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  1. I’ve only just seen this too! What do I win?!? What is the format of the final round? Match play or individual scores and lowest wins?
  2. Got very lucky with getting some perfect shots with the vanishing gauge!
  3. I believe it was because in school there were two Toms and as such you were called TomTom...? That’s the story I remember!
  4. I’ve got back into this recently. Especially with the tradition rules multiplayer mode. Makes it much less tedious to play with some peeps. I’ll look to get into the tournament, where are the rules?
  5. Yes please! I hope Pompey’s missus will do the draw!
  6. Hello all, just got around to filling in my course scores for the ladder. How do you find out your records for mirror/non-mirror?
  7. Loving this game already, its he first game in a while that I am super excited to get home and play after a day at work! Have we got any online tournaments/sign up going yet? Having a brief browse of the thread I couldn't see anything?
  8. There's another 20 matches which increases the overall from 31 to 51. So could be a chance.
  9. IN! I've never raced over to the Fifa thread so fast!
  10. Well played all. Regardless of the ping it was your tournament, Bruce!
  11. I can still play tomorrow, I will be there. I believe the term is 'forumites'
  12. Sorry for the delay, I've been away. I am a no for next season
  13. Thanks for the games Gents. A decent showing all round I thought. Congrats to Team B I think, looking at those results. A well-gelled team!
  14. Team A 3 - 1 Team C MVP SSBJ Team A 2 - 0 Team C MVP SSBJ Team A 3 - 0 Team C MVP SSBJ
  15. Team A 4 - 2 Team D MVP Petey Team A 1 - 2 Team D MVP Magician Hogg Team A 1 - 3 Team D MVP Magician Hogg
  16. Team A 3 - 4 Team B MVP - Popkins Team A 1 - 3 Team B MVP - Jamin Team A 3 - 1 Team B MVP - Petey
  17. I will be jumping on at 9 on the dot unfortunately. I'm bringing my A game!
  18. I felt like we didn't actually do anything wrong just unlucky bounces on the night. I think not having any pros in the two CB positions is hurting us. Just can't out muscle/out play against the top rated strikers on the opposition. I am happy to jump back in if necessary, even though I'm enjoying playing CDM, I think we need a bit more assurance. (Watch me now give away two pens and scored an OG next week...)
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