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  1. driver 1 was shit aswell. (imo i know some people liked it)
  2. i love reading campbells rants, they re great. (although he is a mad raving communist hes still writes way more interesting articles than any other journo)
  3. meh.. i couldnt get into riddick (no pun jokes please) at all. Is it really that good? Which is strange becuase fps are my fav genre
  4. the reason people here have played is becuase its available (illegally) for download. I m quite disapointed with the game to be honest and I was really looking forward to it. there is something not quite right about it cant put my finger on it..
  5. what i cant understand is why so many developers choose to ignore one of the many things goldeneye got right - playing each level on a harder difficulty.
  6. the sound track on power drome is nice
  7. i want to deck the person who came up with that line. the worst thing is they look shite, they ve stuck some stickers on them woo hoo. If theyd done some sort of tattoo design that wrapped around the whole gameboy it would have looked better. bottom line it looks naff
  8. goldeneye had no hype at all.........
  9. i ve come to the conclusion that single player games for the most part are a waste of my time. I bought splinter cell the other day and then thought - what the fuck i cant be assed sneaking around waiting for some guard to move. I ve got better things to do with my time. If im going to learn a new skill I'd prefere to learn how to program or get better using reason (music making software). Recently i really syarted to feel that computer games are a waste of my time, as i could be doing something creative / usful rather than learning a pointless new videogame skill. Also stories in games really piss me off now, they are long winded, cliched and childish - without any exception (that i ve played) and if someone says deus ex isnt they need a slap (although i did like the deus ex game)
  10. i loved unreal tourny and ut2003 but ut champ was unplayable for me - it gave me a headache! It just seems impossible to translate the twitch mouse control play of the pc versions to a pad. Though i really really want something better than rainbow six - its to slow!
  11. yeah i ve been playin it, its a bit annoying becuase there are two major problems that could have easilty been sorted: 1. the map on the side of the screen is zoomed in to far so you cant see corners coming up. 2. the camera stays fixed right behind the bike/blade so any slight turn makes the camera move all over the show. but from playing more, the game does improve - overall its quite polished. to anyone whos played wipeout fusion and this - is this better or worse?
  12. yeah but you can play it on live and edge said it was one of their most played. Also some people are saying its rather good, anyway ill know in an hour or two....
  13. yay its on newsgroups, though I wont be able to play on live, boo! if this is as good as it looks it will definately being bought by me when its out.
  14. ps2 version has arrows that point out the corners the xbox version doesnt apparently - according to edge review box out thingy
  15. apparently its been pushed back till august i dunno why but this game really appeals to me
  16. strange becuase edge said they perfer the ps2 version
  17. to be fair i ve only played just past the main frame bit in first level so i dont realy know what im talking about
  18. i m really wish they'd give this a release date, i really want to play it!
  19. splutter - how dare you blasphine goldeneye. Worshipping false idols....... riddick has nice graphics but its just a corridor shooter. (thats just opinion thou)
  20. geting lost and wondering about aimlessy - halo was write to have arrows to point were to go
  21. Hi, Dunno about anybody else but I'm really looking forward to this. I think on live this could be amazing (though i havent played it yet so i dont really know). A bit of fresh air; i ve got a bit sick of pgr2 and Rainbow Six Amazon say it was released on june 11 but every where else says TBC. Anyone know whats going on or when it will be released? Also does anyone one know if its fully live enabled?
  22. bplus

    3d modelling

    japanese companies dont work like this thou do they?
  23. Fuck! sometimes the obvious isnt so obvious - he really has got a point there.
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