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  1. This is all by design, yes. It's a "rogue-lite" I guess. BUT - you do progress. You unlock permanent upgrades, shortcuts etc. It's daunting at first but it absolutely pays off. Promise.
  2. Please tell Britt from me that his band's music is *excellent*. Really, really impressed. Like what if Nirvana had done a third album after listening to My Bloody Valentine non-stop for a few years. Really, really impressed.
  3. Isn't this game amazing? I've got lots of progress on PS5 but still quite a few games to get... but I'm away for 3 weeks and have found myself considering getting it on Steam to play on my laptop. Surely not....
  4. If you've got Amazon Prime you get one free sub per month. If you use that on JGs channel, you'll get no ads.
  5. He uses an SM7B, which is a plenty good mic. Not sure what post processing he's doing. Sounds fine to me - clear and intelligible. I find podcasts that try to maintain loads of dynamic range (hello BBC Radio 4 internet stream) can be hard to get loud enough, especially if you're in a car or on earbuds in a busy environment.
  6. Patch is up, apparently www.gtplanet.net/gt7-update-106-bugfixes-20220310/
  7. FH5 has a structure? Honestly, I loved the racing in it but actually figuring out what the hell I was supposed to do most of the time was a nightmare. This is much more like it for me. The Cafe menu books really help with the structure as well.
  8. Honestly, low key one of the most useful weapons in the game. Being able to carry on doing damage while you run away is very useful in quite a few situations
  9. The Saejima sections are a mixed bag, but overall I enjoyed it more than 3
  10. FINALLY "beat" this. As in I saw the first ending. Immediately went back in, and I'm 4/6ths of the way to the "true" ending. This game is so beautiful. I don't want to let it go.
  11. Kiwami 2 is my favourite of the entire series. You might want to do Judgment (it's v cheap at the moment) before Lost Judgment though.
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