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  1. What?! I never new there was a ps2 update tell me more!
  2. Hi, Was trying to play this on surreal on the xbox but couldnt get it to work properly, so I was thinkning of buying it, is it any good?
  3. Hi, Not sure if this should be in ask the forum or not. Anyway what way do you lot play pg2, manual or automatic, with view inside or outside the car? Thing is in GT3 I used inside car view and manual gears but that had a little thing that told you what gear to enter a corner in. For pgr2 I use the automatic and outside car view. If I want to get really good lap times should I be using manual? Sorry for the dull topic just not really sure about this one.
  4. how come its anti communist, I dont understand
  5. thats more games than I own? you need to stop! Flog them and forget about them, finnishing them would feel like a chore
  6. right Im absolutly shite at this game so feel free to tell me to fuck off I wont take it personally, but can I join in?
  7. I'll be on for bit, probably till aound ten or so.
  8. strangely I used to completely hate live, now its destroying my life, its ace
  9. I dont have ghost recon either, what is it like compared to rs3, is it similar?
  10. Hopefuly I'll get enough of my dissertation done today, so I might join in to. Dam, girlfriend will be round tonite, i'll be having with drawels (sp).
  11. ah well, it will get better
  12. sorry firsty just relised how late it was, anyway hope you manage to open up some new cars
  13. firsty you on live at mo?
  14. just fired this up again its ace. though are you really going to put the time in with all the other games being released at the mo?
  15. ah but EA did release games for dc in a very round about mannor if I remember correctly. Ask "dreamcast master" or what ever he is called. If ea had supported the dc, it might not have failed, maybe.
  16. even stranger is that universal tried to sue nintendo for ripping off king kong (universal lost).
  17. fuck what model of ferrari is that, its looks nice but by their standard it is horrid
  18. Who was that who kept saying it was ugly?
  19. oh and i hope everyone is up for playing into the wee small hours tonite, I ve let my bro borrow my xbox for a few hours to watch a divx but I want it back on now
  20. that "ugly" ferrai (its not ugly btw) is amazing especially on kgb corner. what fun!
  21. http://play.com/play247.asp?page=search&adudisc=y Oh im temped now, might rent it first though, then again that ads a fiver to the price...
  22. cheers yup definately will be joining in more often, I can see this eating up a large part of my life now. Do you lot usually play every night? Suppose I should check this folder more often.
  23. I wonder if you had the min spec and it didnt run would you be legally allowed your money back.
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