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  1. I don't use mine with PS1 anymore as I'm finding using retro arch in 1080p and that fix that fixes wibbly textures games look way better than what I was getting out of my PS1. Though to be fair I've never found the time to mess around with settings properly. For megadrive and SNES I'd say it's worth the money though. Actually, I've been playing N64 games through retro arch, once you've played high Res ,60fps Goldeneye there's no going back (I've got an everdrive 64 that doesn't get much use these days).
  2. I thought they gave double dash 3/10?? Though my memory is not the best these days.
  3. Speaking of rainbow islands, I think there was a Japanese release on the megadrive that mean machines thought was the best thing ever. I never quite understood why everyone loved that game, I need to give it another go some time.
  4. Just had a look at those ports on YouTube, shinobi is an awful jerky mess, double dragon looks shit too, strangely golden axe looks rather good.
  5. I didn't own an Amiga, I had a spectrum that crashed all the time. Guy across road had one and I was insanely jealous of what looked to my 9 year old brain like arcade perfect ports of double dragon, shinobi and golden axe. I'd never played a console at that point. Year or two later I go a nes, but games were 40quid. After that, I got a snes, I earned 4.50 quid a week on a paper round and spent 65 quid on mortal Kombat 2. No idea why console games cost so much more. I was tempted to buy an Amiga recently , this thread has put me off!
  6. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Saturn off eBay. I'm thinking a Japanese one as they aren't that pricey. However, is it easy to by pass region lock out and play American games? Thanks for any help.
  7. Fair enough! I'm not complaining
  8. Mine arrived today. It's great, thanks. It could be my hangover, but the games news from 2000s section seems to be missing? (It's my favourite bit!)
  9. You meantion the 360 version at 4k, is this on an xbone or something?
  10. Sounds like his dad managed to prevent him getting a job with Nintendo. What a missed opportunity. The guy must have been insanely talented, making outrun on a c64, in assembly and shipping it at 17 years old. Also coding is often painted as this lovely fun thing, it can be, but shipping something is often painful. Can't imagine being 17 and my dad doing that to me. His sons magic trick on America's got talent is impressive:
  11. So when a game is made backwards compatible, the licenses have to be re acquired??
  12. I just tried this the other night on an everdrive. It really seems great, never heard of it before.
  13. Yeah definitely shinobi should have been too (and someone is attempting that homebrew)
  14. Never understood why r type never got a megadrive conversion. Anyone know why?
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