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  1. Hi I’m Mr Logic man and I’m a stupid cunt. Probably because he was trying to arrest him for murder rather than get him banned from driving?
  2. It’s not amazing but some of you guys are being way too harsh. It was pretty watchable and towards the last few episodes was quite gripping. I feel like some of you must be looking at the first couple seasons through rose tinted spectacles?
  3. Footballs teams lose though. There’s never been a side that just doesn’t lose. We are going to lose some games.
  4. Difficult when you’ve been on the piss all week
  5. I think the premier league games are starting to get better. The Chelsea City game was one of the best games of the season for drama (and not just because of what it meant for Liverpool).
  6. The problem is, I’d say 99% of all fans of bigger (i.e. not lower league) clubs don’t go to the game every week. There isn’t enough room in the stadium. Of course people who go home and away are more fanatical, almost obsessive (it’s a huge commitment of time in your life). And that’s great. But at the end of the day you can’t begrudge people getting enjoyment out of a sport, in whichever way they choose. Gatekeeping people’s passion comes across as quite bitter. Would you begrudge a young Wolves fan from elsewhere or wherever who has been captivated by their current team and is filled with joy with every win of theirs he watches on Sky? If you would I think that’s really sad, and totally misses the whole point of the game.
  7. There is a lot of upset people in the general football thread at the moment, give them time. They’re grieving.
  8. Nope, OGS isn’t fit to clean Klopp’s tactics whiteboard. As long as Klopp and Pep are in the prem there will be a top 2 and the rest.
  9. I totally always think this, it’s the beauty of football. Imagine telling Utd fans this is where they’d be now when Fergie retired.
  10. Which is what made it all the sweeter when he scored a hat trick against you lot
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