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  1. Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Loved pgr 2 back in the day, played online with rllmuk folks a lot. Dug it out last night, Jesus it looks awful, muddy pale picture sterile cities devoid of life. Stuck on out run coast 2 coast instead. Still probably one of the best games ever made. However again the picture ain't great. Compared to the output of the Dreamcast on my telly the Xbox just looks like shite for god knows why. Tried getting 1080 and 720 but neither those games support it. Tried turning off the filter thing (I've got a chipped Xbox) still looks complete gash. I'm using component (definitely not composite , that's just looks ridiculous!). Amped 2 looks ok, not dazzling though. Seriously I stuck on crazy taxi on my Dreamcast after, and it puts the Xbox to shame on picture quality.
  2. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Ah good spot! And good pro tip on on Ali express. Can you post link to one that you mean? Edit: found them on Aliexpress. Can these play both arcade carts and AES carts? Is there any major disadvantage apart from how they look?
  3. Driver

    I think I couldn't get out of the garage for a very long time! Bizarrely that was my fav part of the game. But then again so are the driving tests in gran turismo!
  4. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Anyone used a consolized MVS ? Here's one with a multi cart: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-BEST3DCASESSHOP-NEO-GEO-MVS-CONSOLIZED-RED-WORK-WITH-161-IN-1/232619277814 Though reviews of cart say it's got a lot of hacks on it if same games.
  5. The Hobbit 128K edition (Spectrum)

    I've never played this. Is this best version across all platforms? How does it hold up today?
  6. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Dam. I can't justify buying one. Need to stick to emulators
  7. I think that cable will only give as good as a picture as a component cable. My main problem is emulators look super shit on my TV. Also street fighter anniversary edition looks awful while on the dreamcast street fighter looks amazing (both super and third strike).
  8. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Jesus , 400 euro for the neo SD! Are there any bargains to be had neo Geo games wise. Like are any classics quite cheap?
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Thanks. Are there any decent flash carts for the neo Geo?
  10. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Is this really cheap? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/SNK-NEO-GEO-NEOGEO-ROM-Console-System-AES-Fight-Stick-PSU-AV-cable-set-tested-W1/152929816739?epid=110741863&hash=item239b53d0a3:g:bHsAAOSwdTJaZa0U Neo Geo console. Am I missing something?
  11. The ROM is available for the n64. It doesn't look great!
  12. Can anyone explain why the Xbox seems to perform better emulation wise? Doesn't make sense, the Wii is higher specced ?
  13. Definitely using component and connected directly. (Thanks btw)

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