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  1. Nintendo Switch

    More like Team Shitty, amirite?
  2. Nintendo Switch

  3. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I love his stuff, and X-Men Grand Design is excellent... But fucks sake, Ed. Wind your neck in a bit mate.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    I'm really enjoying Nine Parchments. I'm just playing solo but as well as being a solid shooter, the look and presentation are really charming. I struggle to stay interested in big, open games, so the pace and progression of this is perfect for me.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Gungeon is good, but I think the train journey will fly by with Vostok Inc
  6. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Squirrel Girl works on two different levels. It's brilliant because the writing and art and stories and humour are first class. Also, it REALLY fucks off alt-right dweebs who are outraged that one of Marvel's most popular books features a female lead and "cartoon-ey" art. It's delicious.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I caned it on the PS4. Absolutely excellent game. A great amalgam of clicker and twin stick shooter. Great design, compulsive core gameplay loop, and some really funny moments in the script. Really liked it a lot, and the dev seems like a good egg as well.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - £29.99 at Argos
  9. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Waid BW is excellent. Superb Samnee art as well. Really enjoyed the first issue of their new Cap run that came out the other week
  10. Nintendo Switch

    it asks me for the password every time I make a purchase
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Pro Controller is the best controller I've ever used. Joycons in the grip are decent, but the Pro is wonderful.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Only played it on the switch, not on a TV. It looks like an 06 shooter with HD textures. Some animations and transitions are super rough. Gameplay is exactly in line with a shooter of that era, although it's got some fun novelties like the way you manufacture supplies and special abilities. I'm enjoying it for what it is - didn't play it back in the day. But there's no denying - it's rough in a lot of ways
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Rebellion support just got back to me. The issue with the Pro Controller in Rogue Trooper is a bug. "Will be fixed in an upcoming patch". Annoying.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    So... Does Rogue Trooper not support the Pro Controller? Cos I can't bloody get it to work with it . Edit : I had to disconnect the joycons from the switch unit. The Pro controller works but the joycons still vibrate. Going to reboot and see if it's the same
  15. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Well that went well

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