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  1. Just realised what I said sounded a bit blunt. It really is great. The mag is great, I just think it's got better. Thanks for putting it together (every month)
  2. Just wanted to say the neo Geo article is brilliant. I really think it's an improvement that the magazine has moved to talking about some of the technical details and getting developer opinions. Those are things I can't get else where. Happy Xmas.
  3. I looked up the developer they made this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTX_Mototrax Maybe it's this?
  4. Is it getting ported to anything else? I know it's free but spectrum colour clash ain't pretty!
  5. Easily snes to to N64. I'd given up playing games 3 years or so, felt like everything had been done. Endless platformers. Then i played goldeneye and wave race. Huge jump. Went and bought an N64. That said going from a spectrum to a Gameboy and nes felt big too. Smooth and really responsive, quality of games was just way higher. I'll not buy a new generation console. I'm not fond of the type of games getting made these days. Cringey dialogue and "emotional" stories, no thanks, all takes its self very seriously without much charm.
  6. I know this is really late! But on your point 4 what are the things I should know. I'm playing this now, played it back in 00s could never get the combat figured out!
  7. Does it support save states? Can't see on the website if it does. Also it plays nes ROMs!?
  8. Rollcage 1 or 2? For someone that hasn't played either!
  9. Hi, thanks so much for doing that, very much appreciated!
  10. Checked the issue, no luck. It's my wife's gift to me, she'll not want to phone!
  11. Hi, I've got an active retro gamer sub, it runs out in the new year. I've lost a flyer that they sent out offering a free retro pad (8bitdo?) , I want to renew with this offer any idea how? Thanks
  12. Tell me about it, i wrote the original post. I can hear the young me talking like that (I was 23).
  13. Is there rumours of edge going? I haven't read it in years, but still a shame
  14. Anyone know if the neogeo ports on the PS2 are emulated or actual ports? Same for the street figher games.
  15. Tried playing Zelda 1 recently on the nes, Jesus it's really hard, kept dying in first dungeon
  16. Or an megadrive everdrive and play sms ROMs off that
  17. I've just discovered that I can use my PS4 pad on my pc. Jesus the 360 d pad was awful. Playing PS1 games on retro arch with pc under the telly is great. I haven't dug out my ps1 in years.
  18. I think I'm missing something with side scrolling beat em ups. They are really repetitive. For some reason I do keep return to golden axe for s quick go every so often, but final fight and streets of rage really get full quickly.
  19. Is the arcade mode worth playing. I tried it tonight, seemed ok but the framerate is awful. Simulation mode doesn't have that problem
  20. Thanks for this, I'll play that instead
  21. Also downloaded Colin McRae one. Thought it might be a bit less over whelming that the newer ones
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