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  1. Yeah I dont understand the choice in green, apparently magazine publishes dont like covers in green becuase it is known to put people off.
  2. bplus


    snuff film is an urban myth. There was an interview with a corinor (sp) I read a while back and he is brought in to look a supposed snuff films for the vice squad and see if the film is real. He said hes never seen a real one and has never heard of one that has been verified. Basically they are all fakes.
  3. I mean 2d beat up like street fighter 2 except the charcaters and back grouds are cell shaded poylgons but the game plays like a 2d fighter, the upside of this might mean you get traditional looking 2d fighters but effects such as lighting being cast on the characters.
  4. nah nimsad isnt really a methodology its a framework for evaluating methodologies and its a load of contrived shite. Apparently heavy documented methodolgies are need for safety critical systems etc. Light ones for web developers etc, we mainly concentrated in info system development so maybe games devs wouldnt use them.
  5. I think yod@ tried to get mine to work on both with a switch but couldnt find a way that works. I saw a site that does dc stick mods that work on both dc and has another thingy for plugging into a super gun, I havent got a clue about electronic so I wouldnt know they do this.
  6. I could apply for second one but I dont finnish uni until half way thru june. Cheers for that by the way, i think ill apply anyway.
  7. if given option at uni for doing them, dont! Anyone else done nimsad before?
  8. that was on sky the other nite, really those episodes get funnier the more you watch them.
  9. Do i need a portfolio to become a tester?
  10. Right Im just about to finnish my degree in IT. My programming skills arent strong at all, but I'd really like to improve them in my spare time. Im living in edinburgh should I just send cv s to developers? Will a degree help me get a job in testing? Ive noticed rockstar in leith are hiring but their edge advert didnt say anything about testers. Any tips on how I should go about applying, what are my chances of finding work in a QA/testing dept ie are jobs scarce at the moment. Sorry for all the questions!
  11. never did that module. Did you do a methodolgies module?
  12. strangely enough becuase the insides of the dc stick are ps1 pads and im using a an ps pad to xbox adapter C and Z are black and white, though it really doesnt matter as youll be using an xbox pad to insert coins etc.
  13. Just finnished a final in this module an i ve been wondering do developers have documented methodologies for developing games? Do publishers like them, in a less risky kind of way? (BTW this was one of the most dull modules i ve ever had, blooming NIMSAD, who ever made that up should burn in hell)
  14. surely its to promote innovation and stop all there games feeling the same. Also it sounds a bit like ibm and nintendo, they promote competition between teams (as jpickford was saying i think).
  15. Dunno why I m telling you lot this but I had to tell someone who'd understand. Yod@ modded my dc sticks so they'd work on my xbox, and I just have to say that, dear god this is fab. Vertical shooters are about a million times easier to play (1942 & raiden ) , proper SF2 turbo arcade. ..christ on bike its just fabulous. At the moment Im trying to play last blade and its just so "nice". Dont knwo why playing with proper sticks is so much better but it is, the only thing that could be better than this is a jamma cab or an neo geo.....but i could nt really justify owning either of those now that I have this lot. Actuallly come to think of it the only thing that would make this better is if Snk/playmore released a fighters collection with live support....... Oh yeah and cheers yod@
  16. Do you reckon the reason futurama didnt catch on was because it was kind of geeky / quirky? Dont get me wrong I love it, and each episode gets funnier the more I watch it but do think there is a problem with not being able to relate to the characters like you can in the simpsons. Bender is the best character since homer simpson, no actually that would be Dean Learner from Garth Marengi's dark place.
  17. Yeah i had last blade 2 for dc. Just got my two dc sticks gutted to work on my xbox, can play neo geo games on kawa x. i love garou mark of the wolves but i cant get in to last blade at all, can you give me any pointers on how to approach it?
  18. Beware: I got one of those ps2 to pc convertors and they seem to work fine, however they is an un-noticable delay that makes special moves in sf2 near impossible. This only happens on some peoples PCs not everyones. I ve looked for a fix for this but cant find one.
  19. Hi, After getting my dc sticks modded so that work on my xbox I ve taken a shine to samurai shodown 1, the music alone is fab. Anyway which one is the best version of the game out of 1234or 5, i heard games tm slated five. What is the relation between sam sho and last blade?
  20. best advertising ever! tell me more!
  21. I wish i had time to play on live. And since i never play on live im afraid that im to crap.
  22. please stop with the dollar signs
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