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  1. Van Dijk. Looks like you’re using a homophobic put down otherwise mate. Or BIG VIRG if you know him personally (like me and the LDF do).
  2. mate you’re gonna have to do better than that!
  3. His dad died so he’s on compassionate leave.
  4. Your wife doesn’t find you attractive anymore.
  5. Lol yeah Liverpool parked the bus against you...
  6. Worked it out. Can confirm I was being dense (and paying 0 attention to any cutscene or any of the credits)
  7. I’ve got to the credits, and collected all the green shines and stamps I could find... so where’s the rest of it? Apparently there’s about 380 green stars in the game and I only have 243 or something. Am I being dense?
  8. Bamford said: "It wasn’t an issue at Burnley until I started asking why I wasn’t playing and then the manager started citing other reasons: 'born with a silver spoon in your mouth', 'listening to too many people influencing you outside of football'. "When I asked for an example, the answer was 'who did you arrive with when you signed on your first day?' I said 'my mum and dad' and he said 'exactly'. EXACTLY
  9. It’s nothing to do with being salty though... I feel like you tell yourself that to make you feel better or something? A lot of it is just true! Don’t care about Fulham so I’m not bitter about the result, just an observation. But you’re being very defensive (almost as much as Burnley!) about so I’ll leave your team alone
  10. How many what? Dull uninspiring draws against relegation fodder? I watch football as a form of entertainment. Not doubting you enjoy them staying in the premier league every year or anything. Just saying they looked bloody awful tonight.
  11. God Burnley are a fucking shit team to watch.
  12. It’s a combination of issues that have compounded together to create a snowball of shit basically. It’s no one thing.
  13. Yeah feels like we’ve completely capitulated this season and Utd are having one of their best in a while and we’re only 6 points behind them and in the Champions League still and they’re knocked out.
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