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  1. 1 hour ago, Rex Grossman said:


    I think it would've been crazy to exclude carts with extra chips. It's what games were meant to do.

    Have you ever done a feature just looking at enhancement chips? Obviously they were common on the NES and SNES but didn't seem to be used much elsewhere, which is why the SVP stands out on the Mega Drive.

    Shame more wasn't done with SVP, virtua racer blew all the super FX stuff outta the water!

  2. On 19/01/2022 at 14:37, strider said:

    We did initially think about limiting chips, additional memory etc but decided against it in the end. I think it's a solid list overall and have no problem if people don't agree with it. I'll fight everyone who says Super Aleste doesn't deserve to be on there, mind.

    Why would you want to limit chip games? To the average person who owned a snes, their copies of mario kart, pilot wings and Starfox / lylat wars etc were "snes games" what else would they refer to them as?

  3. Jap megadrive, i think the pictures of the Japanese version of the megadrive on the front of mean machines rewired my child brain as it makes no sense that really prefer it over the euro version. The USA version with genesis plastered on it ain't too great too.


    Also my recently RGB modded NTSC nes.


    Thing is my really prized item should be my pc under the telly, most of the little time I have to play games is spent playing retro arch PS1 racers or N64 games. But I guess that's easier but more expensive to replace.

  4. Someone mentioned golden axe on the c64, it's bloody awful, even when I was nine and saw it in my mates house I realised it was crap. One baddy on screen at a time. Watched the CPC version on YouTube, looks very good. Looks like spectrum one with better graphics

  5. 9 hours ago, MikeBeaver said:

    That seems VERY strange to me, the UK SNES takes a + centre pin, the USA one takes a - centre pin, I've just pulled one to bits and stuck a UK barrel socket thingy in a USA system to make life easier, and to begin with it wouldn't work, as obviously they were the wrong way round, so I cracked the PSU open, swapped the wires internally on there, and away it went.

    Hrm, it's definitely a USA nes and a UK snes plug.

    I'm also thinking I should buy a good multi power adapter as I don't trust the old ones, i always unplug them afraid of fire!

  6. On 30/12/2021 at 21:59, bradigor said:


    Perfect, think I found how to do it. 


    So some more advice, if possible. It is I think a 6-button dual stick. So what would you suggest for mapping?


    Would this work?



    Is this a retro arch screen? How do you navigate to it?


    I've had the same problem with controllers. My ridiculous solution is to install retro arch multiple times to different locations. Therefore my controller configs remain separate.


    I gave up trying to config my N64 controller / usb adapter. For whatever reason I couldn't get anything right with it.

  7. 5 hours ago, Ninja Doctor said:

    I either use a tv port or a rechargeable battery pack. Avoid raspberry pi power supplies like the covids. 

    the issue is that the 5v line is not filtered before going to the usb hub chip on the pcb so any minor over volt event will blow the chip. 

    Thanks. I know nothing about electronics but that sounds like faulty design. Oh well.

  8. 4 hours ago, Dudley said:

    PSA : Be very careful how you power it, see... well the rest of this thread.

    thanks, so this thread seems inconclusive as to what the issue is or what to avoid. A quick Google isn't giving me a quick answer. Got it power plugged into TV in my mum's but I'm when I head home after Xmas Ill probably use iPhone usb, any idea if that will fry it?

  9. 2 hours ago, Protocol Penguin said:

    Air Zonk, Gunhed (Blazing Lazers), Lords Of Thunder, Soldier Blade, Chou Aniki, Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, Super Star Soldier and Salamander if you like 2D shooters.


    Alien Crush is pretty good 2D pinball game with HR Giger ripoff graphics.


    Chew Man Fu is a nice puzzle games in the Sokoban mould, with kappas.


    Castlevania, of course.

    Good list thanks

  10. Got one for Xmas, don't know much about the pc engine, there seems to be a bit of shovelware in the line up. Been playing ninja gaiden and ghouls and ghosts and r type. Is there anything is I should give a try?



  11. 2 minutes ago, spanky debrest said:

    Won't Ghouls n Ghosts be listed as Dai Makai Mura on the 'Japanese' side of things?


    And aren't a bunch of cool of extras hidden at first?


    Apologies I don't own one. I'm just going by what on recall from reviews at the time.

