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  1. Other than PS2 what do you use the tink on? Does it handle composite? Have you tried a nes with it? I'm considering getting my nes rgb modded so that I can use on ossc.
  2. Bizarrely I think that's what I ended up doing too! Very fiddly though and felt like a waste of an ossc
  3. All I can say is I gave up on PS2 with ossc , the results were consistently shite. Had more luck with emulator as far as I can recall.
  4. Yeah I remember that they were too, bit just checked , they seem to have shot up!
  5. Is there any advantage in having a Famicom over a nes? I've got an NTSC nes that I'm considering getting RGB modded, but I think for 40 quid more I can have a pre modded Famicom. However I've already got a nes everdrive so probably best I don't ..
  6. Honestly get an NTSC one if you can, wave race especially suffered from squished screen and being slower.
  7. What's a caravan shooter? Genuine question!
  8. Glad it's coming back The making of stuff sounds like something I'd really like. I'd be interested in what tools they use. Maybe how much effort their games take to create. Anyway just my thoughts. Good luck.
  9. Would buying through eBay not help? Suppose you'd always be a month or two behind
  10. Capacitor leak: https://hackaday.com/2020/12/14/save-your-original-xbox-from-a-corrosive-death/#:~:text=Instead%2C a fancy high-value,can easily kill the Xbox.
  11. I bought total too, quite liked it, but can't recall anything about it
  12. There's some cheats codes you can enter to strip out scenary to improve the frame rate, think it ups it to 60fps
  13. I had the first 24 of these in mint condition in a box. Stupidly binned them bout 20 years ago. Oh and mortal Kombat 2 , I spent 65 quid on that. All saved from my 4 quid 50 a week paper round! Also stunt race FX was over hyped rubbish!
  14. Hi, In Edinburgh in the new at James centre, place called lane 7 they have this street fighter 2 hyper fighting cab. It looks original, has a CRT. Can anyone tell me if it is? Or are capcom selling them may be?
  15. Nail on the head, it's really strange, like hit box of the car wider than the car.
  16. Ive got a psp and stuck a few original psx games on it, great for gran turismo in bed. But do you mean duck station prefers games that have been converted to psp?
  17. I actually got it on 360, thought you were referring to original xbox and I was thinking maybe it came out on that too. It's a brilliant version, same wuth virtua fighter 2
  18. Sega rally Revo on 360 is amazing, as is outrun on original Xbox and 360. Daytona on original Xbox?
  19. And now I'm googling ridge Racer 2 psp on an emu. Looks great!! Edit: it seems like the psp has a load of good arcade racers, is there anything else that you'd recommend?
  20. I really don't understand why PS1 games should have a lack content like this. Even N64 games like wave race had at least twice that number of tracks.
  21. Good! That's the one I've started playing!
  22. Which ridge Racer has good career mode? Rage and type 4? Or one?
  23. Never heard of rapid racer, another to to try ...
  24. Probably the most interesting time to be in the industry Always thought the 90s game scene were equivalent to the 60s music scene. Everything that happened afterwards was just derivative. (Ok not quite right hip hop etc happen but in terms of rock n roll)
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