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  1. I'm sorta replying this, never completed it first time, but I loved it. Not so sure now. Though I think I only like arcade racers these days. I tried the first Zelda recently (nes), Jesus Christ the difficulty is insane.
  2. It emulates really well on redream. But playing with fresh eyes it's not a great game. It's also not 60fps but there is a chest code that strips out scenary and ups the fps. Compared to sega rally Revo or whatever it's called on Xbox or PS3 it's just a bit crap. Also it's pretty easy to emulate sega rally one arcade on a pc. Plays well
  3. Ah, I'm not on Mac so not for me!
  4. So I was thinking of buying this on gog. Is a Xbox 360 pad a good enough joystick? They have special edition, is that different to collector's edition?
  5. Is it worth moving from retro arch to open emu? The start guides for retro arch are shit but once you've down loaded some cores and told it to scan for ROMs it really is great. I have a decent pc under my TV with retro arch, I now no longer bother digging out real hardware and faffing with ossc. I've started buying adapters for different joy pads. Other than that I use dolphin for GameCube games, it's pretty amazing, f zero at 1080p looks great. I've got an Xbox 360 emu that I can't recall the name of, runs the Goldeneye leak perfectly. Redream for dreamcast games is amazing. Free but pay five bucks for high Res upgrade, well worth it. Though for some reason I can't get it to scan for new games now. My usb Saturn pad arrived last night, realistically are there any decent saturn emulators worth trying? Or decent cores in retro arch?
  6. That looks professional level, late in nes life pro level, and it's a one man band as far as Google tells me. That's really impressive. No time time to play it but I can look at the videos!
  7. You shouldn't need to be messing with DLL files. It's all configurable from its GUI. Use its online updater todownload the cores (aka emulators) you want. Then scan your ROMs folder and it creates all the play lists for you. That's it. Took me a while to figure out it had to be done in that order though!
  8. There's an advert in the mag for "ultimate retro PC gamer collection" I've searched on magazinesdirect.com but can't find it. Anyone know what's going on?
  9. Edges 6 out of ten one page review of grand theft auto 3. They later sort of claimed it was a misprint. Anyway, totally dismissive a revolutionary game.
  10. On the sega Saturn retro bit pads on Amazon, are they really worth it for fighting games in emulators etc? Only 15 quid or so was thinking they'd be the right thing for megadrive games and mame. Though I see the megadrive ones too, take it there's no reason to buy those over the Saturn ones?
  11. Just saw this, it looks a lot more fun that nearly every side scroller shooter I've seen.
  12. Ive got an ossc and don't really bother with real hardware anymore. Retro arch , screen filters and run ahead latency reduction are great. I think it can actually produce less latency than a real snes. I once did a real comparison switching between retro arch nes emu and real NTSC NES, I preferred the emulator. That said I'll never sell my real hardware
  13. Thing is though, this guy was running a subscription service that included switch games I think. I'm not a games programmer, but if I found out someone was freeloading off my work id be pretty unhappy even if only a tiny percentage would have bought the product legit. I'm fine with the likes of Nintendo protecting their current commercially available work. Mass piracy helped destroy the Dreamcast (at least I've read several places saying that and it sounded convincing) so I understand why companies go after pirates. Another way of looking at it is that companies wouldnt bother chasing pirates if it didn't make commercial sense , which makes think it's probably not a waste of time.
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