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  1. Destiny: FIN

    I'm up for a Crota run this afternoon as well.
  2. Destiny: FIN

    Yeah, I can do this afternoon until about 6. Or maybe a hard Crota if we can get enough people?
  3. Destiny: FIN

    I'd be up for a run a Crota this afternoon if we can pull enough players together? Maybe 2-3pm start?
  4. Destiny: FIN

    Its Leonsberg
  5. Destiny: FIN

    Yep on PSN?
  6. Destiny: FIN

    Anyone about to do the nightfall/weekly this afternoon? Or if there's a space on a Crota raid I could jump in and help with that, I already killed him last night, but wouldn't mind doing another run from the start.
  7. Destiny: FIN

    I can help as well if you're running it in the next hour or two.
  8. [dismantled]

    I can as long as it starts fairly soon
  9. Any Crota/VoG Raiders tonight? 16th Jan

    I should hopefully be on around then
  10. Destiny: FIN

    I'd be up for a hard raid as well, fiance permitting though
  11. Destiny: FIN

    Just added you mate
  12. Destiny: FIN

    I can go up till about 3 this afternoon
  13. Destiny: FIN

    Have you still got a space?
  14. Tuesday 30th Crota's End Raid

    I've just hit level 30
  15. Tuesday 30th Crota's End Raid

    I should be level 30 by then so can I join if you've still got space

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