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  1. that game was way a head of its time, its fab!
  2. Hi, Can anyone here recommend some really good side scrolling beat em ups. Other than these: -final fight, catilacs and dinos, punisher, knights of the round (cant think of anymore capcom ones) these are ok but dont feel "tight" enough plus they are way to long, actually i prefere double dragon. -Streets of rage its better than final fight but not that much better. -turtles and the simpsons are actually pretty shit on replay. Then we have golden axe: i dont know what it is but i love this game. Mame doesnt appear to emulate golden axe 2 so i tried the megadrive version, is this pretty much the same? Is goldenaxe 3 megadrive only, i played it for about 2 mins and couldnt believe how shite it was. Where there any other game based on the goldenaxe engine? Can anyone recommed some side scrollers beat em ups for me, especially if they have a ranking system like golden axe? I playing on a chipped xbox so games that are available for emulators on it would be good. Cheers in advance!!
  3. is f zero 2 a beta? Or did it get a release?
  4. is f zero 2 a beta? Or did it get a release?
  5. Now that is wierd : iwas just play sonic 2 beta today. Oh and no one ever told me you could control tails like that?!?
  6. I actually thought it was quite good till i relised it was giving me headhead aches; becuase of the frame rate. (2200 athlon xp, geforce 4200 ti, 512 2100 ram everything turn down as low as possible with 1.1. patch installed, dear oh) silly billies, why make games that are unplayable unless you own a £1500 machine.
  7. Hi, Right i ve got a few hours to spare, my birds not back till ten. I ve got a fairly powerful pc so emulators: if you could pick one game to play right now out of the following formats: snes megadrive arcade what would it be? Recommend me something enlightened people!
  8. i would usally ask for a pair of your sisters used kecks.
  9. dammit i want amped now, the bit of 1080 im enjoying is the trick attack bit.
  10. strangely enough i ve ended up with a copy of 1080 avalanche (long story), if i manage to get an xbox for crimbo do you guys reckon amped is still worth it?
  11. NOT WORK SAFE: http://www.orgasmatrix.com/hijos/hardcore/...co/default3.cfm even better. dear loard.................
  12. NOT WORK SAFE: http://www.btmf.com/matter/00000018.php Had to find them my self sroll down and click on links
  13. Yeah i remember that, it really pissed me off! THe story isnt good, but its better than most video game stories. But this is one of my fave games ever. Its all in the feeling of location. Theres no running just to the end of the level, you have to explore. Its fabulous!!!
  14. Hurray! (captain flash heart voice) Anyway is the game quite technical and deep, sort of like nintendo gmaes such as wave race, excite bike and 1080?
  15. Yeah some japanese men have a wierd fetish thing with buying those kind of figures dont they?
  16. Right i hoping that im getting an xbox for xmas, I really want amped 2, well i did until i read the GamesTM review which gave five out of ten and said it wasnt as good as amped 1. So what do you guys reckon is the better of the two? I do have bb and will be Live but is amped 1 actually a better game? Cheers
  17. Dont you mean the ones you only get if you learn off a load of formations first?
  18. Tony hawks is supposed to be about skill, why does your save file mean that you are worse/better at it? The thing is, the mechanic for getting better (stats wise) doesnt reflect real life at all, instead of being rewarded for geting better at combos etc you are rewarded for compleing boring tasks like collecting skate, which have absolutley no reflection on your skill as a player. eh?
  19. Yeah but this is meant to be a game, why make it harder for beginners?
  20. Yup street fighter on the snes should have got -179.95% becuase it has infinite continues. Actually i dont really like ikaruga either - its a memory test, where as 1942 is a pure reactions and skill test. Does anyone know of any vertical shooter that area bit more like 1942, in that the formations cant really just be learned off? P.S I not just saying this to be mega ultra super hardcore!
  21. I was actually gointo start a thread about how Tony Hawk's is completely backwards. You start of in the game and its really really hard cos you have no stat points, then it gets easier and easier as you build up your points, this is actually ridiculous whenyou think about it. If fact the first week or two of playing a new tony game is shit cos you spend all you time doing shitty things like collecting SKATE so you can open up new parks, which is made even harder cos you have no stats. Who the fuck came up with this idea?!?! Why dont they let you play a carreer mode and start of as an all round skater then you become better at the tricks you try the most. Ie like real skateboarding? Like in reall lifeJamie thomas is amazing at doing handrails cos he does that alot etc... P.S after playing THUG, i cant believe how they ve managed to fuck up one of the best game mechanics ever by tacking driving sections and that run ability on?!? Though i suppose little 11 year jonny mite think its cool that you get to do really extreme stuff "
  22. and just becuase you re paranoid doesnt mean they re not after you. P.S you d think they had just said that your mother is a ho!
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