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  1. Thanks. I was looking at Saturns on eBay. The grey jap version looks really nice but are pricer. Is there anything i should avoid or look for? NTSC or 60hz mod I'm guessing is the only must?
  2. I keep thinking I want to buy a Saturn as I missed out on it first time round. But I keep thinking there's nothing on it that I can't play better versions of else where. Even sega rally has the PS2 port. Basically I'm asking for an excuse to buy myself a Saturn! How does it fair through an ossc? My PS1 looks dreaful through it and I prefer emulating that. What's the current state emulation for the Saturn? Crap?
  3. Thanks. I ended up getting the best picture by passthru with ossc and vga, I'm probably doing something wrong!
  4. Is the hdmi mod really much better than a VGA cable?
  5. It looks great but is it not more of a survival horror type thing?
  6. I still haven't found a single player shooter that is better than Goldeneye. I've been playing the Xbox 360 version and its outstanding. Timespillters two comes close as does perfect dark. Some told me to try modern warfare games if I liked Goldeneye: honestly didn't enjoy them, they are practically on rails shooters with scripted events, nothing imergent feeling at all. The worst thing about Goldeneye is it marks a high water mark in games for me. Every fps I've played since is disappointing.
  7. Is there anything else that comes close to wave race 64 water? Ok blue storm did but for some reason the game isn't as good. Wave race 64 is probably one of my fav games of all time. Recompleted it recently on retro arch at 1080p. Wish there was some sort hack expansion , because after expert mode there's nothing left to do. Maybe time trials
  8. I was just about to say I read a lot of Dreamcast mags back then but never ever heard of this. Goes to show how many games I probably missed out on due to either not appearing in magazines or getting bad scores (fuck edge in particular, looking back they preferred art house wank compared to what I actually enjoy!)
  9. Had to Google that! Odd name for a game. Yes it looks really similar and looks good too.
  10. I tried it a while ago, but just didn't have the time. It looked quite good.
  11. https://www.gog.com/game/divine_divinity Just remembered I bought divine divinity in a fog sale ages ago. It's an action RPG, anyone tried it?
  12. Unfortunately I was trying to play this on the dolphin emulator. Bit glitchy. Think I'll ditch it for now. Any other action RPGs with sorta baldurs gate setting worth playing?
  13. Can anyone explain how real time / action style RPG works while using DnD rules? I was gonna try this game out. I find the turn based play on the original to not be my cup of tea!
  14. Totally, every game I play on PS1 pretty much looks like a dc standard graphics. Well nearly.
  15. I've been using beetle hw in retro arch for a year or two now. Duck station is available too. Is it supposed to be better? I'll need to try it. I definitely prefer PS1 games emulated instead of ossc and real hardwarem the end result is just easier on the eyes.
  16. https://www.retromodding.com/products/game-boy-color-ips-lcd Anyone tried this one? No soldering but they recommend getting a new shell.
  17. I've got a new everdrive, but these days I'd just stick it on retro arch Is the arcade version better?
  18. The Japanese or Asian megadrives look so much better!
  19. Christ, just been on eBay to check out Famicom game prices, it's like circa 2001 snes game prices! Like when you could buy good games for less than a tenner each, sometimes less than a fiver
  20. How does this hold up to r type? The only side scrolling shooter I put time into is type. I tried gradius and just didn't get it. Is it worth pursuing? Is the Famicom version the best version?
  21. Is there a technical explanation anywhere on tekno parrot and the virus issue. Does seem really odd. Is it trying to install unsigned drivers? Also have managed to make wheel games work on s game lad well?
  22. I've got an everdrive too, I've recently given up on the quest to get a decent picture with all my consoles. I've just gone full emulation instead. But it can be patchy with an N64. Even on retro arch I've found one of the emulators still has the timing bug so double jump on Mario 64 can't be done. Which means you can be in the situation where you dunno if it's you or the game that isn't working properly. I just can't be arsed digging out consoles and setting up my ossc anymore. However I do have a toddler and hopefully I'll be playing mario kart 64 with her in the years to come too
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