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  1. Yes, but about 6 months later and after many had reported it as an exclusive game.
  2. The Bloodborne example is odd because didn't Sony fund development and publish the title? I know Sony paid for FFVII Remake to be a timed exclusive but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these companies (Hello Square Enix) may be holding out for the big game pass bung like DQXI.
  3. Some on the internet misunderstand "Production and a discovery schedule". It's not about getting the release date for Spider-Man 2, just the legal discovery process and creating documents etc.
  4. Disclaimer: Not sure how reliable the data is. ResetERA are talking about leaked NPD numbers. The sourced tweet has now been deleted but here are the numbers: PS5 US NPD HW: Jun-22: 277K Jul-22: 301K Aug-22: 341K Sep-22: 494K Oct-22: 456K Nov-22: 1328K LTD as of Nov-22: 10592K XBX US NPD HW: Jun-22: 260K Jul-22: 247K Aug-22: 251K Sep-22: 288K Oct-22: 261K Nov-22: 730K LTD as of Nov-22: 8736K
  5. 3 days to go! Please don't be shit.
  6. We've reached the point where 343 needs to announce that they will continue making Halo games.
  7. To me it does seem like a combination of being badly organised and made worse by announcing some tiles too soon. Were Fable and Perfect Dark that far ahead in development before CGI trailers? I lose track. The Coalition and Arkane are using UE5 which will hopefully reduce some of the issues 343 faced. 4 days to go for more game footage! Meanwhile, giving Monster Hunter a shot on my series s. I'm a bit concerned about Redfall, love Arkane though.
  8. 343 hit hard by job losses, some others from Coalition and Bethesda but no idea of the scale there. AltSpaceVR, MRTK stuff sounds like it has been scrapped. HoloLens also having losses because they are having issues with contracts and the US military.
  9. Endgame. No new content after the end of March.
  10. 343 has been a mess for quite some time and using limited contracted workers didn't help. Not a problem exclusive to Microsoft but they are a good example of it.
  11. Hope you don't mind me adding this @Nate Dogg III
  12. Happy one year anniversary to the announcement. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/01/18/welcoming-activision-blizzard-to-microsoft-gaming/ Still no Sekiro on game pass.
  13. NPD data out. The results for hardware:
  14. Wasn't long ago the Era thread was going on about only the FTC may have issues with the deal. It's bizarre. I agree that what is happening should be part of the process though and concessions have already been offered and more may need to come.
  15. Game Pass has seen a lot of Yakuza, Football Manager, Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus, Persona 5 Royal and later this week P3P and P4G.
  16. Drama update. https://www.reuters.com/technology/microsoft-faces-eu-antitrust-warning-over-activision-deal-sources-2023-01-16/
  17. 1. The Wolf Among Us 2 2. Midnight Suns 3. System Shock (remake) 4. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 5. Peppa Pig: World Adventures (Was tempted to add Alan Wake 2)
  18. Platinum struggled with using UE4 and developing a game with online features. https://www.eurogamer.net/platinumgames-director-hideki-kamiya-apologises-to-microsoft-for-scalebound-cancellation Phil on the matter: Kamiya would like another shot at it now though. Anyone? https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/platinum-says-it-wants-to-talk-to-xbox-about-scalebound-phil-lets-do-it/
  19. Dragon Quest XI, the Xenoblade games, Mario and Rabbids, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, the latest Kirby. Get well soon.
  20. According to this they've cancelled 7 unannounced games in the last 6 months or so. Ouch.
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