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  1. bplus

    Retro fatigue

    I only have one console hooked up at a time. Rest are in a cupboard. Currently snes is out and I'm trying to get 96 stars on super Mario world whenever I can snatch a few minutes. I've got an everdrive for all consoles I care about: SNES, nes, mega drive, N64. I think best thing to do is pretend I've only got one game and play the shit out of it. Basically emulating being a kid with no money! If I'm really honest though, very few old games really keep me interested these days. Nintendo as always is the exception. Super Mario world is basically perfect. 95 percent of most consoles library's arent worth the effort of playing (in my unimportant opinion!)
  2. bplus

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Unfortunately I sort of agree with you! With a pile of roms I always end up feeling "but I could play that instead" . Opportunity cost I think it's called.
  3. bplus

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Get an everdrive, never pay silly prices on eBay again. I've got an ntsc console and yes it's much better, however I think Goldeneye is supposed to be better in pal.
  4. bplus

    best game intro ever

  5. bplus

    Currently playing...

    In some ways 1 was sort of as bright as a Sega racer. 4 really wasn't. I enjoyed 3 though.
  6. bplus

    Currently playing...

    Always thought 4 was a bit sterile . 3 I played loads. For some reason I think I like 1 the best too. Always thought I d missed out by not playing 2.
  7. Thanks. Hrm I might miss the noise of that disc drive though
  8. So how hard is the gdemu to install? Soldering required?
  9. bplus

    Finally setup a PS2 HDD /FHDB

    Thanks for that.
  10. bplus

    Finally setup a PS2 HDD /FHDB

    So I've never heard of this, can I just buy a hard disk with this all set up? Or do I need a chipped PS2? I've got a free mcboot memory card thing, is a that in any way related?
  11. bplus

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Yeah I noticed this too, happened just around the time I was about to buy one
  12. So the Wii back up manager, I cancelled out if the installer as it looked like it was trying to install a lot of crap ware. I'm not even sure I had the correct installer, the site is a nightmare to find the download link. Is it possible to install without it installing anything else? Cheers
  13. bplus

    Retro monitor

    Try your local dump, mine akways seems to CRTs in the container for electricals.
  14. If I want to use a PS1 or PS2 pad on the PS4 is a brook convertor my only real option? Anyone tried this?

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