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  1. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - After nearly 20 hours of play, I'm beginning to like it a fair bit. Incredibly linear though and I do miss proper shops. Deus Ex: HR (PC) - Great stuff. Played the original game first time this year, and Eidos have done a great job bringing things up to date (though I think the animation is still piss poor). Roll on Deus Ex 4.
  2. It was confirmed last year to be backwards compatible with Wii, but no gamecube support.
  3. (My comments about possibly no 3DS coverage at the E3 presentation) [media=] 29:20 onwards makes it sound like 3DS announcents will be at "other upcoming opportunities" as they are focusing on the Wii U.
  4. So, no 3DS news on Tuesday? Shame. My 3DS wants more love. Looking forward to seeing the games. I don't care that much about the social features, but can see why many would. Hope this gets other apps like netflix support. Scared about the price though.
  5. The Nintendo direct event is 11pm GMT, so midnight here in the UK as it is now BST. Looking forward to it
  6. if anybody else is going for the 4 pack, let me know. was planning to wait for it to appear in a sale, but far too much fun and i think runic deserve a day 1 sale. lovely stuff.
  7. Got a beta key this morning which will last the weekend. Game looks great, and plays great too. Looking forward to this coming out. Guess some people out there may be busy with some other game...Diablo something?
  8. Any kind souls fancy sending me a guest pass?
  9. The new Tex Murphy kickstarter is up: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/251414413/tex-murphy-project-fedora Only played a bit of Under a Killing Moon, but it kept on crashing on my PC back then. Tempted to get one of them from gog.com for nostalgia sake.
  10. Some actual footage at last: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocguvV1Wj_k
  11. http://andriasang.com/con0y2/ratchet_clank_screens/ Sounds like Gladiator will be PSN download only. Looking forward to playing these again, and Gladiator for the first time.
  12. I put in a bit for this. Must stop doing all these kickstarters! Poor wallet. May start playing the SNES game at some point, never played it before but watched some on youtube. Still plays well? Anybody know roughly how long the game is?
  13. Cloth Map + Wife texting me to do it, means I've now submitted $65.
  14. A bit late, but finally put $30 towards Wasteland 2. Only a few hours to go but looks like they will go beyond $3 million. Now, do I increase it to $65 for the boxed copy? Money is tight...but CLOTH MAP!
  15. Well, guess I'll finally unwrap my copy of The Saboteur and start playing it tonight. Shitty of EA though.
  16. I have BG2 downloaded from GOG installed, but haven't started playing it because I'm a bit anxious about the playtime. May wait for this edition to come out now, because if I am going to play it I'm only going to do it once. Was it all freally worth 250 hours? I've heard so many good things about the series but the most I've played a game was probably Persona 3 at about 90 hours...loved it though.
  17. Thanks. Ordered. Am quite curious in how many Namco has published altogether, is this a third reprint already?
  18. Probably the reason they will give, but not much in there to protect you from such a height.. probably won't do much of a difference (someone call the mythbusters). The dead body on the ground is almost certainly JM, but I do wish they kept the character for future episodes. Maybe not the real JM? (Hmmm... forget that).
  19. Was disappointed last week, but really enjoyed this episode.
  20. Thought it was the weakest episode by far. Reminded me of poor X-Files episodes at times and even BUGS. I really enjoyed all the others though.... but please, no more mind palace.
  21. January 2012 Serious Sam Gold Pack (PC) - £2.99 HOARD: Complete Pack (PC) - £1.86 Dead Island (PC) - £12.99 Indie Royale's Happy New Years Bundle (PC) - £2.75 Total: £20.59 My pre-order for the Metal Gear Solid collection was cancelled today by amazon (pricing mistake apparently). I'm actually a bit relieved as I have such a backlog I don't really need to purchase anything for quite a while.
  22. Argh! Bought Dead Island in the end, but it was £12.99 when I ordered it. New Rule: Don't think, just buy. Those mods look fun
  23. Greenmangaming has Dead Island for 9.99, registers on steam. Tempted, but I think I have enough to get on with. From Dust for 2.99 too, but I don't think that registers on steam.
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