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  1. The PC versions of 3,4 and 5 have only been out for a few hours, and already the cursed content has begun hahahah
  2. My party was all just about level 50 but I was still struggling a bit there. A mate pointed out you have to home in on the two bosses weaknesses. Once I did that, I beat them first time
  3. "Finished". Absolutely loved every minute of it. Will invariably go back to finish all the sub stories and side activities. I haven't even touched the slot machines as I still can't get them to work on the PC version.
  4. Zero is the only one I've not played as yet. Kiwami is definitely bottom of my ranking for the PS4-era games. I did struggle with 3,4 and 5 at times (5 probably my favourite of those three, but it's so huuuuuge). Still enjoyed it, and the story stuff is worth it I think.
  5. The first boss in Kiwami is a real dick, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's put off many people from pursuing it further. Just stock up on health items and don't be ashamed to use them. He's a cheap arsehole.
  6. No, I'm a dummy. I just totally misread the original comment - I thought it said you get a new party member when you get to rank 1. My bad, apologies.
  7. Ah! Will check! EDIT: Nope... she's still rank 16 in clerk, 10 in dealer, 22 in Night Queen. Weird.
  8. Do you get the new party member for getting to rank 1, or do you need to do more in it first? I've just got to rank 1 and got orbital laser, but no extra member.
  9. Yeah I was trying out "Night Mistress" for Saeko, but I think I'm going to switch back to Idol. Similarly, I've been trying out Bodyguard for Ichiban, and I've had a similar experience. With Breaker, that Windmill attack was brilliant, especially if you time it so the enemies are as close together as possible. I'm on PC as well, and I've not had any issues running it (60fps in 1080p on an RX580), but there are some niggles. The biggest is that NONE of the arcade games (except UFO catcher) work at all. It just goes to a black screen and the frame of the machine. Lots of folks on Steam report
  10. Best thing about the Idol job is that some of the attacks "charm" enemies so they don't attack anyone.
  11. The Windmill ability can end fights with similar or lower level enemies in the first turn. I can recommend the "Night Mistress" job for Saeko when you unlock it. Lots of her techniques brainwash enemies so they start attacking each other.
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