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  1. Will the drive work with the existing PS5 digital?
  2. I think this is just Schreier thinking out loud. There will be plenty of issues now though.
  3. Leaker "looking to negotiate a deal" "unexpectedly viral"
  4. Looking forward to 2028 when we get a proper launch trailer.
  5. This is going to be great. One game has leaked.
  6. I'm assuming this means on any system?
  7. I'm really enjoying this. Wasn't on my radar but downloaded it via game pass anyway.
  8. Not appearing on the android Netflix app for me either. I assumed this was coming to XBox One but looks like streaming only.
  9. I wish there was a warning about how long that sequence was going to be as I didn't have much sleep that night. Agree that it is easy to over-level. You can change your level but only after you completed the game.
  10. Created a thread for it.
  11. I don't know if they are but to reduce the chance of posts all over the place I'm creating this thread.
  12. Arthur Gies invents a smaller and more affordable PS5.
  13. It's live and showing some single player.
  14. Resetera hasn't noticed how strong their dollar is compared to other currencies such as the yen.
  15. I knew this was a possibility but not good. Sony want more consoles out there to sell services and get in those royalties. Nintendo also can't produce as many consoles as they want to. Commodities market has gone to hell. I don't own a PS5 and not planning to for some time anyway btw.
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