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  1. There's a new document up on the FTC website regarding what information Microsoft wants from Sony. It's a lot. Stolen the summary below from ResetERA:



    Sony gets 7 more days to serve the subpoena from MS, but this time it wasn’t completely agreed by Microsoft (the judge granted it).

    New, and it sounds like final, deadline is February 10th.

    We have more info about what MS is requesting:

    - 45 distinct document requests, 13 of which have multiple subparts, for a total of more than 120 separate document requests.

    - These requests demand all documents related to nearly all aspects of SIE's business, as well as extensive sets of sales, financial, and personal user data (e.g., user date of birth, user country, user gender, covering what will likely be millions of users).

    - Ten of these requests seek materials going back more than 11 years to January 2012.

    - Sony estimates that providing the response to MS will cost approximately $2 million or more in fees and expenses and demand weeks of intense work and substantial efforts and involvement of SIE personnel.

    - MS is requesting all documents related to performance reviews and evaluations of all Sony gaming leadership or management, all documents relating to SIE's gaming business sent to, received from, or exchanged with other Sony entities, and executed copies of every content licensing agreement SIE has entered into with any third-party publisher over the past 11 years, among others.

    - Sony is not happy with the unrealistically short deadlines and irrelevant requests from MS.

    - In any case, Sony anticipates that this will be its last request for an extension to the motion to quash deadline and that they will either reach final agreement or narrow any impasse by February 10, 2023. Microsoft disagrees with the relief requested in this motion.


  2. I love the series s.


    10 minutes ago, Kayin Amoh said:

    However, Sekiro runs at 30fps on it as opposed to the X's 60fps and it was like someone was being sick directly into my eyeballs after playing it through again on X. You can't go back - but this is the only game I've seen do something like that, though I'm not sure why. It could easily handle Sekiro at 60.


    I'm assuming this is because the Series X can run the Xbox One X version? I don't think there is a dedicated series S/X version which is a shame.

  3. Subscribers are up compared to the last quarter and will be interesting to see if that continues.




    Stole that image from a Resetera thread (link) which is quite detailed and also goes into the exchange rate as the yen hasn't been doing well for quite a while.



  4. Producing (and releasing!) system sellers may have helped here. God of War Ragnarok has already sold over 11 million copies.

    Saying that, easier for hardware shipments to be up when you have better availability but still very good.

  5. Just finished track 4 and still enjoying it. Managed to improve on the parry thing, though wish there was an option to make it less forgiving as I thought the end of track 3 was going to be game over for me.


    A lot of love has gone into this.



  6. 29 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:


    Rat King! Dogs! Golf! Fun times ahead. 


    19 minutes ago, makkuwata said:

    I wonder how they’ll go about casting. There’ll need to be a lot of counselling involved to cope with certain ‘fans’.


    I haven't played the second game and have avoided story spoilers and now wondering if a dog gets killed by a golf club.

  7. 8 minutes ago, footle said:

    That’s literally the post before yours. Does it not count if it’s not in an embedded Twitter post?


    I didn't notice so I've deleted it. Not in good health at the moment so a bit clumsy in general.

  8. 2 minutes ago, footle said:

    that being different from “permanently blocked”. This isn’t hard to see the difference of, and something only the market leader could really add to their contracts.


    I agree. I was just pointing out that somebody can be mistaken why they thought The Medium remained an exclusive.


    I wouldn't be surprised if Sony tried to block some third-party titles, but seeing Bloodborne as an example seems odd. Elsewhere in the document they mention Sackboy: A Big Adventure which I doubt many would expect to come to Xbox.



  9. 1 hour ago, rafaqat said:

    Not sure if this will dig into such things but would be interesting to see if this sort of thing is true which kind of dents some of Sony's arguments.







    The Bloodborne example is odd because didn't Sony fund development and publish the title? I know Sony paid for FFVII Remake to be a  timed exclusive but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these companies (Hello Square Enix) may be holding out for the big game pass bung like DQXI.

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