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  1. could someone please tell me what the fuck this is all about, who is regie?!? what happened at e3 with nintendo?!
  2. yes the british are really superior in everyway, especially at generalising. Then again it is americans who made halo.....
  3. about 300%. I really think this is going to spell the end of nintendo as we know them
  4. theres an excellent way of modifying dc iso images so they boot in 60hz no matter what. It doesnt work on all of them though. Just need to open them up with a hex editor and change some string, cant recall of hand what it is though, but it worked a treat for ikaruga, which is a hell of alot harder in 60hz, i ve done it to about ten games so far.
  5. I really didnt think it was that good, really 2d dimensional or something. Though I relise lots of others like it.
  6. bplus

    The Streets

    eh, "chippssss & drinkkssss"
  7. Just been playing this for five minutes, it really brought me back to the days of playing games like hydo thunder in some way. Except this game really does not seem that good at all thought I ll play for a bit longer to see for sure. Its really odd, its completely finnished and polished (i think) theres even a 50/60hz option?! Best quotes from annoying comentator: "did you see the awesome power of the usa!" "DANGER" Argh!!! Theres something about dreamcast graphics that all my other consoles dont have, there just so bright clean and crisp, this game does look nice. Was this ever released in the arcade?
  8. bplus

    The Streets

    dry your eyes is ace
  9. Some one said its a dummy file. Thats exactly what it is, be glad that its been put on there for you as loading times will probably have been cut in half (it can make up to ten times speed difference) also the life of your dc's GDrom drive is increased by this. Also becuase it all zeros (the dummy file that is) when zipped up it takes up hardly any space.
  10. Yeah just downloading this now of easynews. Any one finnished DL and played it yet?
  11. Lots of house here: http://www.clublanduk.com/mixes.html
  12. So did anyone watch this last night then? It was quite good especially the guy singing the anti vice city song
  13. right i ll you chumps now.
  14. it doesnt matter weather you found it really easy to set up, alot of people with a good knowlege of computers found it difficult
  15. oh no Im afraid now! What ever happened to the bit beside our names with the gamertag. Ill add you tomorrow btw!
  16. I think pixel art is going mainstream, did anybody see the coke add (i think its coke) thats been in some magazines recently? Just looks like the edge retro issue cover
  17. have you seen the vid of that bloke doing smb3 in 8mins or something daft like that?
  18. I ve been entering gamer tags from the forum into my friends list, no one would get annoyed would they? Why is the world full of chumps P.S what is splinter cell like on live, is it necessary to put in 300 hours beofre you can play it?
  19. Hi, I ve been trying to get into rainbow six since everyone here says its so good. So far I ve done two of the one player missions but they just seem to be trial and error till you complete a mission is the whole one player like this? What about online does that get better with time? Whats you favorite live game at the mo?
  20. bplus


    8mm was quite good, but rather depressing
  21. Are you all mad TS2 was fab. One thing that was annoying was that crap space level. It was goldeneye ++ Also if you put the controls into goldeneye style you had best console fps contold system ever.
  22. bplus


    No but i take it above a computer game Yeah i know that is stupid But if they are real why havent the police ever come across any? Though there is that tape of that soldier getting stabbed in throat, I was nearly sick when I saw that, I turned if off after 2 seconds, it really effected me and I wish id never seen it. But im not so sure real made to order snuff exists. Btw I read the interview, it wasnt broadcast.
  23. Hi, Just saw an ad on tv for this today not sure what time its on but think its tuesday night. Documentary about gta vice city and kids in america shooting people.
  24. Yeah I dont understand the choice in green, apparently magazine publishes dont like covers in green becuase it is known to put people off.
  25. bplus


    snuff film is an urban myth. There was an interview with a corinor (sp) I read a while back and he is brought in to look a supposed snuff films for the vice squad and see if the film is real. He said hes never seen a real one and has never heard of one that has been verified. Basically they are all fakes.
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