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  1. Yup there is, is arcade perfect as far as i can tell, and its got the hardest one player mode of any fighter. THink its called super street fighter turbo X. You can even unlock a full set of arcade dip switches in it, lets you tune things like weather the game slows down or not when a special move hits. Its ace, unfortunately not as ace as street fighter 2 turbo (not on DC) for super they buggered up the sound in every department - the announcer - the speech for the moves -the music and last but least the sound that kicks and punches make now sound feeble. Why? We ll never know.
  2. only 100 quid with halo mid town madness. But you d HAVE to get it chipped. Chipped xboxs are the best invention since the wheel. http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/produc...ductCode=XB0665 supplied from rllmuk's thread
  3. yeah i ve started to notice this a bit. is their only six guns in the game though (not that more is always better)
  4. Dear sega stop making games about some boy and and giant eggs (why this game wasnt delyed till easter is beyond me) and make me a online versions of daytona VR etc. PLease!
  5. They should go back to digitised character, except in cell shaded form. Wait hold on that wouldnt work.
  6. Extras in home conversions of these types of games are usually crap, chapionship mode? , i d prefere to fill out tax returns. Online mode well thats a different story. Isnt that emulated now?
  7. Hi, I got Halo for the PC sometime last year and couldnt get over how average it was, I played for a few hours then gave up on the island level after getting off the alien ship. I got an xbox for xmas and halo came with it, i didnt really bother playing it (sort of like having a an n64 and goldeneye but not bothering to play it). So two nights a go I dug my subwoofer and speakers and had another go at halo. Dear god how wrong was I about this game, its absotluly amazing. I dont really need to tell you lot why, instead i was wondering why playing it on a PC was such a average experience compared to playing it on the xbox. What is wrong with the pc version as its a perfect conversion? Also I had mace griffen on the pc and didnt bother getting off the first level yet alot of people say its fab on a console. On a side note did anybody else find a few things a little bit annoying in halo, for example its extremely easy to get lost and you can end up wondering around for ages looking for a door? One last thing the convanent guns arent much fun, (the human pistol is fab though)
  8. It took me about a week to get out of that garage. Driver 1 was painful, spent most of my time squinting at the map. In edges preview of driver 3 when that guy is talking about the importance of the fmv sequences, I really wanted to punch him. He obvioulsy really wants to be in the movie business, but sadly no, he is making games and lack of ideas cannot be papered over with fmv and high production values. Ahem. sorry about that I havent even seen driver 3s cut scenes however: Cheesy FMV scenes that take themselves really seriously are the worst thing about computer games. I really think this idea is of trying to copy films in a attempt to be taken seriously is wrong, games are not films they are games, and trying to make a game like a film is like trying to fit a round thing in a square thingy. Sorry about mental rant.
  9. Hi, You probably had enough of hearing about jamma cabs for one day but anyway heres some questions: 1.Whats the best way to go about aquiring a jamma cabinet? Ebay? Yellow pages? Ask at the airport pubs etc if they have any old ones they dont want? 2.Would it be better to build my own one as a summer holiday project? This would probably be more expensive? How could i work ow much this would cost? 3. Do MAME cabinets really feel authentic or are they to fiddley etc? 4. I remember a pci device that could worked as a sort of direct pc to tv card any body have a url, are they much better than s video out? edit i found this: http://www.ultimarc.com/avgainf.html However I m confused as to why arcade monitors would have ran at 15 khz?
  10. Dear God how much did that set you back?! I d love one of those. Is one that you can sit at with a normal stool?
  11. bplus


    Thats 400 quids worth of games?!
  12. Never got to play it on online Microsoft should buy sega/sammy and release a virtua fighter and outrun etc online, then they d conquer the jap market (probably not true all but one can only hope)
  13. Sega rally, Daytona (1&2), Virtua Racing compalation disc please. Golden axe aswell please.
  14. bplus

    KOTOR 2

    What? I ve only ever played BG2 but i thought it followed directly on from BG1? Are none of the areas the same?
  15. Id happily kill anyone one of you for a sf2 turbo cabinet
  16. bplus

    KOTOR 2

    Thats beucase they have character, they re blooming works of art the BG2 ones. Bg2 has charm that clinical cold 3d pc type graphics never seem to have. Also you dont have to deal with a blooming camera.
  17. what do i have to do with this?!
  18. bplus

    Halo Ntsc

    Can I just replace the default.xbe on my installed pal halo?
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