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    Where you from?

    i thought thats what games consoles were supposed to do!
  2. How? Why are they damaging?
  3. The best cover (well its not really a cover) is the japanese snes cartridge picture on street fighter 2 and you can just see a wee bit of ryus face in a shadow.
  4. Edinburgh union where selling there tekken 3 machine for £100 quid, i think it was the proper cabinet aswell. I wish id bought it, was £100 quid a bargain?
  5. Im sorry but anyone who pays five grand for a game is an idiot who probably needs to get out more. They probably wont even play, just sit and stare at the box.
  6. Im not trolling but why does it matter at all what box a game fits into ?
  7. bplus


    I wasnt being a knob i was just wondering if i was right in thinking that, becuase i kept downloading the prodigy mix off kazza and i wasnt sure it was named right?
  8. where are the tracks on that site? Is that robot track on there? edit: Just found the tracks
  9. fuck me i ve been trying to find out who sings that. "im a fucking robot my prime directive is to go to the shop and buy ten fags" what is this track called
  10. bplus


    That didnt sound anything like the orginal though did it?
  11. bplus

    New Prodigy album

    The reason (oh the pun) that none of us cant get reason to sound amazing is becuase the mastering part of music production requires great technical skill, a good ear and loads of experience. The mastering bit is where tunes are given that gloss and more omph that most amateur stuff lacks. Some of the stuff that can be done on reason is amazing, and if laim howlett likes it must be special as he most probably has access to the best music production equipment money can buy. Im sorry but anyone here saying that reason is only good for cheesey trance hasnt got a clue what they are talking about. Its a professional production tool thats available to people with no experience in music (or music production) at all, that is why you hear so much crap produced with it, some of the stuff i ve heard is really good if not a little generic, but hey you have to learn to copy before you can create. Anyhere I ve read on the internet or in magazines swears by reason.
  12. It didnt work in the days of the IRA becuase the police and the IRA had an agreed code word that the person making the call would have to say.
  13. you take that back right now! whats the name of this megdrive multi game pack thing
  14. Logical, but they made the game faceless. A name like tactics just makes me think of a million other combat games that I cant remember the name of. I probably dont know what im talking about but making it a budget title and changing the name to generic gun title 4.3 seems like a very bad marketing move. Though a move that could be justified to a commitee quite easily. I think you are also correct about the review score budget issue. Have these people never heard of percieved value. In a situation like this if a magazine like edge were to review it first would a good review rub off on the rest of the press? Strange that its bad to have a name like Pillage which can be associated with Rape, but its ok to have thousands of game name associated with killing.
  15. I havent read the whole thread, is this an april fools? (not you phelan i mean the orginal post) Im sure alot of people here agree with you. However I can see americas / fbi s point. They are facing a massive terrorist threat and they are scared, I think if I was in there position I d being doing the same thing. Alot people seem to think that the american security services are out to "get us". I think our opinions on this will change when there is a terrorist attack in London, and there will be one. Of course there has to be a balance between personal freedom and protecton from terror, otherwise terrorism has already defeated us. I think all of us are far to removed from the reality of the threat from terrorism to make an informed judgement to how a balance of rights can be made. Or maybe those in charge are to close.
  16. I may be wearing my rose tinted glasses, but good new releases used to sell at full price (and from other peoples opinion this is good) whats going on when the likes prince and persia etc are being sold as budget games?! How come they wanted to change the name from pillage to furture tactics? I mean which is more memorable?!
  17. Nah, but if you just flick on bbc 1 and there is a film on you ve never heard of .......
  18. no they were fab. Even better if you know the story of why matt groeng gave up on futurama. The last epsode was a paradoy of what happened in real life. Apparently fox told matt groeg (sp) to change benders character as he wasnt a good role model, matt goeng (sp) said of course hes not a good role model hes a robot?!
  19. Films are always better when you think they are going to be crap. Film you think are going to be good usually dissapoint.
  20. im not do sure if your right about that, but you could be. Its just that ive heard it said that the dc has great 2d capabilities compared to the ps1 etc
  21. Opps i ve put this in wrong folder, sorry. Not sure how to delete i ll copy it to ask forum Hi, My brother asked me this and im stumped. Basically he wants to know why you cant become your own internet service provider? What is that ISPs do that you could do yourself? Hope that makes sense cheers for any replies!
  22. how does that work then?
  23. Please we have to have this film now!
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