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  1. Fair point. Don’t let me catch you bigging us up ever again!
  2. You say that before pretty much any game!! We’ve not lost for 14 games and Chelsea have a soft defence. I’d fancy us to win (but probably concede too). I agree it won’t be an easy game though, Chelsea usually seem to trouble us.
  3. We’ll beat these at Anfield. And this year we won’t have to play PSG twice. Reckon we’ll be alright.
  4. dizogg


    I'd say you have a worse squad on paper than Spurs or Man Utd (as well as the obvious Liverpool and City). Just based on your defensive and midfield options. It is marginal though.
  5. dizogg


    You guys keep mentioning how you have the best squad in years. I’d agree Auba and Laca are top strikers and Pepe is exciting, but apart from that? You’ve lost Giroud, Koscielny, Cech, Monreal etc. You’re on the same points total as Man U, Chelsea and Spurs atm, I don’t know where you’re expecting to be? You were fucking awful in the second half yesterday but at the same time you can’t legislate for Sokratis. I guess he shouldn’t be playing.
  6. Doubt either could afford him (or any of our top 3). They’re on long contracts, I reckon we’d want £150m+ for any one of them (if the player was forcing the sale).
  7. It’s mental, our front 3 are better than they’ve ever been right now. Bobby and Mane have stepped it up level. Everything has clicked. That goal was so fucking pleasing to watch. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face I don’t know what will @bradigor
  8. You reckon? Not very competitive is it. Sterling looks fucking unreal but that’s partly because they’re pushing up and giving him a ridiculous amount of space.
  9. Kosovo will go much more defensive second half I suspect.
  10. I hate it when Dad drinks
  11. Loved that England goal. Why the fuck should we stop playing?!
  12. He’d struggle to get on our bench. Let him rot.
  13. I’ve definitely heard rumours of it, not at the time but after the fact. Might have been in another autobiography or something.
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