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  1. Pretty sure Lampard scored way more than him anyway, Lampard is like top 10!
  2. F - Fowler V - Vardy Defoe!
  3. Ole is the man for the job. Give him time.
  4. Can’t wait til Burnley finally get relegated. 1 upvote = 1 goal conceded
  5. There was a missed chance where Salah should have passed to Mane and he said “that’s very close” about the offside, he was a mile onside if you looked at the pitch lines. And they looked at it a few times!
  6. The younger generation are dumb as fuck. Just like we all were except we didn’t have an output (social media) to puke our dumb opinions across the internet. Imagine if we shaped everything in the world to what “the younger generation” wanted. Like maybe it’s better they learn to wait and watch full games. Basically:
  7. Started playing last night, really enjoying it. Killed the 2nd EMMI (the 1st EMMI is just a tutorial I guess) and got the magnetic spider power thing. Opened a thermal thing which opened more doors then led me to dying in a cold area. No fucking idea where to go now. What’s the best course of action when you’re not sure where to go next, just check the map?
  8. Yeah it’s hardly a niche holiday destination is it. Sorry Mrs Klopp, can you cancel that holiday in Barcelona we’ve been looking forward to for months because the gobshite press have linked me with a job there? Also can’t think of a worse fit for Klopp than that club right now.
  9. dizogg

    The Boxing Thread

    What’s being a fanboy got to do with anything? He wasn’t at his best last night and pretty handily dispatched Wilder. You have to credit Wilder for staying in there until the later rounds but nothing more.
  10. Anyone else thinking of boycotting Qatar? Not that it’ll make a difference of course. But it’ll make me feel better.
  11. Is it part of the meal deal thing they do? Feel like some of that stuff is intentionally higher priced to make the deal seem like good value.
  12. Until reading this thread just now I didn’t realise it came with a base. I did think it was a bit weird that it rocked everytime I touched it.
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