepass for the Series X, it’s a pity it’s still in 30fps because after being spoiled by the performance of Halo Infinite it feels like walking in treacle.
  18. Burnley and Newcastle both put out pretty strong sides.
  19. I agree, he wouldn’t get into our first team so he’d have time on the bench and I don’t think that’s good for a confidence player like him. If Villa build the team around him somewhat and he gets confident he could be amazing for them.
  20. Nah, we only got better when he left. Obviously he was a great player for us at the time but he’s not the right fit now, no way.
  21. Hmm apparently it uses 13w in instant on standy. Which is more like £20 I think.
  22. Can’t be doing too badly if they’ve paid $550m for it…
  23. I can’t really use bing at work because I need to be logged into Microsoft with my work account as we have a lot of stuff I need access to through that.
  24. So I’ve got just over 1000 reward points after having a Xbox Series X for a month. Am I right this is worth about £1? I find the fact that people are creating an industry out of collecting these points insane… it seems like you’d actually have to put in hours and hours to get enough to eg pay for your ultimate pass. Am I missing something?
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