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  1. Yeah for every Liverpool v Man City you've got dozens of Burnley vs Huddersfields, so the stat is a little misleading.
  2. Sell Lallana to fund the transfer of Coutinho. What the fuck are you talking about. Coutinho isn’t coming back. Fact.
  3. It was just designed to start the process of him staying at Liverpool and then moving to Barcelona for £75m. Genius.
  4. dizogg

    The Man Utd Thread

    Maguire isn’t much of an improvement on your current choices. Not for £80m. He has mistakes in him that will be magnified playing for a big team. But then its its easy to be critical when you watch a team with Van Dijk at the back.
  5. I remember Benitez wanted Heinze to come to Liverpool from Man Utd and they refused to sell. Man Utd did want to offload him, just not to Liverpool. There was talk of Crystal Palace being approached to buy him then immediately sell on to us: https://talksport.com/football/497547/manchester-united-vs-liverpool-rivalry-gabriel-heinze-transfer-2007/
  6. Well I doubt it because if a club wanted the player and the player wanted to go why would they wait for another club to sign him and then pay a hugely inflated price?
  7. Chef’s Kitchen and Street Food on Netflix are both really good.
  8. TBH I think its still a punishment. Kovacic didn't really pull up any trees for Chelsea last season but they've been almost forced to buy him now because they are literally no other options for them with the ban (and Loftus Cheek is out long term isnt he?)
  9. Lol that airbrushed style looks like it’s painted on the Waltzers
  10. Not really, technically it’s a ban on registering new players. Kovacic is already registered to them.
  11. It is a clear and obvious error. It was offside so it’s not a goal. Giving a goal that shouldn’t have been is a clear error, when you have the technology to see it in black and white like that.
  12. We're never going to get a back-up keeper at Alisson's level and a keeper getting injured for a significant period is fairly rare. Mignolet isn't the worst, and at least he seems to have a great attitude and behind our current defence maybe would be a bit more secure. It probably depends if we get any offers, no point in offloading them for free.
  13. Spanish press talk more shit than the English press (and that is fucking saying something). No way in hell Coutinho comes back.
  14. Doubt we will sell Mignolet or Lovren. Unless van den Berg is going to be 4th CB next season (unlikely). Don’t think we’ll get any first team players in either, probably just back ups in a couple of areas.
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