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  1. I think so. From my understanding the FTC doesn't have the same teeth as the CMA. CMA still has some concerns about cloud gaming but doubt that will stop the deal. *Sits back in cheap armchair*
  2. Press release here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-narrows-scope-of-concerns-in-microsoft-activision-review
  3. The biggest contributor of this senator's campaign finances is a large corporation starting with the letter "M".
  4. I think that all went back to this one tweet? In before Oblivion gets mentioned!
  5. No idea if Sony handed over exclusivity contracts to Microsoft's lawyers at the request if the FTC but Microsoft and Activision are bickering away with the FTC. Microsoft keen to mention they've handed over 2.5million documents* but it's not all of the documents which have been requested. * 2.5 million documents. Fucking hell.
  6. I think we're in agreement. The same document from Microsoft's lawyers mentions SackBoy as a third party exclusive which is, I guess, factually true when it comes to concerning the developer but these IPs are owned by Sony and is quite different to other examples. It's like playing "odd one out" in some of these examples lawyers have written up. Bloody lawyers.
  7. Still find it odd how Microsoft's lawyers mentioned Bloodborne: "Some prominent examples of these agreements include Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix), Bloodborne (From Software), the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI (Square Enix) and the recently announced Silent Hill 2 remastered [sic] (Bloober team)." Not disagreeing about the likelihood of exclusive contracts which all of the companies have been doing to some extent. I don't care when big tiles are timed exclusives, quite shit when it misses a platform altogether though.
  8. There's a lot of redactions. At least one of them is probably about Knack 3 though.
  9. The section concerning Nintendo in the Microsoft doc is interesting. In months Activision believes they could produce native versions of Warzone and buy-to-play tiles such as Modern Warfare 2 for the Nintendo *Switch*. There is a redacted footnote though and the wording is a bit slippery.
  10. Here are the new docs. These are responses to the CMA's proposed remedies from both companies. Sony's response. Microsoft's response.
  11. Cities: Skylines 2 will be on game pass day 1. Woo-hoo!
  12. Finished Guardians of the Galaxy a couple of days ago as I knew it's time was coming up. Enjoyed it and not that long a game.
  13. They will bring it to "Nintendo's customers" and "Nintendo players".
  14. If you want a decent summary of that very long report from the CMA you can find one here. Covers all sorts of things like why the steam deck is not a competitor, why can't a company just make a COD clone, why the CMA dismisses both Microsoft and Sony when it comes to market share, what the fuck happened with Nvidia etc. No, it's not all because the CMA cares about Sony's bottom line.
  15. The CMA has given their reasoning for the "but Minecraft" in the same document you linked to: Page 150:
  16. An explanation about the lack of Xbox announcement at this time. He doesn't mention the Series S as a reason from what I can see? I may have bad eyesight though.
  17. The helicopter had a big purple blob on it. 3/10
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