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  1. They could have also given him more transfer money and still been 3rd, considering how good Man City and Liverpool are currently.
  2. Would genuinely love Son at Liverpool, he’d be perfect back up/competition for our front three. Hes also probably their best player so I doubt they’ll let him go.
  3. Seemed inevitable but can’t see them improving on him. And if they start missing out on top 4 I can see Kane and Son etc looking to move. Weird that that they waited til now to sack him instead of straight after last weekend, assuming they have a replacement lined up.
  4. In terms of the teams involved though, not the match itself.
  5. Well that’s my point, they can’t tell us anything. They’re mismatches. I understand that isn’t England’s fault, but it’s the reason why nobody is talking about it in here.
  6. It’s hard to go from watching Liverpool vs Man City, one of the most competitive fixtures in premier league history, to watching 2 totally uncompetitive fixtures. England look good, but also prone to mistakes at the back. Nothing from these games tells me anything new about this England team.
  7. Neoelite won’t like that!! They should be going to see Bambali Rovers!
  8. City have got Chelsea next, 4th vs 3rd. They need to fight for 2nd place! And look over their shoulder, Sheffield Utd smell blood!
  9. Id like to see him try! Another solid 3 points. Onto the next one.
  10. Peps mind games were a master stroke. Liverpool look shaken whilst City are calm and composed.
  11. Vincent Kompany is an awful pundit. Boring and all his opinions are like they’ve been written by the Man City PR department.
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