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  1. Rather my club be owned by a soft drink company over a dodgy country/oil magnate with questionable human rights records any day.
  2. Not being bitter (I am very bitter) but Atletico are a shite little team to watch. Imagine paying to watch them. 1-0 to Leipzig, come on your energy drink swilling capitalists!
  3. dizogg

    Fall Guys

    Just streamed it on twitch for my mate and won 2 games in a row. Great fun. Considering I hadn’t won a game yet was buzzing
  4. His finishing was crap last night but Neymar is class. It’s no coincidence that Barcelona were a much better team when he was there.
  5. This is good for us long term. We're not here to play silly buggers like Man Utd, and eventually pay what you want. We make what we see as a fair offer and if you want over the odds then just walk away. We're not going to be held to ransom over a back up left back!
  6. Why do you do this?
  7. Why? Genuine question.
  8. I remember his form dropped considerably but it was considered a side effect of a dysfunctional Arsenal squad. It reminds me of when Liverpool sold Torres, he had been crap for us for a bit, but Chelsea bought him for £50m thinking taking him out of a poor Liverpool side would bring him back to his previous form. Both players never really did. They have something in common that they had both played a shit load of football by the time they were in their late 20s. I think sometimes football played is a better gauge of longevity, rather than age. Basically they were both knackered by 28.
  9. Yeah for a reasonable wage I can’t actually think of any Premier League teams that wouldn’t want Willian? He would be great back up for Liverpool for instance, if he could be picked up on the cheap. So he is going to push for the best deal he can get. Arsenal are not a top team atm so he is not going to go there for the trophies or the love of the club, he’ll go because he’s offered the most.
  10. That’s cute that you saved it Congratulations on being on the verge of winning the transfer cup! When’s the open top bus parade?
  11. You guys are going to fucking love this!
  12. Am I the only one who finds him pretty annoying/cringe? It’s weird... I really like the shows, the way it’s shot, the places they go and the interesting food spots they visit. But he just grates on me after a while.
  13. Tbf when was the last time you tried to sign a relegated player? It usually happens pretty smoothly as it’s often a pretty beneficial deal for all parties.
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