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  1. Back to the positive PR attempts, at least for now.
  2. Dring also tweeted that 60,000 consoles separated all 3 formats in the UK this year which is neat.
  3. Christopher Dring of GamesIndustry.biz reporting that Switch overtook the PS5 to become the best selling console in the UK for 2022. Impressive for a machine which has been out for, what, 6 years?
  4. PS4 Pro due to a huge library of games which still look and play well. Follow ups: Switch, DS.
  5. I really enjoyed Fallen Order when I played it on the PS4. Runs much better on the new machines, runs like butter on my series s. Had a quick go at Axiom Verge 2 but stopped playing for now as too many fucking games.
  6. Ended up playing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PS4. I found a cat.
  7. What a guy. One of my favourite characters in any video game. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  8. - Metroid Prime 4 announced...and released! - Persona 6 announced, not released. - Microsoft release some games but mainly from recent acquisitions and deals. Reviewers mistake features as bugs in Redfall. - No Wolverine. - New Mario platformer announced and released for Switch. - Succesor to Switch not announced. - New co-op game announced where you play as either Keighley or Kojima, is awesome. - PS5 slimmer goes on sale. - I play Witcher 3.
  9. Completed. Took me about 145hrs but with some big breaks to play other games inbetween. Enjoyed it although not my favourite in the series and I still hope Persona 6 will get announced some day. I do have Persona 5 Strikers via PS+ and may give that a whirl sometime.
  10. The English dub is on the ITV player. Final boss (third semester) kicked my bum tonight, will try again. Argh!
  11. I'm still a new-ish series s owner and when I opened up the cardboard box it was in my first reaction was to quickly close it and laugh. The console is so small! Really enjoying my experience with it so far. Quiet too.
  12. Pure Xbox have also mentioned they experienced some minor issues but hopefully these will get sorted out before I finish Cyberpunk.
  13. MidWalian

    High on Life

    I have it pre-installed on my series s and will give it a shot. A little concerned I may get annoyed with all the talking. No idea what the issue Linneman is talking about here.
  14. Phil Spencer was there. The event was held at the Microsoft theatre. All I got was Party Animals which I'm now concerned is full of swearing and not that appropriate for my kids who enjoyed other wobbly physics games like gang beasts etc.
  15. I'm loving this. Bought myself a Series S in the black Friday sale and then this. 32 hours in and I feel there is so much more to do, the world is vast and I'm enjoying the sidequests. The katana is awesome. Also bought Witcher 3 for £6.99 and have that to look forward to another time.
  16. A journalist for Axios and a lawyer points out that the EC response to an unknown question in an article which got Resetera excited doesn't actually contradict what the FTC have said. Not sure if there will be any more developments in all of this until early next year.
  17. Axios has also been chatting with the EC. No torpedos.
  18. IANAL but understand the documents the same way as this person who understands law and stuff: (thread)
  19. At the end of the day the FTC may also be in "do something" mode after not acting that much in the past - in gaming and outside of it. Any ideas when the UK or EC may give their verdicts?
  20. I would avoid reading what Microsoft and Activision say what is in the European Commission report and just read the report itself. Notifying party is Microsoft. Paragraph 114 for example: The previous and following paragraphs are worth a read too. To me, and I'm not a lawyer, the deal was allowed to pass on the assumption that Bethesda games would not suddenly become exclusive. There is however plenty of slippery language which you get from lawyers and politicians.
  21. Bethesda deal was more recent and is taken into consideration. Personally, don't care about Activision. Especially after it turned into a COD factory. Both Sony and Microsoft care about money at the end of the day and easy to show shitty behaviour on both sides but it's the size of the deal and recent behaviour which has grabbed attention. There are plenty of other deals, not just to do with gaming, which should have had similar attention too.
  22. Time for bed. Enjoy the rest of the show folks. Hoping to wake up to some BoTW 2 footage. Maybe Avowed or Fable? Who knows, some nice surprises already.
  23. Hades is great but not sure if I care about a sequel. Glad to see the Kevin Levine game at last.
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