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  1. Mario is on the baddie side of the poster and this makes perfect sense - the turtle killing, money grabbing shit!
  2. There's a new document up on the FTC website regarding what information Microsoft wants from Sony. It's a lot. Stolen the summary below from ResetERA:
  3. 1. Zelda TOTK 2. Starfield 3. Redfall
  4. I love the series s. I'm assuming this is because the Series X can run the Xbox One X version? I don't think there is a dedicated series S/X version which is a shame.
  5. Subscribers are up compared to the last quarter and will be interesting to see if that continues. Stole that image from a Resetera thread (link) which is quite detailed and also goes into the exchange rate as the yen hasn't been doing well for quite a while.
  6. Producing (and releasing!) system sellers may have helped here. God of War Ragnarok has already sold over 11 million copies. Saying that, easier for hardware shipments to be up when you have better availability but still very good.
  7. This will require an online connection even in single player. https://bethesda.net/en/game/redfall-faq Still going to give this a shot as I really like Arkane and I have game pass but a bit concerned.
  8. Crikey. This is why other platform holders concentrate on getting system sellers out there. The argument about systems sales without them seems a bit daft to me. They have loads of studios already. I think they will have a good year this year though. Hi-Fi Rush is great.
  9. What even were the first-party exclusives for the series s/x launch?
  10. Activision being a bit weird now. "The Last of Us" TV series is doing well and the FTC should take note!
  11. Metro has been doing bait shit for a while now.
  12. Just finished track 4 and still enjoying it. Managed to improve on the parry thing, though wish there was an option to make it less forgiving as I thought the end of track 3 was going to be game over for me. A lot of love has gone into this.
  13. I was enjoying this until the parrying which I'm shit at. Will check out the latency settings tomorrow.
  14. I haven't played the second game and have avoided story spoilers and now wondering if a dog gets killed by a golf club.
  15. HBO has confirmed there will be a second season.
  16. More dirt than DIRT? "The cars feel alive" - eek!
  17. MidWalian

    High on Life

    I didn't notice so I've deleted it. Not in good health at the moment so a bit clumsy in general.
  18. For people pretending everything has to be seen through "console war" goggles my machines for this generation are a Series S and a Nintendo Switch. I just think these massive corporations smell a bit.
  19. I agree. I was just pointing out that somebody can be mistaken why they thought The Medium remained an exclusive. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony tried to block some third-party titles, but seeing Bloodborne as an example seems odd. Elsewhere in the document they mention Sackboy: A Big Adventure which I doubt many would expect to come to Xbox.
  20. Yes, but about 6 months later and after many had reported it as an exclusive game.
  21. The Bloodborne example is odd because didn't Sony fund development and publish the title? I know Sony paid for FFVII Remake to be a timed exclusive but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these companies (Hello Square Enix) may be holding out for the big game pass bung like DQXI.
  22. Some on the internet misunderstand "Production and a discovery schedule". It's not about getting the release date for Spider-Man 2, just the legal discovery process and creating documents etc.
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