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  1. Ole: “We have pushed Manchester City all the way, until 10-12 days left in the season and it is a very good achievement because they are a very good team. That’s some interpretation!
  2. Come on then cough up big lad. Better luck next time!
  3. Aren’t you going to apologise?
  4. There was no humour in your post though, you just called someone shit. That was the joke. In a thread about football. It’s toxic behaviour, and your whataboutism cannot save you.
  5. Why do you have to be so toxic bro?
  6. Absolute piss take that team
  7. Thats exactly what an excellent troll would say! You don't miss a beat...
  8. No, 10 cards in total (Ligue & CL) isn’t it?
  9. Yeah I don’t really get the rage at the £70 price point. You can get demon’s souls and Miles Morales from the trading folder for like £25-30 about 6 months later. I’ll do the same with this. Whether you play it now or it 6 months makes no difference really does it, it’s a single player game. Also they might have patched a save option in by then!
  10. Pretty much the entire squad has posted this imagine on their respective instagrams.
  11. Well they’re pretending to have the moral high ground as it’s good PR for them that they’re “on our side” and also protecting their brand who has licenses for Prem football. It’s no less cynical that the ESL plans.
  12. I’m finding it a bit embarrassing all the other Premier League clubs using this as a PR move for themselves by openly being “The Good Guys” as if the Leeds Utd owners wouldn’t have snapped someone’s hand off if offered a place in the European Super League. The t-shirts were pretty cringeworthy. “Earn it” what like when Leeds last got into it after overspending massively and completely mismanaging their finances? This is just the logical next step of where football is heading. Not a revelation.
  13. You’re a strange fellow.
  14. I found it far more entertaining than any of the John Wick films.
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