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    Any word on a psn sale for Sol Cresta and Rolling gunner? want them both, but not paying £55+
  2. On sale for the series x/s at the moment (£21.99) for the the collectors version.
  3. I think the hud might be 2160p, but in game it’s definitely not.
  4. I have enjoyed it on and off since launch. It could sorely do with a resolution boost on the series x though, but it’s nice and smooth. Reminds me of an original Xbox game as it looks really basic in places.
  5. Keep an eye out for any crts coming in that are ‘cube’ shaped. They could be pvms/bvms etc and will make your retro games look stunning. Something like a Sony pvm 14L2 or a JVC TM-H150 would suit your needs, down to the ground.
  6. You could look into scalers/line doublers, but it means more purchases; the unit, leads etc Unfortunately a crt is the best looking way to view and play retro games. Can’t you come to some sort of compromise with the missis and even look at a small 14” Trinitron crt or something? I mean they aren’t that big!
  7. Don’t worry I expected it! (And probably deserved it!) Don’t want to keep thinking anything! I commented about it being good value, that’s all.
  8. The pi4 with RGB-pi OS4, seriously begs to differ! (at under £100 for the hardware, cable, memory storage and power supply). The OS is only in alpha stage and it runs retro games jaw droppingly well. If you hook it up to a good crt, it’s fantastic.
  9. Put a good 5 hrs in tonight and It’s a looks like serious dogs dinner on the last gen consoles and seems to play almost identical to GT6 ; (even with loads of the same sfx) - I am playing on the pro and there is pop in, frame judder, terrible graphic fidelity (jaggy shadows, blurry textures and low resolution; (there is no way this is 1800p as per DF videos, it looks seriously dynamic and 1080p at times) - I hope the ps5 version is a big improvement all round?
  10. PAL Dreamcast collecting sure has become a bizarre adventure pricing wise at a local cex… I remember picking this up a a cash convertor for a tenner, back in the day
  11. There are some pics circulating- I may have seen it in an old electronic gaming monthly glad to see another big blue stinger fan! I get strange looks when I say I loved it.
  12. Despite his passing, the work of Shinya Nishigaki lives on. The earlier Dreamcast creations of Nishigaki are tentatively scheduled for release in Japan on the Xbox console in late 2004. Cool Net Entertainment of Tokyo, Japan, has its development departments working on bringing Illbleed and Blue Stinger to the Xbox console, each complete with an added level, according to Coolnet President Shigeo Kamata. According to Kamata, no decision has been made on whether the games will receive distribution outside of Japan. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/blue-stinger-illbleed-creator-nishigaki-dead-at-42/1100-6100692/ https://segaretro.org/Blue_Stinger:_Premium_Cut
  13. Nice- heard that blue stinger and illbleed where coming out on the Xbox. Any word on beta versions?
  14. Looking forward to these - hopefully the gameplay/controls will be vastly improved as I went back to no 2 on the series x and it was verging on the unplayable. Really has not aged well.
  15. I have never seen a pvm that wasn’t 10 times better image wise than a consumer set, even if it has poor focus or convergence issues.
  16. There is even RF and composite gushing from guys that obviously haven’t seen a retro game running in RGB.
  17. Yeah true - they don’t like paying for crts either and their kerb finds all seem to be svideo or lower. They seem to have a hard time picking up pro monitors too, and will seriously argue that consumer sets are almost as good as pvms (which is untrue) and that svideo is either 90% as good as RGB or just as good, (both statements are BS), obviously because they get hold of RGB sets or pro monitors.
  18. Ok I’m going in. was thinking about the wretch build?
  19. dvdx2


    Is rolling gunner getting a psn release?
  20. dvdx2


    Great! Let me know when it’s out so I can get the ps4 out again
  21. dvdx2


    Any word in on the G-Darius v2 update?
  22. dvdx2


    Eschatos isn’t really that much like psyvariar at all. It’s much more ‘arcadey’, very noob friendly with a happy clappy OST. The mechanics are very different.
  23. Unfortunately you won’t be play cyberpunk in 4k60 for too long on the series x as it very rarely reaches 4k60 with its Dynamic scaling
  24. Whas the current build running like on the series x?
  25. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-60709207
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