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  1. Good. I've only recently caught up with the MCU films, watched Thor: Ragnarok many times as my 5 year old daughter loves it. I haven't seen the second Thor film, is it worth watching?
  2. My suggestions: Llamatron. Mouse controlled games. Pinball Dreams. Games with rain effects.
  3. Does this mean people can sign up to try and if they are not happy receive a refund?
  4. I haven't played inside either. I still need to snatch the xbox from my son's room though.
  5. It's now unlocked. Guess I'll have a sneaky go before bed.
  6. Ordered via CD Keys, code arrived within seconds. Preloading now.
  7. I may get this digitally, far more likely to get more play time that way. Any idea of the download size?
  8. I haven't watched the entire video, but in a mouse pointer controlled game I suspect you may notice the lag sooner. I skipped through a bit, and he was playing a beat em up at 1hr 28mins. He comments that background rain effect hilights the digital artifacts. As it was a game he played recently he found it easier to notice the lag and muddiness.
  9. By the looks of it Ian Higton posted it on his own YouTube channel (Platform32) and not Eurogamer. When I posted the video I assumed it was for Eurogamer. Just wanted to clarify that.
  10. Some euro gamer coverage tonight. Link to the twitch video in the post below.
  11. MidWalian

    Google Stadia

    The first 5 minutes covers Doom Eternal via Stadia. Didn't go too well. I'll still give it a shot when there is free access.
  12. Looks great, and the 2D bits towards the end of that demo are neat too.
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