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  1. Yeah, I'd be using an ossc too. Is that what you are running yours through? Or a real CRT? I wasted a load of money on this: https://videogameperfection.com/products/koryuu-transcoder/ So I could run my nes composite into my ossc. Not great results. I was in cex today and saw a nes mini for 45 quid nearly bought it but I've got an NTSC nes and an everdrive so seems pointless.
  2. Thanks, that looks beyond my skill level Old skool consoles actually looks like they can do it! Now to justify to myself spunking 109 quid on this
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of anyone who can do an rgb mod, supplied and installed? Some recommendations before but no one has stock. Edit: Also this is a great video, about key frame animation and why simpler 8 bit animation can look and feel better:
  4. I used to have the first 24 issues of nms. Shamr there split mean machines in two to create it
  5. Smw is just one of the best games ever made. It's certainly the best 2d platformer ever made. The secret exits on some levels is just a genius idea. I only got as far as finding 72 of the levels.
  6. To be completely honest I just don't think Mario in 3d is anywhere near as fun as 2d. Nothing comes closer we to super Mario world on the snes. Yeah Mario 64 is impressive, but I never really actually enjoyed it that much. Beware playing it on a emu. One of them on retro arch fucks up time so triple jump doesn't work. Though another one seems fine .
  7. Mine looks like a jaggy mess. What other options you use? Scan lines?
  8. Picture I get through an ossc is awful. Using 2x line Bob and it looks terrible. Better with just component straight to my TV.
  9. Sorry for late reply. I'm gonna try my luck on eBay first. If I don't mange to offload them in one go I'll get in contact with you.
  10. That's interesting. Though I checked eBay and it doesn't seem to be pricey?
  11. Most of my issues are subscriber issues.
  12. Hi, I've got a pile of retro gamer mags. My house is tiny so I need rid of them. Anyone know if they are worth anything? They are from the last three years or so. Selling them individually on eBay sounds like pain in the ass.
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