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  1. When they purposely trying not to sell the system!?! No one would have noticed. Those that did would have known to buy an NTSC machine. Maybe this incident is what persuaded sega to out a 60hz mode into pal dreamcast games :)
  2. I remember I kinda ruined gt3 for myself eventually back when I had it back in the day. I had a shit car , upgraded it to about 600bhp (maybe 400 can't recall) it basicall only went in straight lines but won races easily with no skill. Is there a way to sort of know if you are cheating or not? Like someway to know your car is evenly matched to other cars in the race? What wheel did you get? Force feedback? Possible to get an adapter to use it on later consoles?
  3. Yeah you are right, it's full screen and speed, but 50fps instead of 60fps. Actually I probably won't be able to tell the difference!
  4. Does look great! I've got it running on an ossc. I'm convinced 3 is the best version of GT , 4 was completely sterile. Can anyone tell me in gran turismo 3 is there a way to make music play during licenses , also is there a way to adjust music Vs sound effects volume? One last random question, is there a way to transplant the pal UK sound track into an NTSC rip of the game on a hard disc? I own the pal disc, but I've got a pirate NTSC version on my hd. I want the 60hz but with pal sound track.
  5. Are you definitely talking bout the PS2 version? How on earth do I get to options menu, I boot up and I get one screen with either champ or practice mode. Can't see any other option??
  6. Still no luck getting a response from console goods, any other suggestions?
  7. Has anyone managed to complete this in automatic? I can't get past stage 3 in either auto or manual.
  8. What!? There's an option to change the res? I didn't know this.
  9. 5 days a ago. I'm using a koryuu s video to component transcoder. I'd paste a link but phone not letting me for some reason. They're on video game perfection site. I'm getting a black and white picture. Troubleshooting guide says it's probably caused by poor quality s video cable. Hence I'm trying to find good one.
  10. I tried emailing console goods saying what I'd like to buy etc. No response. Is this normal?
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