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  1. Yod@ you seem to know quite a bit about tellys. I ve got a crappy nokia (24/25inch). About two years ago the picture started to pop in and out of a sort of "squashed" mode. The picture would become squashed from the sides and look stretched, black rounded borders on each side of the tv, does this about every ten mins and stays that way usually till i hit it a smack on the side and it pops back into place. Do you know if this is fixable? Im not going to try fixing it myself just wondering if a tv repair shop could actually help?
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    Thanks for that!
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    Cool thanks for that. Could opengl be seen as some sort of middleware. For example as far as i know something like renderware for the ps2 means that developers dont have to "code to the metal" it provides a level of abstraction? On the same note say something like timesplitters 2 which was developed for xbox, ps2 and gamecube what equiveland to opengl would free radical have used. Does each consoel have its own graphics api I take it? Is it fairly easy to port from api to api (not sure if thts the correct term.) And lastly does opengl allow developers import a model created in something like 3dmax instead of having to code each sahpe in opengl? Thanks!
  4. Ive never heard of this before: http://emustatus.rainemu.com/games/sams64.htm What exactly is the neo 64?
  5. I ve managed aprox 149000. I ve seen way higher scores anyone care to better that?
  6. If your playing the nes version you may want this: Sorry but i ve got no web space to jsut link to the txt file. ==========G=u=i=d=e===t=o===N=E=S===E=l=i=t=e=========== Copyright © Ian Bell 1994 The Object of the Game ---------------------- In "Elite" the player is given a space craft and 100 credits, and a combat rating of "Harmless". The player is expected to earn money as a trader, a bounty hunter or pirate (or all of these!) in order to improve his space craft by fitting additional and better equipement. With this better equipped ship, he should become better at combat, and therefor trade with more lawless planets. The player is given a combat rating, which progresses from "Harmless", "Mostly Harmless", all the way to "Elite" which is the top rating, and the ultimate aim of the player. How the Player Progresses ------------------------- The player, at least initially, will make most of his money by trading. There are some 250 star systems in each of eight galaxies to trade with. Each of these has a government type, an economy type, and a technology level. The government type ranges from Anarchy to Corporate State, and determines the degree of lawlessness, and hence the likelihood of attack by pirates. The economy types range from Poor Agricultural to Rich Industrial, and determines the likely cost of certain trade items. Food, for example, is generally far cheaper on an agricultural world than on an industrial one, whereas Computers are far cheaper on Industrial worlds. Ideally, the player will run Food and Textiles from an agricultural planet to an industrial one, and return with manufactured goods like Computers, making a large profit in each direction, assuming he doesn't meet too many pirates on the way! The technology level determines the availability of certain pieces of ship equipment, which the player may then buy with these profits. There are also illegal trade goods (Robots, Rare Species, and Firearms) which the player may buy, but may cause him to be attacked by police ships. It is these goods on which the player can make the most profit. The player may attack other ships. If the player kills a pirate ship, he will get a bounty for killing it, and may recover some cargo from the wreckage (this is scooped up using a ship item called a "Fuel Scoop", which also scoop fuel from the surface of the sun). The player may also attack innocent trading ships, though this is illegal and the player will acquire a bounty on his own head for doing it, and be attacked by bounty hunters himself, as well as by pirates. There is an alien race, known as "Thargoids". These have large dustbin-lid shaped spacecraft, which occasionally attack the player for little reason and are very hard to kill. The player has a range of weaponry available. There are four laser types, of varying power and rate of fire. The player may also carry up to four missiles. These are heat-seeking, and tend to destroy a ship with a single shot. They are however quite expensive. They may also be destroyed by Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) which may both be used by the player (against missiles fired by the enemy) and the more prosperous (and therefor nastier) opposition, against the player's missiles. The player may also buy an "Energy Bomb". This is very expensive, and has the effect of a traditional "Smart Bomb" which destroys all enemies in the vicinity. NES Elite Controls ------------------ NES Elite was programmed by Ian Bell & David Braben 1991, based on their original work "Elite" for the BBC Micro. SLIDER AND PAUSE CONTROLS: Fire B + Left/Right: Move icon selector Select: Activate currently selected icon (Fire B pressed twice (once on NTSC version) also does this) Start: Game Freeze / Game Resume OTHER CONTROLS: FLIGHT MODE Fire A: Fire Laser Left/Right: Ship roll Up/Down: Ship dive/climb Fire B + Up/Down: Ship speed control TRADE/EQUIP MODES Fire A: Choose from list Left/Right: Buy/Sell Up/Down: Move in list CHART MODES Left/Right/Up/Down: Move cursor cross POWER UP SCREEN Start: Begin Game. Left/Right: Language selection. ROTATING SHIP TITLE SCREEN Start: Enter the practice combat sequence. Select: Enter game proper. Select+Start+A+B: Credits sequence (release all simultaneously) NAME INPUT Fire A: Enter Left/Right: Backspace/Next Character Up/Down: Select character The 3D sliding letters can be sped up by pressing Fire A or activating the Game Skip icon. Icons only appear when corresponding function is available. When docked icons are (left to right): Launch; Trade Mode; Status; Chart; Equip Mode; Load/Save Mode; Change Name; Data; Inventory. When in space icons are: Docking Computers; Market Prices; Status; Chart; Change view; Hyperspace; ECM; Target Missile; Fire Missile; Energy bomb; Escape Capsule; Game skip When in a chart mode icons are: Launch; Trade Mode; Other Chart; Data; Front view; Home cursor; Find planet; Hyperspace; Galactic Hyperspace; ECM; Escape; Game skip When game is paused, icons become game toggles: Reverse dive/climb control; Damping of roll and dive/climb; Music; Sond effects; One or two player;...;Game restart. Basic play sequence: Buy goods in trade mode; Use Local Chart and Data on System to find suitable destination planet inside current fuel range; Launch; Engage hyperspace (in chart mode if desired); On arrival use compass to find planet; Fly towards planet (using Game Skip if desired); Once Docking Icon appears activate it; Use Game Skip again if desired to force dock; Sell goods; Buy more fuel in equip menu. To fire a missile activate target icon and move desired target into gun sight. Once target is found, fire icon will appear. Clicking on target icon a second time will abort targetting sequence. ECM will destroy all missiles. Enemy ships can have this too. Notes on NES Emulation ---------------------- This image can be emulated by the iNES emulator. Image jumping can be prevented by increasing the iNES's VBlank setting (File|SetUp). You may also wish to increase the frame rate. NES Elite Undocumented Features ------------------------------- 1. POWERUP PAGE. There is an enforced 5 second pause on the power up screen before the start button is acted upon (although presses before this time are noticed and buffered). The powerup page will always restore the default game toggle values: Joystick reverse:Off. Damping:On. Music:On. SFX:On. Players:One. 2. On hyperspacing: Joystick up or down =>"Misjump" into witch space. 3. To totally reset the CMOS ram enter the Powerup Page with Left,Up,Select and Fire B pressed (only) on paddle 1. 4. To get a game credits sequence press and simultaneously release Select,Start, Fire A and Fire B on paddle 1 during the rotating ship title page. 5. A cheat has been added as follows: If a commander is renamed "CHEATER" in English, "BETRUG" in German, or "TRICHER" in French then the player is given 10,000.0CR. Once this has been done the name cannot be changed again (the name change icon is blanked and inoperartive while the commander is loaded). The cheat is therefore (a) visibly utilised, (B) unrepeatable. General Elite Tips ------------------ 1. If you don't have ECM then if a missile is fired at you you can: (a) Try to shoot or fire a missile at it. (B) Fire a missile at an enemy ship hoping that it might have ECM. © Rotate so that the missile hits the highest level shield. (d) Attempt to out maneuver it (doomed to failure but can buy time while energy recharges or hyperspace countdown times out). 2. Trade Food,Furs,Textiles and Computers initially between Poor Agri. and Rich Industrial planets but keep an eye out for cheap gem stones. Buy a large cargo bay before anything else (but retain some trading capital). 3. When hyperspacing, try to ensure that enough fuel remains for a second jump in case of trouble (or misjump). 4. To fight, use roll (Left & Right) to "slide" a scanner lollipop into the centre of the scanner, then use dive/climb (Up or Down) to "pull" it into the viewing cone. 5. When asteroid mining, each large asteroid produces between 1 and 3 mineral splinters on being shot with a mining laser. Each smaller "boulder" gives either none or one. 6. Almost a cheat this one: If the planet you wish to trade at has a really close neighbour keep hyperspacing between them until the Market Prices at your chosen planet (regenerated each time you enter the system) are particularly favourable. - * - * - * - Updated by Ian Bell - Autumn 97 ==================e=n=d===o=f===f=i=l=e==========================
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    Could some good person answer a few questions about opengl for me? 1.I was under the impression that opengl is a sort code library for c and c++. Is this correct? 2.What is the relationship between a game engine and opengl, are game engines coded in opengl? If i wanted to start coding using opengl would a basically be creating my own engine? Sorry if the above sounds a bit stupid!
