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  1. Why has the spectrum version got "2 unlimited" as a sound track!?! I owned it, but I think I was 8 years old so I'd wouldn't have recognised it. Or is this a hack?
  2. In the retro gamer mega drive mini article this month they say something like there's no way the original Jap release bare Knuckle 3 could be used, it would cause outrage. What are they refering to? I can't see anything too shocking in your link?
  3. That was great! I remember reading and rereading that street fighter 2 article in mean machines before having a SNES. I was ten I think. I'd managed to play sf2 in the arcade a few times and was desparate for a SNES!
  4. Came here to post the same thing. Powerstone was the game i bought with my Dreamcast on launch day. At first I was a bit underwhelmed with it, but it grew on me. Still plays amazingly well today.
  5. I had to Google that F1 game, it's looks brilliant, I'd never heard of it. Looks really fast too. Retro gamer should do a article on jap exclusives that are worth playing!
  6. Until two days ago I was convinced ridge Racer was shit. I then decided to play the original PS1 version on retro arch with higher res and wide screen hack etc. I was wrong, it's great! Was your favourite version? I've heard there's a 60fps version of the original that came with type 4? Also I see that a lot of people on the internet say 7 is the best. Though it's PS3 only, I I don't own one. I do have a 360, I hear that 6 on that is very similar to 7? Edge gave unbounded 8 out of 10 while everyone else slated it, what was that all about?
  7. Christ, I started this thread in 2004. Where did 15 years go
  8. Whos doing this for you and how much did it cost? (If you don't mind me asking!)
  9. Cool thanks, I'll check that , think I might be in 5x.
  10. Anyone have any luck pal PS1? The picture on mine is pretty awful, overscan cuts off bottom and top of screen.
  11. These are really good shows! Thanks :)
  12. Really never understood collecting. I bought some everdrives and that's enough for me. Truth is, most of any console's library is shit so what's the point in owning it
  13. The bit in my local dump where I dropped of a perfectly good sanyo CRT, had a pile of other TVs sitting in the container, would have been rain damaged either
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