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  1. Are you sure it ran as byte code on a vm? If it's anything like compiler design I understand, the code would be compiled down to byte code. And each target platform would have it's own implementation of a byte code compiler that would compile that down to machine instructions. This is isn't the same as emulation where each instruction is analysed on the fly and translated into native instruction(s). Basically VMs in compiler design are a way of breaking the compilation process in two. Which means for each target platform you only need to reimplement half of it, the translation of byte code into native instructions. (I'm not an expert but I wrote a toy compiler that does exactly this)
  2. Thanks for all responses. I had deus ex mankind divided on PS4, never played it much. Got it now on pc, really prefer playing it on mouse and keyboard like the pc original. Plus ultra settings look good
  3. Really? To be fair my GameCube was connected via RGB and my Wii via component so that might explain it!
  4. I ve just got my self a graphics for my pc. It's an gtx 1660 super. I've got an i7 from 2017 and 16 gig of ram. A good gigabyte motherboard too. I haven't played pc games in years. My favourite games on the pc where unreal tournament, quake three, Deus ex. Can anyone recommend me some games ? I've bought Deus ex mankind divided so far. Cheers!
  5. Ah! My memory is definitely fooked then !
  6. For some reason I have it in my head that N64 magazine gave it something in 60s either way it made stay well clear. Then again my memory is buggered these days!
  7. I didn't bother with firsr game at all due to awful reviews at the time. I didn't even know it got a sequel. I think I missed lots of games I would have liked due to sub 90 percent reviews. Anyone played much of the Indiana Jones N64 game? Keep meaning to give it ago. Though maybe pc version is better?
  8. Yeah the slide to take out other riders is pointlessly hard in the tutorial. I completed the game on the highest difficulty about twenty years ago and I don't think I ever purposely took out another rider. P.s any chance retro gamer could do a special on wave race? In particular, where the best wave physics in a game came from !
  9. As I was ranting about in another thread, excite is up there with wave race. It's really tough but very rewarding . Ok it's not as good as wave race, but nothing really is!
  10. Ha your doing exactly what I did six or seven months ago. Wave race is still mind blowingly amazing. The feeling of just about holding on in the expert races is amazing. I didn't mess about with any settings of the jet skis and still managed to complete it again. Pro tip play the NTSC version even better play on retro arch in hi Res. wave race is one of those few games that sort of feels mindful to me, totally lost in the moment trying to stay in control.
  11. Real question: are square gates not considered rubbish? I've got two Dreamcast sticks and the square gate always annoyed me!
  12. Neo Geo aes and two joysticks. Thing is, I play it for ten mins and get bored. Btw, are the aes sticks actually any good? Other grails: NTSC versions of SNES megadrive and nes. All of which I own now. (Jap megadrive )
  13. But a soft modded Wii is easier? plus it's video output seems way better for GameCube games. I keep meaning to sell my GameCube after I finally bought a Wii last year!
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