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  1. 3 hours ago, dumpster said:

    I find Rage Racer's vehicles feel abnormally wide. You clip the side of the road and lose a lot of speed very easily.  But, as with the original Ridge Racer there's a really twitchy handling that is easy to learn but hard to perfect.  Ridge Racer games slid away from the originals handling to an on-rails drift system that's really really easy.  In many ways I prefer Ridge Racer to many of the others - it's just one track, one main car, and it's up to to you do the course forwards , backwards, beat the devil car... There's a massive sense of achievement when you nail it.  


    But Ridge Racers 2 PsP looks amazing on Xbox and I love the music and courses I can overlook the basic handling. 

    Nail on the head, it's really strange, like hit box of the car wider than the car.

  2. 42 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    Weirdly, if you have any PSX2PSP conversions they play fantastically well in Duckstation. 

    Ive got a psp and stuck a few original psx games on it, great for gran turismo in bed. But do you mean duck station prefers games that have been converted to psp?

  3. On 15/09/2021 at 18:18, dumpster said:

    Daytona is awesome on 360. Works flawlessly on Xbone and Series. I think you can't order it on the console, you have to order on the website on PC, but last time we discussed it we got a forum online game sorted and the people who bought the game especially said it was less than £2 at the time.  Snap it up.


    I actually got it on 360, thought you were referring to original xbox and I was thinking maybe it came out on that too. It's a brilliant version, same wuth virtua fighter 2

  4. 9 hours ago, dumpster said:

    Loved Rage Racer back in the day, but felt the monetary awards were to stingy and it took way to long to get to the faster cars.  But of course, it's all moot anyway because Ridge Racers 2 on the PSP runs phenomenally on the PPSSPP emulator and has all the tracks from all the RR series.  


    Emulation. Gamepass.  The Xbox Series is the best console I ever bought. By a mile.

    And now I'm googling ridge Racer 2 psp on an emu. Looks great!!


    Edit: it seems like the psp has a load of good arcade racers, is there anything else that you'd recommend?

  5. 11 hours ago, nakamura said:

    It has less content, only 4 tracks compared to R4's 8 configurations, but the overall GP structure is better. Plus the cars are so different, it encourages manual gears too. 


    Once completed, the game has extra mode in reverse. 


    R4 is just the same single GP over and over. Such a massive shame. It has no depth at all. 


    I really don't understand why PS1 games should have a lack content like this. Even N64 games like wave race had at least twice that number of tracks.

  6. 1 hour ago, nakamura said:

    Type 4 is a disappointingly structured game but plays fantastic and has unreal presentation. Rage is a much better game. 


    For the 60fps thing, games rarely run at that. The emulator might show 60 fps which often shows its running correctly but the actual games are often locked to 30. Particularly with 3d games but of course there are exceptions. 


    Rapid Racer Is 50/60 fps depending on region. And high resolution. So impressive. 

    Never heard of rapid racer, another to to try ...

  7. 2 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Nah, I was there between 95 and 98 for the early PS1 days, then again in the run up to the PS2 launch, whenever that was. 


    Sonetimes wish I'd stayed and worked my way into the development / publishing side - one guy I sat next to was producer on Little Big Planet and a few driving games and is pretty much retired on the royalties. But I had loads of fun working at different places around the industry and that's good enough, really. 

    Probably the most interesting time to be in the industry :) Always thought the 90s game scene were equivalent to the 60s music scene. Everything that happened afterwards was just derivative. (Ok not quite right hip hop etc happen but in terms of rock n roll)

  8. 56 minutes ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Tempted to give the Ridge Racer games a go. I don't think I play any other than the first, which I think was the first game I tested at Sony. Are they still worth a play, then? 

    Type 4 is very good. Rage racer I've been playing this afternoon, really starting to like it.


    Do you still test at Sony?

  9. 12 minutes ago, MikeBeaver said:

    I quite like "Burning Road" well, I liked it at the time, not played it since then mind, it might actually be shit 😛

    That looks great! Never heard of it. Really fast looking, nothing like that on N64 (i had an N64 back in the day, no PS1)

  10. I may have asked this before, but can anyonr recommend arcade racers? recently finished rr type 4 (bit short so I'm thinking maybe I didn't actually finish it). Gone through the 3 PS1 wipeout games. Rage racer seems quite good. Ridge Racer one and revolution are good too.