  8. Dear god i think that rules me out of doing a master in game dev - ive no opengl experience just java -what was the general skill level of most of the poeple on the masters course?
  9. Also did you make you own level editor for it?
  10. Last samurai. my bird thought she d hate it, she cried during it (as in she liked it). Plus its got samurais in it. Its fab.
  11. just out off interest when your doing a remake like this how do you go about keeping the orginal feel of the game? Do you just use guess work and estimations from watching / playing the orginal have got the orginal source code? Is it possible to decompile the orginal to obtain the source?
  12. my mate had one where you had a car on a rail straped to the bottom of the tv, and you ran the tape and dodged oncoming traffic, i really wanted on but we didnt have a vcr.
  13. goldeneye sf2 turbo super mario kart mario 4 tony hawks 2 deus ex 1942 cant think of anymore
  14. Yeah thats kind of what i was thinking and when i started looking at more complicated stuff it confirmed these thoughts, definately start small and reuse lots of code in different projects. i found some java source code for a tetris clone which i think i better delete. Thing is im not to sure where to start.......
  15. Cheers. Rite really got to brush up on my programming, according to gamedev.net I should start with something simple like a tetris clone.
  16. Cool. Did the guys doing the masters enter the dare to be digital thing before signing up for the course or did they sign up during their course?
  17. Nah I didnt think that! What kind of game demos would you be most likely to see (3d / 2d etc?) The thing is so far I have imagined that working in a game developement studio wouldnt be like working in most other indusrties for a graduate in that there would be no training. If this is true then im assuming the portfolio / game that a potentail employee would show at an interview etc would have to be fairly advanced? Hope im not annoying you with all these questions and thanks for taking the time to answer.
  18. Thanks for that. One of my main reasons for considering the masters route is that it could provide me with a portfolio of work at the end (ie completed course work and final project). And I would imagine that the work I would end up producing would be far beyound the scope of what iwould be attempting purely on my own. (eg a 2d demo). On an other note when you are interviewing prospective employees how do you gauge their enthusasium and passion (sp) for games? This is along way off but if I went in to an interview Im not sure how I would go about conveying my genueine (sp) passion for games.
  19. Really? Thing is though for me this masters would provide a defined route and probably get me doing things i woudnt have tought to have tried. Though do you really think itwould be waste of time? Basically i would be learning from a book an if i just make a game (though i im going to do this aswell) Also when you say make a game how sophisticated should it be? Does it matter? As far as i can gather you are a developer yourself so more of your opinions would be very much appreciated
  20. Hi, Im thinking of doing a masters in Game Development a the university of Abertay Dundee. http://www.abertay.ac.uk/Courses/CDetails.cfm?RID=1&CID=186 Im in my final year of an IT degree where we were mainly taught java. Basically I wondering should i maybe start getting into c++. I ve never used c ++ at all so what books would you lot recommend especially if Im wantint to head toward game development. I understand that that I really need to start with the fundamentals first then move on to some graphic programming. Do most courses require alot of opengl stuff (im still not sure of the link between open gl and c++ or any other language). If i manage to get on to this masters course I planning to spend my summer getting up to speed on as much of the course content as possible (as im afraid i might be a bit behind other applicants). Also does anyone know what particular jobs are available to graduates of game development courses? Ie is the only job suitable for such graduates programming. And on a more general note what developers think of these courses?
  21. Nah but the multi player levels on perfect dark where a bit shit compared to goldeneyes. Just endless mazes (most of them) no sense of location like goldeneye
  22. sorry just deleted something i should nt have said
  23. well let me ask you this: shut up (copyright police chief wiggum)
  24. games tm means well but really they re writing ability is piss poor compared to the edge. "could do with better gameplay..." hmm. Sort of like saying "could do with being a better film" Though their enthusasium (sp) for games seems genuine. Edit: I was drunk when I wrote this, god i sound like a pillock when im drunk.
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