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  1. He used to call himself Greggles didn’t he. He was good.
  2. Greg? I actually saw this clip live as it happened at Uni. Me and my mate literally laughed non stop for 5 minutes. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen on TV.
  3. Fucking great free kick. Get him in the England team just for set pieces (as that’s the only way we can score).
  4. I read that article in the summer. It’s really bizarre and has 0 references for any of the claims made. It’s also really poorly written. Feels like a bit like a click bait fan fic wank fantasy for rival fans who hate Liverpool.
  5. Thanks for that mate. Maybe if they show this photo at his funeral you can grab the mic from his grieving family and let everyone know. I think most people know the context, it’s still a fantastic photo. You don’t have to treat every moment in life like you’re on an episode of QI.
  6. Bigtime. Completely nullified them and dominated for the entire game.
  7. It’s just a bigger story, always will be. Bigger club, better team. The possibility of us losing is a story. All due respect Leicester losing isn’t much of a story.
  8. This is probably an annoying as fuck question that’s been asked 100s of times. But any clue as to the best way to get a PS5 if not preordered? Will there be stock on Argos/Amazon etc on day before release maybe? I know it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get one but wouldn’t mind knowing if anyone else is in my position and has a plan?
  9. At least we have an able deputy in Jota for the front 3 now. Unless he gets his legs snapped off over the weekend or something.
  10. Yep, Matip can’t really be trusted to stay fit. Big chance for Philips or Williams to step up though, who in their limited games haven’t really put a foot wrong so far.
  11. We should hopefully have Matip and Fabinho after the international break? Let’s get back to the Rodgers method of outscoring the opposition (the method that results in you not actually winning anything)!
  12. Bobby will start at the weekend, I reckon.
  13. I think it’s more that the way Atalanta play makes them basically our ideal opponent.
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