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  1. yeah thats what I was thinking to. Hes selling someone elses work, maybe just to cover costs but its not his to sell. not sure whos morally right here. Dont give a piss though the game seems shite (ok i ve only played it for ten minutes)
  2. or you just not very good at it!
  3. absolutly brilliant game. As with all nintendo games its all about how polished and deep the control system is. As with wave race it puts all other games in the genre to shame. If you like 1080 and waverace youll like this. Superb.
  4. shes definately done hardcore, i saw a vid years ago - then again it could have been a loot a like (we are talking about the blonde bird from scream 3 arent we)
  5. true but american kids give me a headache. I really wish you could search english/british only (im irish btw so im not being a nutcase bnp bloke)
  6. whats that backgroud song i recognise it
  7. just where a balaclava and a pair of Y fronts, that should keep em quiet
  8. hmm you mean that dc games could be made to look better?
  9. em but thats becuase they were designed for DC. Gran tourismo 4 couldnt look as good on a dc. As for what generation -well the dc fell into both gens some ports of ps1 games and the ps2 has some dc games. Oh for godsake it doesnt matter!
  10. the web cam thing is a great idea, i want to be able to see the faces of the twats / americans (present company excluded) who ruin live
  11. I ve been thinking the exact same thing. How long has the xbox been out? Two Years? THings are just getting good now, really good but instead of focusing on that they are trying to hype new machines.
  12. Just saw the first ten seconds of his speech, he reminds me of Shooter Mcgavern from Happy Gilmore "you'll pay listen to what I have to say...." stupid ryming...
  13. being the spaz that I am i could have picked both shenmue an shenmue 2 up for a tenner ( 5 quid each) on dc but didnt
  14. oh for goodness sake please!
  15. could someone please tell me I can find the full story of this, i still dont know whats going on!
  16. "Reggie" is the new official name for the DS, and they'll be concentrating on that now that they've confirmed they're dropping out og the home console market.
  17. could someone please tell me what the fuck this is all about, who is regie?!? what happened at e3 with nintendo?!
  18. yes the british are really superior in everyway, especially at generalising. Then again it is americans who made halo.....
  19. about 300%. I really think this is going to spell the end of nintendo as we know them
  20. theres an excellent way of modifying dc iso images so they boot in 60hz no matter what. It doesnt work on all of them though. Just need to open them up with a hex editor and change some string, cant recall of hand what it is though, but it worked a treat for ikaruga, which is a hell of alot harder in 60hz, i ve done it to about ten games so far.
  21. I really didnt think it was that good, really 2d dimensional or something. Though I relise lots of others like it.
  22. bplus

    The Streets

    eh, "chippssss & drinkkssss"
  23. Just been playing this for five minutes, it really brought me back to the days of playing games like hydo thunder in some way. Except this game really does not seem that good at all thought I ll play for a bit longer to see for sure. Its really odd, its completely finnished and polished (i think) theres even a 50/60hz option?! Best quotes from annoying comentator: "did you see the awesome power of the usa!" "DANGER" Argh!!! Theres something about dreamcast graphics that all my other consoles dont have, there just so bright clean and crisp, this game does look nice. Was this ever released in the arcade?
  24. bplus

    The Streets

    dry your eyes is ace
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