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  1. can anybody tell me a bit more about this? Im thinking of going out and buying it.
  2. why is it so expensive on play? http://play.com/play247.asp?searchtype=XBO...ean&page=search
  3. garou is good, but even then compared to sf2 turbo its no near as fluid. I think snk fighters are rigid aswell. Also its impossible for me to find people to play against so whats the point of learning wega combos. Hopefully they'll put some of snks games on xbox live.
  4. oh for heavens sake, be gentle man and stop acting like an arse. "develop games that actually sell" please share this magic formula with us
  5. i know i guy who got a letter printed in a games mag when he was 12. His mate cunningly held on to the issue, now everytime his mate has a party he shows the letter to everybody, it reads something like this "as a keen games player for many years I'm disapointed to see......" poor bastard.
  6. most ridiculous statment of the day award. you dont do mangement in university by any chance? edit maybe this is closer to the truth: everything can be avoided if you can predict the future.
  7. idiot. I hardly think what yod@ does constitutes a business or from the tone of his arguements is he influenced by what he does in his spare time at ridiculously low prices.
  8. MS have yet to make a single penny from the xbox, so far they have only made losses. Fact (i think) The fact that word of mouth marketing is thought of as quite important by marketing types backs up what you are saying, its all part of "viral" marketing and is becoming more important as we are becoming imune to traditional advertising. Purely opinion: I think that in the days of the PS1 piracy might have helped the games industry but now joe public demands chipped consoles as standard; piracy is doing damage.
  9. How would one go about creating a disc that the gamecube could read - I thought the gamecube discs were written backwards and the drive spun the other way? Anyway I think piracy ruins games for me, if you get a game for free you dont make as much effort so you get less enjoyment, plus i can never justify spending forty quid on something I can download for free. Poetic justice maybe.....or maybe just no such thing as a free lunch. Anyway this probably isnt a thread for moralising on piracy so ill shut up now. P.S there have been gamecube iso s on newsgroups for ages i think, whats all that about??
  10. dunno if it counts but "sho ryuken" in street fighter 2
  11. actually from the descriptions here of radiant i dont think id like it, raiden is where its at for me at the moment on my lovely modded xbox, dam that game is good
  12. please let this be true!
  13. surely becuase thy are official they should be guarenteed review code
  14. any way to play this on a modded xbox? i played this on gameworks it nearly gave me an epilectic fit!
  15. actually i ve got three copies of radiant silver gun - one of which i use as a beer mat, one to wank over and the other one that i ll take out of its shrink warp and put in saturn one day and actually play. on a more serious note: if i bought a saturn i d have to chip it to play the game (im evil and id download it probably) so how much would that cost - runs off to check yod@s chipping list. hmm saturn is tempting, but to be relistic the only other game id wan to play on it would be sega rally. in gameplay terms how does RSG play compared to ikaruga?
  16. Hi, Can some of you lovely folks answer some questions for me. I have the mame/arcade rom of radiant silvergun is it playable on any emulator at the moment. Is the arcade rom different from the saturn version - is the saturn version a port? What board did RSG run on? Is the saturn version playable on any emulator at the moment? Is there any emulator that can run a playable version on the xbox? Cheers for any help!
  17. hey napoleon i didnt know you liked techno/house, my fav kind of music and usually what im listening to on pgr2, and im not refering to techno in the same way americans do! this is probably one for the music folder but hip hop and "urban culture" (cringe) are the big ting at the moment wonder if it will ever stop being the big thing, it just seems to go on and on. Dont get me wrong there is some ace hip hop out there@ dj krush, beat nuts, souls of mischief amoungst others but the crap on MTV is laughable. Aparently hip hop biggest market is 14 year old boys - not to far of video games biggest market. I hope san andreas keeps the same sense of humour that gta3/vice city have, it better not take its self seriously.
  18. nice one! dont suppose you could tell me what yu did before this job etc? whats you experience....
  19. come to think of games and "smoke-me-do" really go hand in hand.
  20. bplus


    i wasnt replying to sean r?! any way yes it is true you put way less effort into pirate games. no such thing as a free lunch and all that!
  21. bplus


    first of all you decided to ignore the part of my post where i made an exception to newly released titles so you could make the point yourself, well done you know the names of some newly realesed DC games. Thanks for taking my point and repeating it. All im saying is the developers are not being harmed unless its a newly released title or it is available for another format and can be purshased first hand.
  22. i get better at tony 2 when stoned (though i havent been stoned in long long time) Tiger woods 2004 is great for drinking as you can sit and have a chat to, bit like playing pool and having a drink.
  23. sadly i cant tell if you are joking
  24. judging by the sales of those games - most people. If anyone uses the tired comparisons of rez ico and monkey ball one more time ill cry!
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