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  1. Just been reading an old issue of N64 magazine, it lists all previous scores towards the bsck. 1080 and pilot wings get 89 percent. Not bad scores but they are two of the best games ever made in my book. Was playing pilot wings last night, it's hard to believe it game out in 1996. It's way ahead of its time.


    Turok 2 gets 95 while Goldeneye gets 94.

    As far as I can remember turok 2 is shit. It's just a repetitive maze that ridiculously easy to get lost in, surely they were paid off for this score!? And Goldeneye, well I still haven't played a better FPS, and that's not rose tinted specs either , been playing it recently.


  2. 4 hours ago, Riven said:

    Is this happening on every game you test or just one? A few games on Super Nintendo change Hz refresh rate heavily during the game, like Super Ninja Boy that was unplayable didn't matter what cable I used on an OSSC as it's not build to handle titles that do it, hence the new retrotinkX5 and OSSC Pro to deal with issues like that. Most games rarely if ever change Hz rate on SNES, but a few do, like Power Drive as it changes resolution for certain menus.


    I have three RGB leads and one is the official Gamecube lead, which works on NTSC SNES units, two including the official drop sync if a game does a full screen white flash. Third handles them without error on a OSSC. Most games don't have issue as I streamed tons with the OSSC games like Super Mario World & Star Fox should be problem free. Certain invest in a top quality RGB cable to remove some of the sync issues.

    Thanks. Issue happens all the time , tried a few games, street fighter mario kart. Every other second nearly. I've jumped for that packapunch cable. Hopefully will resolve it

  3. 11 hours ago, Colonel Panic said:

    Oh… not seen that before. 

    For an SFC the ideal is a csync cable. Packapunch cables are great. 

    Great! Is this right: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/packapunch-range/super-nintendo-packapunch-upgrade/packapunch-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-snes-n64-rgb-av-scart-cable-ntsc-gold-scart


    Also it has options for csync, passthrough or 470 ohms?any idea which I should choose?

  4. Hi,

    I have at dug out my super Famicom and and a cable I think used to work with my ossc. Anyway, the ossc just loses sync even other second so its unplayable.

    I recall this used to happen a bit before but not this bad. Any ideas?


    If it's the cable does anyone know what sort I need? Are the packapunch ones really worth the cost?




  5. 6 minutes ago, MikeJ said:


    The Super Famicom lettering will be OK but on mine it ate the writing off and pitted the plastic of the eject button, as well as slightly discolouring the grey plastic top and cart flap. In retrospect I would dissasemble all of the case parts and remove the top grey plastic piece, eject button and cartridge flap leaving only the lighter plastics to go into peroxide - these bits don't normally yellow.

    Thanks that's good advice

  6. 8 hours ago, gossi the dog said:


    From what I recall they weren’t sent review code and so automatically marked it down.

    Thing with edge is they missed 3 games I think are really are revolutionary, Tony hawk skateboarding, Goldeneye and grand theft auto. Yet they gave halo 10. I've never understood the halo thing. It's alright but not that special.

  7. 6 hours ago, phillv85 said:

    Anyone ever ordered replacement stick for the first party N64 controllers? I’ve got a bunch of controllers with sticks that are between poor and totally fucked. The only ones I’ve seen are on Ali Express, anyone tried them before I order a dozen of them?

    I've heard of people using GameCube sticks as replacements. No idea if it's easy

  8. On 13/10/2021 at 17:27, StoooTube said:

    Sorry to bring this up again, a while back I picked up a Japanese N64 and the video signal was overly bright (like how I imagine a PAL system with the wrong svideo cable would look).

    I decided to finally take the machine apart, and it has 3 wires, from C124/125/126 to pins 1,2 and 4 of the AV terminal. There’s no resistors or mini board I’d associate with an RGB mod… can early machines be modded just by routing 3 wires?

    I did that mod years ago, I can barely hold a soldering iron it was either 3 or six wires can't remember. I undid it because it was a  bit dark. Wish I d left it in place until I tried it with a ossc

  9. On 25/09/2021 at 01:57, spanky debrest said:

    @Fallows I may have an unused Tim Worthington RGB kit (flashed with a firmware that allows for extra controller / deblur functions) laying around that you can have for cost. It was fancy when I bought it, but there are definitely fancier options now if you want the best of the best.


    Reason I didn't install it is because - for N64 - I'm actually 100% happy with composite video & toggling anti-AA patches now and then for official titles. Since I only game on a CRT and have no desire to capture / stream / use a scaler etc it's probably going to remain unused.

