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  1. You do know I’m married now? You’ve got to stop all this flirting!
  2. I said they’d be considered favourites not that they’d be sure to win. Either France win who are current world champions, or England beat France which will be a huge win for us. Portugal will have beaten Switzerland and Morocco so harder to judge.
  3. You sound very confident though for saying it’s quarter final stage! Definitely whoever wins out of France or England will be favourites against Portugal still I’d say.
  4. Im just asking if “it’s looking like a Brazil Portugal final” is based on them both getting big wins against crap teams? Because once they play good teams there are totally different challenges to face.
  5. Based on what goals scored? Football doesn’t really work like that when you get to the nitty gritty.
  6. Penalty is scored “that’s how you do it.”
  7. Imagine our midfield when we sign Bellingham as well Henderson - Fabinho - Thiago And some decent back up on the bench.
  8. People get old, they die. Celebrate the good they did but don’t dread them dying, it’s pointless.
  9. Chow Chow Rocket
  10. Dog game Woof woof
  11. Is it fuck. It’s more like a top 6 prem team vs a bottom 6 prem team. It’s like Liverpool v Everton. Sometimes they manage a draw. Fucking boring though.
  12. It would be the same (possibly even longer) than what they are now doing then? It sounds like you're a bit OCD and just can't handle 45+10 which sounds like a you problem not a football one. The time wasting issue does need to be fixed, any fan of a team thats actually good will agree with that.
  13. Sterling starting. How exciting.
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