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  1. Thanks for all of this. The oak and steel really look good. Looks better than the real fight sticks I see on amazon. Unfortunately I think this is beyond my skill level. Basically having a job and a baby mean that this is a project for me to attempt in about 15 years time ! I've got two Dreamcast sticks that @yoda converted to playstation for me. I sort of regret doing that.
  2. That is ace looking! Is the design your own? What level wood work soldier skills would i need to build such a thing? How much in parts?
  3. Ah! I see! Thanks!!!!
  4. Right, I'm completely stuck. I got into the palisade bank vaults via the underground car park, through the fan that you disable with an emp. Went all the way down to the picus vault (jumped down a bit were there is no ladder available), picked up all the stuff inside (I cheated a bit got the location of the picus card from online guide). Now I have no way of getting out of the vaults, and there aren't ladders going from how I got in to the bottom. I must be doing something wrong as I doubt the designers intended for me to just be stuck here forever? Any ideas?
  5. Cheers! In general are there any "you won't get a better version of this anywhere else" type games.
  6. Nope Played r type on various other things, starting with a spectrum !
  7. I probably can't justify buying one as I have a pc attached to telly with retro arch on it. Never played a pc engine game. What games are really still worth playing? Might down load a room or two over the week end . I do like an arcade shooter!
  8. Is there anyway to get one that doesn't cost near 400 quid like Amazon?
  9. Does it actually play better than snes or megadrive version? Also I never understood why megadrive version didn't allow a 4 button setup (including start) with two punches two kicks .
  10. Random pc engine question: how did street fighter 2 work with only two buttons? (I am right about it only having two?)
  11. I'll try fatal shadows then!
  12. If you only had access to a PS2 or 360 which one is considered best. Is shinobido really the best option even if it's not quite a tenchu game?
  13. Probably quake 2 was running at 60fps but I wouldn't have noticed back then. But I recall thinking the graphics weren't as good and the game no where near as good as Goldeneye
  14. I just soldered some wires on. Maybe it's the same as by passing capacitors. Thing is with old games, I'm not sure RGB is how they were meant to be played, sure it's clearer, but the fuzzy colour bleed might be what was intended. Heck even emulators are doing filters to simulate the effect now! That said, I want RGB out of my nes and n64 as ossc won't accept composite
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