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  1. yeah was playing that as well, none of the ports look anywhere as nice as the orginal. I remember completing the spectrum version, it was rather good, one of the few games that didt crash. The amiga port is quite squahed ..
  2. Cheers does it use dials instaed of a second stick
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me how to get the multi directional controls for this working in xbox mame? Cheers! edit: this would make a good name for a club night.........
  4. i was only joking, i m shite at it so who am i to judge
  5. to tell you truth I think the graphics look great even by todays standards (im not talking about the alpha versions), Especially the arcade versions, i'm not sure about this but are they running a 60 fps? To me they are the pinnicle of 2d game graphics, they have there own asthetic / style that isnt trying to copy another media/art form (unlike the alpha version which try to look like manga cartoons). Even though they are low res I think they look better for it. Guilty Gear is high res and it just looks to clean. One game thing that me and my flatmate always come back is sf2t on chipped xbox with two modded dc sticks and some cans of tennents. Ah....
  6. it was revolutionary, it invented combos, it got people back into the arcades, its the template for all one on one fighters, and it has an instantly recognisable asthetic, (which they decided to destroy with the alpha/zero series). It sold the snes, it made megadrive owners jealous. Its still better than all other 2d fighters in my book (yes including garou etc). It defined an era. Edit: I think i was ten or 11 when my brother took me to an arcade to play this. I nearly feel over when I say it. It blew everything out of the water. Then about a year and half later we got a snes for xmas - street fighter in you own house?! For people who didnt play it when it came out this I can see how this re release is probably quite meaningless.
  7. so basically you arent very good at it so its rubbish
  8. did edge not mention once that vin disel bought a devloper as hes quite into games
  9. Surely microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot. I only read today that they plan to launch xbox 2 mid 2005. WTF?! Apparently they ve held back alod of XSN games so they can be launch titles for xbox 2. Great a load of games running old generation engines as launch titles. This generation is only getting going now and they want to pull the plug. I really think the public will have problems telling this generation apart from the next and wont buy early on. Most people wont see the need to upgrade, a lesson they learnt when they bought the ps2 at launch. They have have been so many console launches in the past 6 years I really think hype will lose to comsumer apathy.
  10. dunno for sure, but the developers said on tv the main thing they had to change when converting from army version to home version was that army blokes rely on audio cues, but gamers need visual cues. sorry that info is probably not much use at all to you edit: did no one see that the full preview, with interviews with the developers on bravo's gamer tv. that show is actually getting alot better
  11. lap tops are great. I wis i had one. they re so much tidier
  12. wait a year until a system that can play half life 2 is ridiculously cheap-
  13. But whats really really odd is the bit where there should be black borders the back ground appears to be correct, it continues on from the background from the proper screem, like a full screen mode sort of thing
  14. Thats wierd look at those ikruga screens the black border down the sides is messed up
  15. actually does anybody know of a tweaking guide for deus x 2 on xbox mines ripped to th HD aswell
  16. In that blokes FAQ he says the high res tectures would work with the size of the xboxs memory.......
  17. Just been looking at that mod for the pc version,some one needs to create one for the xbox that allows graphical detail to be turned down so the frame rate doesnt induce epileptic fits
  18. actually if you read the last page or so it was stebbo or what ever hes called being nasty and very childish, he completely ignored any arguement points that Ed-Epistaxis and myself made, so the last few posts where basically telling him to stop being a prat. We made the basis for are arguements very clear. And yeah I agree that its infuriating that emulation topic s get turned in to moral debates, or some idiot shouting "emulation is crap" play the real thing. (even though most folks here own a dc.)
  19. thats exactly what i mean. does any one know if a mod is being made that would convert deus ex into the deus ex 2 engine. Also i'm playing deus ex 2 on the xbox, its good but I really wish my pc could play it properly. Those pc screen shots woth everything up full look a million times better
  20. dear god you sound like gollum from lord of the rings
  21. heavens above, you really have some issues dont you. Have you tried being nice to people?
  22. I doubt you'll find any coder who'll laugh at emulation coders. Any coders I know respect others work and especially the difficult programming that is involved in emulation.
  23. you're not very good at this are you edited for pedantic spelling people
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