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  1. there is an winxp fix that you can download. I posted a url in an ask the forum thread.
  2. god bless save states in emulators.
  3. Hi, I ve been playing some dizzy games on my chipped xbox. I completed the nes "dizzy the adventurer" it was amazingly short. Im now playing the Fantastic Dizzy on the megrive emu. I ve read reviews saying its great, but its full of annoying baddies, eg there million rats that just piss me off. It mostly annoys my girlfriend as she isnt very good at games. Did anyone else find the megadrive version of dizzy really annoying? Can anyone recommend the "definitive" dizzy game?
  4. bets on these being worth a fortune in 3 years time?
  5. hi, can anybody get this to run on mame ox? It seems to run out of memory. I ve got the latest version of mameox, which i downloaded yesterday from xbins ftp thingy. cheers for any help
  6. please god no more pointless cut scenes!
  7. i use my edge magazines to prop up my broken bed. i really love to see a mean machines collection on ebay....... http://www.ancientcomputer.com/modules.php...owdata&mid=1708
  8. you get to drive cars. I think next there ll be first person shooter bits, no really. the best in the series is 2 by a mile.
  9. exactly. Its getting really tiresome seeing the pathetic attempts at "cinematic experience". Metal gear solid 2
  10. all 3 of those shows are superb - make sure you see them
  11. It's complete ignorance of gaming history that irritates me,
  12. It might have been said before but I think games are just going to become part of the merchindising of films "got the t-shirt, the mug, the limited edition lighter and the videogame......."
  13. for one thing training missions shuld be made easier: Splinter cell allowed me to run around for half an hour before a figured out i could lean against a wall and walk. Ninja gaiden after five mins of falling of the same ledge I called it quits , there are more fun things to do with my time thanks very much. and i ve been playing games since i was four, god help the poor sod who has never played one before.
  14. yeah id probably agree, but alot of people on here (just like edge) think they are harder than hardcore. even if you re being sarcastic
  15. i wish that was my gamer tag. curse my gay gamertag
  16. cool, I have to leave at helf ten though.
  17. Hi, Does anyone fancy playing this tonite using the alternative car class list tonite. This list was orginally posted here by Boozy the Clown. Anyway for those who dont know what it is, essentially it groups cars from all classes into groups of similar performance. It means different cars from different classes can be raced against each other fairly and means that everyone doesnt have to pick the same car for the race to be fair. does anyone fancy playing tonite? I'll be on from about six I think. Heres the list again (hint - print it out) I Honda S2000 - Sports Convertible Jaguar XKR - Sports Coupe Pontiac GTO - American Muscle Pontiac Trans Am - American Muscle Porsche 911 RS 2.7 - Classics Vauxhall VX220 Turbo - Roadster J Audi TT 3.2 Quattro - Coupe Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - American Muscle Ferrari Dino 246 GT - Classics Ford Focus RS - Compact Sports Mercedes 300SL Gullwing - Classics K BMW X5 4.6is - Sports Utility BMW Z4 3.0i - Sports Convertible Cadillac XLR - Sports Coupe Lexus SC 430 - Sports Coupe Mercedes ML55 AMG - Sports Utiliy Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 - Pacific Muscle Renault Clio V6 - Compact Sports Volkswagen R32 - Compact Sports L Audi TT Coupe - Coupe Ford SVT Lightning - Sports Utility Lotus Elise - Roadster Mazda RX-8 - Pacific Muscle Renault Spider - Roadster Seat Leon Cupra R - Compact Sports M Audi TT Roadster - Sports Convertible Chevrolet SSR - Sports Utilty Honda Civic Type-R (J) - Compact Sports Honda Integra Type-R (J) - Coupe Lancia Delta Integrale Evo - Compact Sports Nissan 240Z - Classics Vauxhall VX220 - Roadster Volkswagen New Beetle RSi - Compact Sports N Mazda Miata MX-5 - Sports Convertible MINI Cooper S - Compact Sports Porsche 550 Spyder - Classics Toyota 2000GT - Classics Toyota MR2 Spyder - Sports Convertible Volvo XC90 - Sports Utility Try out these and you'll be amazed how close the races are.
  18. why did edge decide to dedicate one page to the most important game of this generation, the thing about the six score was it seemed to represent what they wrote in the review.
  19. well atari have shot themselves in the foot anyway: they ve destroyed a respected brand, people will notice this is shite and leave it back to GAME en masse (spelling of that phrase?)
  20. well i should hope the xbox 2 is more powerful than xbox 1
  21. some may have already mentioned this: so the xbox 2 is going to have infinte processing power and memory capacity, thats quite clever really...and in an internal document aswell EDIT:
  22. did any of you see that gamer tv report about all the money atari where spending on adverts. The producer of the game (i think) so despartly wanted to work in hollywood it was really quite sad.
  23. driver 1 was shit aswell. (imo i know some people liked it)
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