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  1. Amazon is quite pricey for me, as they charge high fees for shipping outside of the UK. And it takes about as long as Play.com's stuff to arrive here. If I want a title really fast, I have to buy it in the shops here in Holland, usually it's on the shelves 2 or 3 days before the releasedate. But considering most titles here are about 10 quid more expensive, I'd rather wait a bit for the less urgent titles.
  2. Me too - and I'm meant to be studying for an exam on Monday
  3. I'll have this in about hour, whats really annoying is im playing thief 3 and full spectrum warrior how am i meant to play this aswell Can anyone tell me are the controls fully customisable
  4. I just started to notice someting thats really wierd about the graphics. When you standing still everything looks fine, then when you move all the tectures blur and the ouline of everyting turns blocky -odd. still a fabulous game though just a shame they had to use a graphics like these.
  5. cheers for that, ill try again later
  6. yup but you dont see people dying do you. People would get upset if the real effects of a car crash were shown
  7. the framerate on deus ex 2 is awful - this isnt quite as bad. How ever that bloom effect makes stuff really blurry
  8. Just played thru the training missions then the dam thing would nt end maybe a bug or maybe im thick. Anyway this seems rather good. the stuff your men say is quite funny, they swear alot and generally have a comedy thing going on like some bits in black hawk down. The training takes about 45 mins but its suprising how instinctive it becomes. Its really really tactical. Sort of like a game of chess (and about the same pace). I actually think this is going to affect how clans start playing rainbow six three. In the training you re told to do things that afterwards seem like common sense, but you 'd never have thought of youself. Im actually suprised america has no problem relesing this to the public, it really shows how there squads are trained. From what ive seen so far this is revolutionary. I ve never played anything like it. However its not going to be everyones cup of tea. this is the first actually relistic game i ve played. It also seems really polished. I really suprised that theres no versus play on live.
  9. bit off topic this: but i never really understood why you d want to pretend something like this as my geekyness is something i d prefere to hide
  10. is it possible to get new sealed dreamcast anymore
  11. no people are saying you can enter a code to open it - if you cant be assed reading the thread again
  12. I think that would make a good sig
  13. what do you lot think will become pricey on ebay in a few years time? I was thinking a boxed and sealed dreamcast console with boxed dc sticks aswell, is it still possible to get hold of these? what else? (im probably wrong about my prediction though)
  14. i put a modded snes on ebay once and they would nt even list it at all grr! to be fair this bloke isnt harming sega, he is harming the second hand dc game sellers thou , i think
  15. I found the whole d day thing in medal of honour a bit wrong as well. THing is i dont have a problem with saving private ryan, it seemed to have more respect for the subject, and it was horrific. I also though the storm the beach level in unreal tourny 1 was wrong to. but the thing is i cant form a reasonable argument as to why its wrong, and unfounded opinion is worse (in my opinion )
  16. argh! (and yarr!) but Im playing thief 3 at the mo and I ve got this downloading, then chronicle of riddick for fuck sake!? though i hand in my disserataion on monday and I ve got full week of nothing to do
  17. Right I ve been playing this a bit more now. It seems very good. But that screen tearing is unforgivable in a console game, especially as we cant turn on v sync ourselves. I really wish i had a pc that could make this game look good - but on my geforce 4200 ti it would just look as bad (but with out the screen tear). This is one of the worst graphically glitches i ve seen in a console game, it could be forgiven if it only happened every so often, but its constant. Again this is starting to feel like deus 2, theres a good game trying to get out. And like deus ex 2 the frame rate is ridiculous. Why this hasnt been optimised is beyond me. There are little niggles that are becoming very irratating, eg: to look at the map i must go to options, then gear, then select map. The subtitles when turned on go really fuct up and out of sink. This game needs patched badly, its such a shame. However, ignoring these niggles the game seems top notch - mature (not in teenage violent way) and intelligent, and funny to.
  18. https://www.kumagames.com/index.php?promoCode=web36
  19. is it possible to change difficulty settings with starting a new game?
  20. yeah ive only completed trianing mission and currently doing first propr mission. stupid dissertation has to be in on monday damit
  21. found this in the ini file wonder if changine these could help even stranger is this in an xbox ini file:
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