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  1. It was way better than any super FX game I played. 11 year old me tried to like Star fox and stunt race FX, especially since nms gave them both 702 percent each or something. But they were slow and boring. I rented virtua racing so many times from the local video short. It looked arcade perfect to my brain.
  2. What's the easiest way to play these on a pc? Retro arch? Gog.com? I really like the look of the last crusade does it hold up? Edit: https://www.gog.com/game/indiana_jones_and_the_last_crusade 64 percent off, 1.59
  3. It still is. But somehow I've never enjoyed the 3d ones as much as mario world. Or maybe any game so that's unfair. What is mind blowing about sm64 is that it arrived in 1996. People talk about quake being revolutionary, it doesn't come close. Same with Goldeneye , it's just so much more impressive than quake and running on a cheap (in comparison) console. I've heard that quake pioneered some graphics algorithms, but always wondered that some of those early N64 programmers must have figured these out in parallel. For example this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_inverse_square_root Edit: that's quake 3 so probably not. But there's others that get attributed to ID. It's always made me wonder how N64 games were looking as good back then though. Edit again: this is what I mean: https://www.gamers.org/dEngine/quake/papers/ddjpvs.html
  4. If upgrading my pc under the telly counts, then yes. Means i can emulate everything up to PS2. And all my consoles can go in the attic.
  5. Been playing this tonight, really is good. Are there other games that have been updated like this?
  6. I tried the pc engine version. It does look nice, but I think on par with megadrive. Maybe, or maybe better can't tell!
  7. In case anyone wants more info: https://github.com/djyt/cannonball/wiki/Cannonball-Manual I'd never heard of this! Looks great. Thanks
  8. Been playing outrun on the megadrive. I've never bothered with the original on any format really. Is this just a shit port or is outrun just not that good? Is there a better version I can play via an emulator? (Don't fancy trying to use a pad on the name/arcade version).
  9. That does look good too, cheers
  10. Thanks for this. Unfortunately the only fight sticks that I think look good are custom sanwa jobs on Etsy. Shit. Too much money!
  11. Is the hori fight stick mini any use? Anyone know what shape gate it has? Apologies if this has been answered somewhere already. I'd really like a decent, small stick that doesn't look ridiculous stashed under a TV. I've currently got two Dreamcast sticks, modded to PS1 insides. They look a bit silly in my living room.
  12. Anyone played Alundra, sorta Zelda clone. I watched a few clips, it looks really good. Of course finding the time to play something like this is next to impossible these days.
  13. Christ, I'm pretty certain I rented this from a video shop in Belfast.
  14. Thanks just came back to say I'd figured it out, had a quick go at lunch time! Still can't figure out if I like the game or not. Loved it back in the day, but just hasn't aged as well as the first. I think.
  15. Can someone explain why the desert course on this looks nothing like the desert course on the us NTSC version I'm playing: https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/223265-Sega-Dreamcast-Sega-Rally-Championship-2-NTSC-Time-Attack-Desert-SS3-Fastest-Lap-01-16-42-john-brissie Is this the first track in arcade mode?
  16. Redream is miles better than a real dc or retro arch, well at least for sega rally anyway. It definitely seems like the frame rate is way higher. But playing at 1920 X 1440 is much better. I haven't tried any other games.
  17. I've got my DC hooked up at the moment, also got a decent pc plugged into same telly. I might try a comparison. Though I've done it already with whatever retro arch's DC emu is. Looks better on real dc.
  18. I only played the second one a bit but this is a really good write up about the first: https://www.filfre.net/2021/03/system-shock/
  19. Thanks, it turned up today!
  20. Ha! The left side is pure mean machines! Ffs, where's my copy!!!
  21. @strider not sure if you can help, but I'm thinking they sent me an annual instead of this month's mag. Is there someone I could contact about this?
  22. Pm me your address , once it's posted or you receive it can you pay Pal me the postage and envelope cost?
  23. I'd happily give you it, I'd have to get it to a post office though.
  24. No my wife renewed at Xmas and I got free 8bit pad then too. I've got two now. They aren't the best. But hey they are free!
  25. Dug out my DC so I could play sega rally 2 properly. Compared to sega rally 1, it just doesn't seem as much fun. I liked it back in the day though. Also it wasn't the emulator making it look pixelated, it just is pixelated. I'll give arcade mode a few more goes. Honestly though, I think the best sega rally might actually be the Xbox 360 version.
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