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  1. Dug out my DC so I could play sega rally 2 properly. Compared to sega rally 1, it just doesn't seem as much fun. I liked it back in the day though. Also it wasn't the emulator making it look pixelated, it just is pixelated. I'll give arcade mode a few more goes. Honestly though, I think the best sega rally might actually be the Xbox 360 version.
  2. Did anyone else get an unexpected retro gamer annual and a 8bit pad? I didn't order it but it arrived last week. I'm a subscriber though, but there's no way I'd need an annual.
  3. Just tried Dreamcast sega rally 2 on retro arch. Works fine. However it's pixelated as hell. Looks like a PS1 game. Even on higher res. I'm running on decent pc, ryzen 3600 , 1050 ti Nvidia. Dreamcast with VGA straight into my TV looks a lot better.
  4. Has anyone used the super model emulator and managed to configure it so that racers work with a game pad?
  5. Got it from that myabandonware site, haven't had a chance to try it yet. On the he Dreamcast conversion being not well thought of, is it just the 30fps the issue?
  6. Google says Sega rally 2 got a pc release too, so that could be better than emulation? I think I bought the DC version as soon as it came out. I loved it. Maybe mostly due to having an N64 and no playstation, a proper racing game was great to have.
  7. There's a 60fps cheat code for that. Strips out a lot of scenary though
  8. I patched a bunch of my Isos using a hex editor. Way easier than it sounds. Ikruga running at 60hz on a pal machine etc. If your using VGA you don't need to bother. Anyway worth a Google
  9. 1942 (better if you have an arcade stick) R-type Outrun 2 Ridge Racer 1080 Wave race Sega rally (PS2 port is amazing) Daytona (360 version is great an can be emulated through Xenia) By the way, is Tekken 2 better than 3? Only played a bit of both. This is a good thread. I wanna try down hill domination now!
  10. Have a megadrive and everdrive, those these days I just use retro arch due to faff. I'm gonna play sms port tonight!
  11. Is there a megadrive version of the first wonder boy? I'd like to give it a go.
  12. I'm tempted, but I've got retro arch set up on a pc under the telly. I guess the only thing would be online multi player , is that free on pc version?
  13. Pal carts would fit in but not work. USA carts needed me to melt tabs off
  14. I'm pretty certain the pal version of Goldeneye is supposed to be the better one in this case? Don't think there was a speed difference? But yeah I sold my pal N64 and bought one of these. Melted the tabs to play usa games.
  15. I own one of these. They don't play UK pal games I had to get a converter for that. I still have mine but no box anymore more are they really worth a grand??
  16. https://www.ign.com/articles/2008/03/07/dungeons-dragons-classic-videogame-retrospective After googling a few of those games I ended up on this list on ign.
  17. Ha! Fair enough. I'd no intention of reading any fantasy, but in 2008 in a few guys at work were passing the soiaf books around, I read the first and was hooked. I hated lord of the rings. I'm might try a Salvatore book... Sorry for thread hijacking op!
  18. How does Salvatore's stuff compare to a song of Ice and fire?
  19. I've got big box versions of all the baldurs gate games and neverwinter nights. I really should get rid of them. as I own them all on gog too. But I really like the maps and manuals. He I can't even play them properly as the rules are a mystery to me. I've even gone and bought enhanced versions. I shouldn't have bothered with nwn enhanced. It just hasn't aged well. Are there any none turn based dnd games worth playing? Also dragon Lance books, worth a read?
  20. Actually Google tells me that steep slope sliders got a sequel on PS1: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trick'N_Snowboarder But it got crap reviews. Anyone played it?
  21. I also recall that N64 magazine gave it 97 percent or something . I think. Shame I missed out on snow surfers back in the day. Likely due to a bad review. Had cool boarders for a while on a borrowed PS1. Loved it at the time due to it being the closest thing to a skateboarding game available to me. I've heard good things about steep slope sliders but I think that's Saturn only.
  22. Probably best episode yet. Shadow man even looked God awful to me when I saw it in N64 mag when I was 17. Find it odd anyone bothered remaking it. The whole mature story thing is still ruining games for me. I might end up trying snow surfer now.
  23. Hydro thunder? Dam it! It doesn't work in VGA through gdemu. Boo. Is 4 wheel thunder as good as hydro?
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