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  1. no they were fab. Even better if you know the story of why matt groeng gave up on futurama. The last epsode was a paradoy of what happened in real life. Apparently fox told matt groeg (sp) to change benders character as he wasnt a good role model, matt goeng (sp) said of course hes not a good role model hes a robot?!
  2. Films are always better when you think they are going to be crap. Film you think are going to be good usually dissapoint.
  3. im not do sure if your right about that, but you could be. Its just that ive heard it said that the dc has great 2d capabilities compared to the ps1 etc
  4. Opps i ve put this in wrong folder, sorry. Not sure how to delete i ll copy it to ask forum Hi, My brother asked me this and im stumped. Basically he wants to know why you cant become your own internet service provider? What is that ISPs do that you could do yourself? Hope that makes sense cheers for any replies!
  5. how does that work then?
  6. Please we have to have this film now!
  7. Why is it with japanese films i always feel sort of detached from them. LIke they havent properly got my attention? This film was quirky and i think I need to see it a second time to do it justice. I loved the wierd dancey bits, but characters seem very 2 dimensional. Maybe im just not used to the pacing of jap story telling.
  8. how much is gareth marengi the best thing ever! When the black bloke was saying that i near wet myself
  9. i have that on the dc, one of the worst games i ve had the misfortune of playing
  10. That mini gun two has rgb controls, I want to build rgb controls to use with my consoles any idea how? Yod@ suggested using variable resistors. Anyone have any idea where i could get a circuit diagram? edit: Just noticed you had this type of super gun with the rgb conrols. What exactly do those controls do? Do they adjust the amount of Red Green Blue separetly? If so could this be used to brighten up an washed up rgb picture? Do they allow for a screen centering adjustments? Cheers for any info!
  11. How does a chipped xbox running emulators compare to a super gun? Is there any big adavantage of a super gun?
  12. its just goes on forever. compared to the silent cartographer its awful. Wierd becuase the rest of the game is so polished. Then again goldeneye had the streets but even then it only lasted a few mins
  13. Em i dont know whats going on, ive just finnished the library, that has to be one of the worst levels in any game. on and on and aris ton.......
  14. are you getting rid of this becuase you cant figure out if its good or not? I have it for the dc and for the life of me its completely unplayable, im sure im wrong but i really cant figure out how to play it?!
  15. Yeah but didnt it say it was specifically for the poor?
  16. Thats what would make it even better, if other magazines were caught printing edge news articles as there own. Boring story: Did you know the makers of wine lists books etc often put a fake entry in to catch out anyone who tries to nick their work.
  17. Surely thats illegal?! I ve heard micrsoft are a great company to work for, treating your workers with suspision is jsut bad management practice and does not make business sense, or does it? Would MS really have bought a company that was in a mess. Was rare like this during the goldeneye era? Maybe thats why that doak bloke left to form free radical. I want to know more!
  18. Sounds like what nintendo thought about the nes and they relised they were wrong after the megadrive was released
  19. bplus

    3d tetris

    This has probably been done before: Like tetris except in three dimensions so you can get lines on both the x and z axis? Anyone know if this exists? edit yes it has just found this: http://entries.the5k.org/23/
  20. One of my lecturers said that windows is developed on macs then cross compiled onto pcs. Dunno if this is true. That mortal kombat blood code: I rented out mortal kombat just to try that code with the penny, took a long time before i relised.
  21. why do people with no running water need the internet? Oh yeah i forgot poor people need porn to.
  22. A kid offered me 50p to buy him booze, i mean for fucks sake 50p!?! I dont understand why you all get so wound up about kids playing 18 rated games, i mean come on how old where you when you watched your first 18 rated movie?
  23. Right im still playing and this game IS amazing but there alot of repetitive rooms that look exactly same and are becoming a tedious to play thru. Any thoughts? Oh and i wondered round for ages in that blooming jungle level as well.
  24. But it wasnt ever a mac game, it was never released and one can only speculate how far into production it went (or does anyone know) Sorry to be even more pedantic.
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