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  1. Have you heard of the book "retro game development, c64 edition" I bought it but only read bits of it, seems a gentle intro to coding on real hardware. https://www.retrogamedev.com
  2. bplus

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Thanks! Yeah I actually own a copy of donkey Kong on GB , it really does still play well. Great game.
  3. bplus

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Ah thanks. Also i bought a GB everdrive a while back, haven't used it much. Can anyone recommend any sort of hidden gems that still play well today?
  4. bplus

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Anyone know if super Gameboys are region free? I.e will a pal one work on my super Famicom?
  5. bplus

    Best machine for emulators?

    Hacking a SNES mini to run other systems and other SNES games is easy. It's a really neat box for under the TV. Limited amount of disc space though. I nearly bought one for myself (I set my brother's up for him). The GUI is great, I think the 720p picture looks good too.
  6. bplus

    Super Famicom, what plug to use?

    Thanks for this!
  7. bplus

    Super Famicom, what plug to use?

    Right , finally getting round to buying new cable. Unfortunately that link is now dead, any chance you (or anyone else) could point me in right direction again? Thanks!
  8. bplus

    Neo Geo Mini

    I got one as a birthday present, it was a nice surprise, but no puzzle bobble !?! It's 2d fighter heavy, which aren't much fun in one player. I need to buy a gamepad and and a mini HDMI cable. Not sure I'll bother though. The controls seem to work really well, but the joystick isn't micro switched.
  9. bplus

    Dave Perry is back...

    How exactly can a game of mario 64 be rigged?!
  10. bplus

    Recommend Me An Emulation Box

    In my limited experience the Wii isn't very good for arcade games. Neo Geo doesn't run very well. I've gone back to my modded Xbox, played through an ossc is pretty good.
  11. Thanks, could you tell me the model of card you use?
  12. Can all the space on the 200 GB card be used? Or does it have to be fat32?
  13. I think on that Reddit thread they say if you use the SD card creator there is no boot up delay
  14. Nice one, thanks for the tip! Edit: found this on Reddit

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