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  1. I think punching is heavily incentivised: you get full shields, a reload, and 200 points, but it has to be a full-on power swing - no love-taps.
  2. This is pretty damn good - strong visual design and well-pitched difficulty levels. Turning off the autoaim separates the marksmen from the marksboys, and it turns out I am no marksman.
  3. https://chiefobrienatwork.com/
  4. ryanm

    Ad Astra

    I'd be super-interested if someone clever could calculate the required acceleration to take you to Neptune (with one planned stop at Mars and one unplanned stop before mars) in the timescales depicted in the film. I suspect the trip would involve being smashed against the rear bulkhead for the entire duration rather than floating about.
  5. The Beat Saber mod scene has taken the next logical step: you can now mod the beatsaber app so that it tracks are loaded from shared storage. The upshot is that you can now add custom tracks directly on the quest (via, for some reason, a channel in Oculus TV), with no PC required after the initial mod application. Mod application (via sidequest) is pretty easy. Sidequest also allows you to sideload Tea for God, which offers a really interesting experience of wandering an infinite maze contained entirely within your playing boundary.
  6. The packaging is very high quality, eminently reusable for long-term storage.
  7. The discovery that Shadowpoint allows you to point with one hand while making the OK/white power sign with the other lead, inevitably, to
  8. You're going to end up thinking less of this person.
  9. I've wobbled through the steps to get custom beatsaber tracks on the quest - it's not too painful, and it completely transforms the game. Lessons learned: The toConvert folder should contain the contents of the downloaded zips, not the zips themselves There has to be at least one custom song, or else the patched apk will lock on a black screen The patched apk seems impervious to standard uninstall methods (there's an uninstall option in the tool that I only noticed after I'd got things working)
  10. One of these quibbles might be down to some wonkiness in my home wifi - casting to my phone worked without issue on different network. No sound, but not really any appreciable lag either.
  11. Totally agree, he had me wondering which job I'd fear most: 90 seconds of pant-shitting terror on the roof and then probable cancer, or months of grinding tedium executing confused, scared pets.
  12. Top tip that I found non-obvious: long-press on the oculus button to reset the orientation of your play space.
  13. I'm finding the casting to be ropey, bordering on pointless. Casting to phone just shows a black screen for me, and the chromecast option fails to start about 95% of the time. When it does get going the stream lags by about a second, doesn't work at all in beatsaber, and the goggles display an annoying red dot that should apparently be in the corner of the screen but is actually pretty close to the center of vision. The feature is marked as beta though, so will undoubtedly improve. Is anyone else having a better time with casting?
  14. That picture is certainly of a third gen model.
  15. I had a couple of extremely minor niggles* with the second film that have been addressed in this one, but my central problem remains: the extended universe of secret assassin societies that was only hinted at in the first film is revealed, when dragged out into the light, to be a complete cringefest crammed full of wankers. The action has unquestionably improved in each sequel and I enjoyed it, but given the choice to rewatch any of the three I'd still take the first one. *
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