    Tim W. Kit, what's fancier these days I'm thinking of using a site oldskoolconsoles and I think they use that kit. Should I be looking for something better? I'll be playing through an ossc

  10. 15 hours ago, Tomdominer said:

    Yeah. It's the main selling point of the tink for me. Being able to handle interlaced signal with various resolutions without it looking like ass.

    Other than PS2 what do you use the tink on? Does it handle composite? Have you tried a nes with it? I'm considering getting my nes rgb modded so that I can use on ossc.

  11. 1 hour ago, Tomdominer said:


    The solution I've found, with the PS2 and ossc, is to use Open PS2 Loader, which allows you to force video modes with it's built in GSM. Then I try either 240p, 480p or 1080i. The most consistent is 1080i, as a lot of games don't like being forces into progressive, and usually fail on the attempting to run FMV. But 1080i works quite well, as (I think) the ossc just passes it through to your tv, which can usually de-interlace 1080i content (unlike 480i). 

    Bizarrely I think that's what I ended up doing too! Very fiddly though and felt like a waste of an ossc

  12. 25 minutes ago, SqueakyG said:

    I just checked out PCSX2 for the first time. I've never looked into it before, but it's simply going to be a better way of playing the PS2 games I own/owned than using a cheap HDMI converter with a real PS2.


    I was quite surprised that the image quality is not a direct pixel-perfect image. Every other emulator - including emulators for Dreamcast and Gamecube - give you a pixel-perfect video image. However, PCSX2 emulates the interlacing of a PS2 and then deinterlaces it, and the results are quite blurry, ghosty and jittery. You can get it looking better than real hardware - and certainly better than cheap HDMI converters - but I just didn't expect an emulator to look like that. You can increase the resolution of the 3D geometry, but results are a bit vague -- it always looks kind of blurry, jittery and 720p-ish.


    The main programmer of the emulator says it's because PS2 game developers often did clever things with the video output and manipulated the interlacing to produce graphical effects or make the games run better. Dreamcast and Gamecube games hardly ever did this, so those emulators can simply force the games to run progressively and serve you a pixel-perfect video output. But PCSX2 has to emulate the interlacing, and then deinterlace it with bob/blend/etc.


    Anybody found a way to get good results?


    Nearly all discussion of this emulator talks about plugins, but I'm using the 1.7.0 version where they got rid of plugins, so a lot of advice and discussion is outdated.



    All I can say is I gave up on PS2 with ossc , the results were consistently shite. Had more luck with emulator as far as I can recall.

  13. On 24/09/2021 at 21:53, Fallows said:

    Alright so there are loads of consoles in very good condition going for cheap on Ebay Germany. Sourcing a console won't be difficult.


    The thing is what's the best RGB amp to install, and how hard is it? I could go and research all this stuff myself but I'm busy AF and already behind on my work. I should be working right now actually instead of doing this.


    I plan on going all-in with this project. RGB, steel bowl sticks in the controllers (costly), Everdrive64, etc.



    This is one of the many reasons I'm after one.


    I reckon GX is far better than X, but it's still a clear 10/10.

    Honestly get an NTSC one if you can, wave race especially suffered from squished screen and being slower. :)

  14. On 06/10/2021 at 21:43, Dudley said:

    Some of the new Master System stuff is impressive, especially Flight of Pigarus, a 5 minute caravan shooter for free download or buy in a box from 2Minds.


    Sorry to use my own video here but here's me finishing that 5 minutes for the first time with about 1/2 the score the good people get.




    If you want to cover some SMS I can certainly point you at a few more.

    What's a caravan shooter? Genuine question!

  15. On 04/10/2021 at 14:46, merman said:

    So, the homebrew column was a key part of Retro Gamer - and it was brilliantly put together for years by the sadly missed Jason Kelk who passed away earlier this year.


    With demand from the readers, it will be coming back in a new form in issue 228.

    I will be taking over the writing & compiling of the column.


    So if there is anything you want featured, any games or developers that deserve to be in the spotlight then let me know - either in this thread or via DM. And the developers themselves are welcome to get in touch. We always needs reviews and previews, and there’s will be interviews too.


    We plan to cover a wide range of subjects, computers and consoles, game jams and competitions, and the publishers putting out great homebrew. New ideas include mini “making of” articles explaining how it is done, and guides to the best homebrew for various formats since the end of their “commercial” life.

    Glad it's coming back :)


    The making of stuff sounds like something I'd really like. I'd be interested in what tools they use. Maybe how much effort their games take to create. Anyway just my thoughts. Good luck.

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