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  1. I really didnt like any those games. My faves are Super street fighter 2 and mark of the wolves and well i dont play any others. I ve tried and tried to get into last blade 2 but i really cant figure it out. Which is a shame becuase it looks so cool.
  2. Speaking of which can anybody tell me how to get mame on the xbox to save my high scores? I ve put that dat file in the correct directory but still no saves.
  3. Wasnt there an a guide out for DC half life? I could really do with a guide to baldur's gate 2, the ones on gamefaqs etc are helpful but the AD&d rules are something else. Last night my brothers mate came over and hes complete all the baldur's gates, he explained so much stuff that really should have been in the in game tutorial. For example how the hell was i supposed to know that a mage wereing armour could lean spells?!?!?! The game is about a hundred times better now.
  4. Its good, but given a bit longer in development it could have been fab i think. Its really annoying that soldiers bodier dont react to be shot.
  5. true but nine people out of millions is a bit silly. especially as these ads where nt violent or sexual, they where just a bit creepy.
  6. Its great that some over sensitive twits get to decide what i can and cant see. Hurray for minority rule. Who the hell gets offended by pictures of allways and locker rooms?! What the hell is wrong with these people? HOw do they actually survive in the real world? Are they all pregant woman?
  7. we ve had a movie based on a game based on a movie
  8. Yup in the arcade it is, on the dreamcast its not. In fact nearly every review i ve read said it was utter poo as well. So maybe your taste in games is awful!
  9. power stone 2 is shite. That game is awful
  10. bplus

    UT2k4 RLL Clan

    real likable louts
  11. How many versions of sf3 are there? Get yourself garou mark of the wolves, its an aquirred taste but absolutly fabulous! (AKA fatal fury mark of the wolves). Get cannon spike. (cross between double dragon and contra sort of..) I ve got two of those sticks aswell and i love them to, even if my mates take the piss out of me for owning them.
  12. But tony mott is editor, he started it all didnt he? I like edge alot, the writing puts most other magazines to shame (not just computer games one either). I was reading empire the other day and coould believe how shite it was, they really hype things up, i like the way edge dont do this. Games TM really isnt a patch on edge, i get bored half way thru their articles becuase they are quite badly written. Sad when you see the edge staff on tv, they look, well , a bit wierd.
  13. Strange but reading a book before bed helps me sleep, hmm...
  14. havent read the article but games definately do make it harder for me to get to sleep. Dunno what it is but i need to leave a few hours in between games and bed time or i wont be able to get to sleep for ages.
  15. ill email it to you pm me your email address
  16. I thought mode 7 was patented nintendo technology so i dont think any other console would have used it.
  17. bplus


    I reckon they ll have to change all the names of the drugs to fake ones. Mark my words!
  18. bplus


    Fair point actually. I never thought of it that way. Taking the issue in a wider sense though, I still find it hard to understand that we ve become so conditioned to "drugs are bad" that sentences for drug use (but more so dealing) are often alot tougher than sentences for, say, rape. Anyway thats off topic.
  19. will you get the girl or play like one!
  20. bplus


    So taking drugs is crossing the line, but killing people isnt? Strange times
  21. its offically the best thing on telly ever. It has me in stitches all time. That black guy is fecking hilairious: "ok Dag ill wait here"
  22. bplus

    The New Spears Song

    who? chris tucker?
  23. bplus

    The New Spears Song

    who produced it? Its fucking immense. Does anyone else reckon that music like justin and britneys are less like songs, rather their voices are just instruments in an arrangement? If that makes sense.
  24. Recently i ve got bored of playing games, i ve really got into messing around with reason (music sw) its so nice to create something you enjoy, programming feels the same, you get to see results of what you ve done. For some reason now when i play games i feel like im wasting valuable time, time when i could be getting better at coding or creating some music, ive never felt like this before, buts its come at the worst time in my life just beofre my finals whcih dont have any coding elements in them.
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