    I'm starting to become convinced that racers are somehow mindful and help deal with work stress.

  11. 4 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Ah right. It says its running at 30fps, i assumed ntsc would always be 60fps. 


    I'm pretty astonished by the improvementd to the graphics that Duckstation can make. Just smoothing everything out and stopping "wobbly" polygons is amazing. It's not quite perfect, but it's a huge improvement. 

    Yep it's bonkers, makes them look like dreamcast games. I didn't have a PS1 back in the day, having emulator like this is like having a new console with an unbelievable library. Recently played through ridge Racer type 4 it's ridiculously good. Also playing on a dual shock 4 is perfect.



  12. 16 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

    There's loads of topics for this now, but I figure here is best to post.


    First off, this is amazing. I'm playing GT2 on my Series S and, after hitting random options, it looks pretty amazing.


    Couple of things, though:

    I can't get GT2 to run at 60fps. I've selected the option to force NTSC timings, but it's still running at 30fps. Any ideas where I'm going wrong? 


    The save files are in a weird format. I want to import my save from my PS3 and have a converter that changes it to .mcs, which seems to be the PS1 format, but Duckstation wants it in .mcd format. Any ideas how to sort that? Just changing the extension doesn't work.

    Pal would be 50 or 25 fps?  NTSC 60 or 30fps? Pretty certain it never ran at 60.  Unless emulator can force 60?

  13. 10 hours ago, K said:

    I enjoyed the N64 article, especially the bit about how the console being 64-bit was effectively marketing, in that no games ran in 64-bit mode. I would say that it’s full of technical jargon that isn’t explained, so that you get someone from Rare talking about NURBS or Giles Goddard talking about 64 bit double floats to illustrate some point, and I have at best a vague idea of what point they’re making. The NURBS paragraph was particularly impenetrable. It would be great if articles like this included a bit of context and explanation of these terms, or even if they just used examples that the educated layman could understand. 

    An article like this that focuses on how the N64 hardware improved on what went before is always going to be quite technical, and the information in there is fascinating, but it would be even better with some more explanation. 

    I don't definitely don't know what nurbs is!!! But it was one of the best N64 articles I've read, I really like that they have started talking to developers etc. Btw Giles Goddards story is probably worth an article on its own. How a British kid ended up programming for Nintendo is fascinating.

  14. 28 minutes ago, Camel said:

    Given that info ^ I’m surprised there isn’t a big repository somewhere of patched DC images set to run at 60hz on PAL machines.

    I've a lot of patched cd ROMs in the attic, including ikaruga. I even started labeling the cd with "60hz" if I'd patched it. It's really easy to do the patching, though it I recall it took a while to find the right way to patch virtua fighter 3 for some reason. Also once I moved to using a VGA cable it became mostly pointless. 


    This Reddit post is a bit limited as there are some games that required different string replacements.

  15. 12 hours ago, erhgiez said:

    Sorry, it’s this one




    it’s sometimes referred to as the Q5 as it’s the screen out of a BlackBerry Q5


    The shells are pretty good, not quite as good as the originals. The aftermarket buttons are a step down in quality though. Try and use official ones if possible.

    Brilliant, from the sounds of things it looks like no solder required unless plugging in advanced screen controls? Also does it require a shell to ordered separately?

    Thanks for the link btw.


  16. 1 hour ago, Norfolk Enchants said:

    Yes, it is a separate item. Should be linked from the page I referenced. Anyway, they are found here.


    Edited to add, there is a wire to solder to power the screen, plus some other wires for brightness controls etc. A bit fiddly but not too fiddly if you have some soldering experience. 


    Though I think I saw some no solder ones. Maybe they don't do brightness controls though.

  17. 4 minutes ago, Norfolk Enchants said:

    You can buy a larger IPS screen and suitable case from Funny Playing directly



    The clear orange shell I have is pretty good. Each half doesn't flex much when twisted. I used the existing IR cover and controls from my old GBC, and they seemed to work well. Use the supplied sticker on the back of the screen to avoid shorting something out, as I did. Need to get some replacement diodes.


    makho and Macho Nacho, and others, have product overview and installation videos on YouTube.

    Thanks for this, think I need to order a replacement shell separately?

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