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  1. 29 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:


    Rat King! Dogs! Golf! Fun times ahead. 


    19 minutes ago, makkuwata said:

    I wonder how they’ll go about casting. There’ll need to be a lot of counselling involved to cope with certain ‘fans’.


    I haven't played the second game and have avoided story spoilers and now wondering if a dog gets killed by a golf club.

  2. 8 minutes ago, footle said:

    That’s literally the post before yours. Does it not count if it’s not in an embedded Twitter post?


    I didn't notice so I've deleted it. Not in good health at the moment so a bit clumsy in general.

  3. 2 minutes ago, footle said:

    that being different from “permanently blocked”. This isn’t hard to see the difference of, and something only the market leader could really add to their contracts.


    I agree. I was just pointing out that somebody can be mistaken why they thought The Medium remained an exclusive.


    I wouldn't be surprised if Sony tried to block some third-party titles, but seeing Bloodborne as an example seems odd. Elsewhere in the document they mention Sackboy: A Big Adventure which I doubt many would expect to come to Xbox.



  4. 1 hour ago, rafaqat said:

    Not sure if this will dig into such things but would be interesting to see if this sort of thing is true which kind of dents some of Sony's arguments.







    The Bloodborne example is odd because didn't Sony fund development and publish the title? I know Sony paid for FFVII Remake to be a  timed exclusive but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these companies (Hello Square Enix) may be holding out for the big game pass bung like DQXI.

  5. Disclaimer: Not sure how reliable the data is.


    ResetERA are talking about leaked NPD numbers. The sourced tweet has now been deleted but here are the numbers:


    PS5 US NPD HW:
    Jun-22: 277K
    Jul-22: 301K
    Aug-22: 341K
    Sep-22: 494K
    Oct-22: 456K
    Nov-22: 1328K
    LTD as of Nov-22: 10592K

    Jun-22: 260K
    Jul-22: 247K
    Aug-22: 251K
    Sep-22: 288K
    Oct-22: 261K
    Nov-22: 730K
    LTD as of Nov-22: 8736K

  6. 23 hours ago, Stanley said:

    Their flagship title deserves better than this, makes you wonder just what’s going on at all the other studios too with all these absent games. 


    To me it does seem like a combination of being badly organised and made worse by announcing some tiles too soon. Were Fable and Perfect Dark that far ahead in development before CGI trailers? I lose track. 


    The Coalition and Arkane are using UE5 which will hopefully reduce some of the issues 343 faced.


    4 days to go for more game footage! Meanwhile,  giving Monster Hunter a shot on my series s.


    I'm a bit concerned about Redfall, love Arkane though.

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