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  1. Has anyone any thoughts on amped vs amped 2? I remember liking amped 2 but I tried it recently and the presentation is really annoying. The slopes are cover in photo spots which are really distracting (along with everyone shouting woo hoo you go dawg or something.)
  2. I was playing blue storm too. It's really good, but it doesn't handle as well as 64. Plus that early 2000s music on avalanche and bluestone is shit
  3. Been playing 1080 avalanche on dolphin emulator. I bought it back in the day and left it back to the shop. They really messed up the good bits of 1080. Depth seems to be gone from the controls and trick system. That spin the stick thing to regain balance is God awful, it's really jarring and snaps you right out of the game with a horrible sound affect , basically slaps you in the face to remind you it's a video game. The course design is just full of horribly crap gimmicks like ice spikes landing randomly in front of you that you have to dodge. Or the saw mill bits. There's none of t
  4. Has he got a write up of how he did this? Pretty amazing!
  5. Is it any good? The review scores are low, but I'm thinking that's just because these sort of games were falling out of fashion. I tried mxt mototrax (most unmemorable name ever!) On my pc, it seemed good, but I had to configure pad manually and I'd prefer it on a console.
  6. My original Xbox is broken, looking on eBay I can get a new one pre modded with hdmi for an extra 50 quid. Thing is I've got a component cable so don't think I really need this. Anyone here seen a hdmi mod and know if it's worth it?
  7. Brilliant!! Thanks for this! And the show !
  8. I've been watching these. They are great! Sort of comfort TV with Xmas hangovers. You inspired me to fire up speed ball two on retro arch (megadrive version). That session was soon ended by my 18 month old demanding attention. But still! Can anyone point me to something that tells me what the buttons do?
  9. Ha! Good! (Yeah I tried reading it prior to issue 19, it was a bit grim or very serious or something )
  10. Just realised what I said sounded a bit blunt. It really is great. The mag is great, I just think it's got better. Thanks for putting it together (every month)
  11. Just wanted to say the neo Geo article is brilliant. I really think it's an improvement that the magazine has moved to talking about some of the technical details and getting developer opinions. Those are things I can't get else where. Happy Xmas.
  12. I looked up the developer they made this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTX_Mototrax Maybe it's this?
  13. Is it getting ported to anything else? I know it's free but spectrum colour clash ain't pretty!
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