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  1. It's just a fact that the snes was way a head of the megadrive, especially Nintendo and Rare games, nothing came close. I love the megadrive, even bought a jap one a few years ago, but the fact is it has nothing that can compete with mario kart, super Mario world or Zelda. (Imo of course!)
  2. Christ I paid 65 quid for mortal Kombat 2 from paper round money. 4.50 for six days a week! Considering the Dev effort into today's games they are a bargain in comparison
  3. I really wanted sf2 and sf2 turbo Jap carts. Ever since seeing how "cool" they looked as a child I wanted them. Can't justify as I have an everdrive
  4. Honestly, I'm surprised anyone could complete it! That's impressive, and yes with all warps he'd only take ten mins.
  5. Yep and I think that's because of the amount of money and effort Nintendo were willing to throw at a game. Can't find it now but somewhere there's article explaining how much thought went into the first few screens of mario and teaching the player how to play. Plus the whole thing is just really smooth. Looking at YouTube videos of spectrum games from back then, they for the most part look like a jerky flickering mess.
  6. Completed super Mario Bros 1 last night, for first time ever. Used save states so definitely cheated. It's so hard. No wonder I couldn't complete it when I had a nes back in the day. It's still a great game and it's aged so much better than other platformers from back then. I went from a spectrum to nes with mario, no wonder I couldn't believe the difference!
  7. Another thing about wave race is you sorta learn how to ride the waves on expert mode, using them to jump over things and take corners. It's genius and I haven't seen it anywhere since
  8. I didn't know this about the b button. I've completed that game many times and never even bothered tweaking the stats.
  9. Yep I think it's probably one of the best games I've ever played. 1080 is up there too and to a lesser extent excite bike 64. Really deep control systems.
  10. To be fair if I bought it back in the day I'd probably played the shit out of it and got a lot from it.
  11. After three painful mins playing multi racing championship I can confirm it's pretty awful. Terrible frame rate, an annoying announcer that can't be muted and handling thats no where near as satisfying as sega rally. Appreciate no one cares, but for some reason I thought I might have found a hidden gem. It's gash.
  12. Interesting, was it the pal version? One YouTube vid looks like euro release and it looks super slow. Other looks ok. Frame rate looks crap though in both. I probably should have bought a playstation back in the day too, was fed a line of drivel by N64 mag saying the PlayStation couldn't compete graphically. Heard recently a developer saying the PlayStation was designed to do fast graphics, the N64 sort of more quality. Though the N64 also had 2kb video ram I think so not sure how right that is! Edit: https://www.ign.com/articles/1997/09/12/multi-racing-championship Wait what, only 3 tracks!?!
  13. Any one tried multi racing championship? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRC:_Multi-Racing_Championship Looks like a sega rally rip off, and it was developed by denki who I think did sega rally 2 on the Dreamcast. Haven't tried it yet, was going to give it a go tonight. Strange I never heard of it before, probably too early a release, think I would have liked it back in the day.
  14. Edit: can seem to fix this post on my phone for some reason. Is thrust the name of the game it's a clone of? I was never sure!
  15. Timesplitters 2, had 3 hidden retro games. One called astro landing had some of the best music I've heard in a game!
  16. Another great episode, listened on Saturday. Keep them coming please
  17. It nearly put me off buying it, but then ign called ranted and raved about, for some reason I believed ign, even if took ten minutes to load it's web pages on my dial up modem.
  18. Edge missed the only two games I think really think deserved a ten: Tony hawk's Pro skater and Goldeneye. And probably deus ex (think they gave that a nine?) Actually that game pretty much set the template for a genre that doesn't seem to have changed much in twenty years. Ok they got gran turismo right.
  19. I thought you meant halo, 8 would have made more sense!
  20. I keep trying to like halo, but still don't really like it. then again I think every FPS except Goldeneye, quake 3 and unreal tournament is shit!
  21. I agree too, double dash was crap but then I think all them are rubbish compared to super nes one!
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