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  1. Do it. A degree will come in useful if you plan to enter any other line of work, and you just can't beat that year of lying around called First Year. Worth the debt.

    plus an education is priceless. And you learn more than just what is explicitly taught by your course: How to manage yourself and your projects and in some ways how to think for yourself. Thats why companies hire graduates.

  2. THough i definately agree with this bit: (blooming forum!)

    Instead of working, you check your email every 10 minutes in need of new information, fresh stimulus. You notice that you can’t speak or listen for more than a minute anymore. Your mental environment is wearing thin.

    Its sort of ironic how the article is written, its complaining that about the marketers telling us what to do, yet at the same time is telling me what i should and shouldnt be annoyed at, .........hmm....... more bear stroking

    And yeah i know it was aside but im bored ;)

  3. Fuck off, you marketing cuntstons.

    Im sorry but most of that article was a load of unconnected shite, apart from the professors bit which the writer tried so hard to relate his bit to.

    Im not sure but was he suggesting advertising should be banned? Or was he jsut complaining that he didnt like someones ad?

    I dont think my consciousness has been stolen by an advert.

    Fuck off, you marketing cuntstons.

    Obviously i dont think you mean this literally (the cunt worms bit) marketers are most probably ordinary people doing an ordinary job. I dont think they are one big organisation that is trying to destroy the world. Sort of reminds me of how the daily mail sees drug dealers; sort of organised in a big evil plot to hook are children on cannibibis.

    Sorry the above is quite rambling, i ll stop now.

  4. Its not even just the online bits of pgr2, the game is just fab and fun. Its all nice and slidey and it actually feels like racing. One thing though, i havent unlocked all edinburgh tracks yet but its looking like the full length of princess street has been left out?If this is true why?????

  5. Hi,

    I cant remember if it was on the old forum or not but I think someone posted a list of games dev courses, anyone know where it is ?

    An old question but do developers ever hire people with games dev qualifications, in the jobs section in edge these courses are never mentioned by employers.

    Also does anyonme one know of any masters courses that would be worth looking at (im in my final year doing IT).

    Cheers for any help!

  6. In all honesty it does feel a bit cock after playing Halo etc....but then again, FPS's have improved a lot graphically etc...

    Noooo! goldeneye still hasnt been bettered, stillmost games being made havent taken on board what goldeneye showed us to be right.

    I got an xbox and halo for xmas . I love fps s, me and my mate have tried playing thru on co operative, the game is shite, no really i would normally say "its not to my taste" but really if i have spend another five minutes wondering about lost i ll cry. yeah it has great AI, and yeah great idea about the two weapons, and yeah the wart hog is fun, but the rest of the game is average at best.

  7. Hi,

    Can anyone here recommend some really good side scrolling beat em ups. Other than these:

    -final fight, catilacs and dinos, punisher, knights of the round (cant think of anymore capcom ones) these are ok but dont feel "tight" enough plus they are way to long, actually i prefere double dragon.

    -Streets of rage its better than final fight but not that much better.

    -turtles and the simpsons are actually pretty shit on replay.

    Then we have golden axe: i dont know what it is but i love this game. Mame doesnt appear to emulate golden axe 2 so i tried the megadrive version, is this pretty much the same?

    Is goldenaxe 3 megadrive only, i played it for about 2 mins and couldnt believe how shite it was.

    Where there any other game based on the goldenaxe engine?

    Can anyone recommed some side scrollers beat em ups for me, especially if they have a ranking system like golden axe? I playing on a chipped xbox so games that are available for emulators on it would be good.

    Cheers in advance!!

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