    I'm a moron, read the instructions, there's a thing to switch to pc engine Japan console. I thought it was like megadrive and required changing languages!

  12. On 22/12/2021 at 19:51, Droo said:

    I’d say super mario bros. 1 on the NES is a master class in game design.


    it’s still completely playable today and I’m more likely to play it than Mario 3 or Mario world.  They are arguably better, but the sheer simplicity of design of the original is amazing  

    I completed this recently. Hadn't completed a game since Deus ex 1 back in early 2000s.

    You are right, it's amazing. All the fun seems to come from how fun mario is to control. Which seems to be the key to quite a few Nintendo games that I like.

    What's bonkers is how crap so many platformers are compared to it.


  13. 7 hours ago, Singho said:

    I was going through my old retro stuff as I've recently bought an OSSC. I have a Japanese N64 with the tabs taken out to play US games and it outputs in RGB.


    I've got a ton of PAL games that I wouldn't mind being able to boot up, but the PAL N64s I have are not RGB.


    What's the option to get PAL games working on a Japanese RGB 64?  I've seen things like the Hyperkin bridge adapter, but i don't see how that would allow PAL games to work on a Japanese 64.  I did have a N64 Passport cart years ago but can't find it at the moment.


    I know the other option is just to get to Everdrive, but I wouldn't mind being able to boot up my old carts for nostaliga sake if any of the data is still on it. 

    I used to play pal games on my jap N64 with a passport, I don't know any other way. I think I remember having to get a new version of the passport as Nintendo upgraded it's region lock out or something. Or maybe it was certain games only work with certain other NTSC games in the second slot.

  14. 11 hours ago, Dudley said:


    Yeah "Authentic" isn't "best".


    Like I could get a 1956 Corvette and put a modern ecoboost and suspension/gearbox/brakes in the thing.


    It'd be a much nicer and quicker car to drive.


    An RGB mod is just letting the hardware be its best self, but a non-authentic way might well be more fun.

    I think if I had a CRT (I had to bin one due to the space it took up) I'd recommend the N64 RGB mod more. Line doubling polygons just makes them look very blocky, but line doubling sprites on a snes and nes looks amazing (ok still blocky but somehow looks right)


    Played quite a bit of f zero X last night, think I prefer fuzzy graphics but zero lag perfect controls over emulations 1080p but not quite as good controls on a Xbox 360 pad.


    Was also comparing Goldeneye, it's just easier to control on a real pad, but it looks and runs awful. Difficult choice on that!


    I do have an N64 to USB adapter , but I gave up getting retro arch to work with it.

  15. On 06/12/2021 at 12:50, Down by Law said:

    Excited about this project, I love GG Shinobi and this MD remake is looking and sounding very promising so far


    I wish they'd do a megadrive port of the arcade original, never understood why there wasn't one

  16. 19 minutes ago, knightbeat said:


    I recall reading about the SuperCPU through newsgroups and mailing lists when I first got on the net in 1997. Most suppliers seemed to be in the North America market; I can't recall anyone selling it in the UK at the time (though may have forgotten).


    I got the impression it was primarily aimed at C64 enthusiasts and small businesses* that wanted a speed boost for their C64 productivity software (*The type of business with only a few employees that had bought a computer to perform a single task in the 1980s and couldn't afford to switch to another platform). A lot of the discussion on Commodore newsgroups/mailing lists that I recall seemed to focus upon speed improvements to existing applications and SCPU-enhanced drivers for GEOS, the GUI-driven operating system.


    The VICE emulator has SuperCPU support if you want to see it in action.

    Interesting! Thanks

  17. Finally got a Tim Worthington rgb mod for my N64. Playing on a 1080 LCD with an ossc.

    Previously I was using an emulator on same TV with an Xbox 360 pad.

    The good: 1080 snowboarding feels a lot more fluid and easy to control, not sure if this is the pad or emulator lag.


    The bad: emulation just looks way better. 1080p Goldeneye at 60fps is better than low Res fuzz at 15 to 20fps. Though I think most games can't run at higher framer rate as they just break.


    Not unhappy with the mod at all and for most games this is what I'll use. I got my nes RGB modded too, it's stunning. For 3d games emulation might be better in some cases.


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