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  1. They are great on the dc. Once you start shutting drivers of each gang, the leader comes out. Once you beat enough gangs the bosses start coming out. Defeat enough bosses and the mega bosses start appearing!
  2. I have put 100s hours into the shutokou games over the years. I love shutokou 2 the best; the first is great too. Very smooth an really playable, atmospheric games. Loads of tuning options too, but unfortunately with no crash damage or mechanical damage . If you are using original hardware, the dc games look great with VGA out, especially through a crt monitor at 640x480. The ps2 Version of the Japanese shutokou ‘zero’ is pretty much a remake of the dc’s ‘2’ but with some improvements and a different feel. Its close but no cigar. 01 - I just could not get into; I found
  3. Both shutokou 1&2 are excellent for the dc.
  4. I played about 4 hrs last night (PS4 pro) and had a lot of fun with it. Where to start? First the good - I love the handling of the cars and variety of tracks . Pulling off handbreak drifts in the skyline is awesome. Faint whiffs of drive club, especially the soundtrack/xp system. Career mode is massive and eases you in nicely. It’s fairly well presented and probably more arcade than sim (which is fine by me). The weather system is really well done too. I am playing with professional handling (all assists off) and it controls really well on a pad. The not so good...
  5. dvdx2

    Rogue Company

    Downloaded the started pack of psn as it looked pretty good in videos, but I want my money back! I know it’s a beta, but what an unpolished, janky, wooden 3rd person shooter this is. It’s really reeks FTP (which I know it will be at some point). Very unsatisfying indeed, especially coming of the back of uncharted 4 multiplayer.
  6. It’s a shame it didn’t have a 4:3 option. Doesn’t look quite right in 16:9
  7. Personal opinion I suppose. I’d stack up the official lead and a crt monitor any day against dolphin, but I get where you are coming from.
  8. The game component cable is sought after because it outputs the best image quality.
  9. They should have really be releasing a multiplayer component to rekindle interest, Most people would have offloaded the game straight after completion and I doubt a patch with a load of filters and difficulty levels is enough to get people rebuying again. Good call on the grain filter slider though.
  10. I played the Jpn Daytona/CCE on the saturn last night again and the formerplays fairly well; CCE just doesn’t look or feel right, especially the cars.
  11. dvdx2

    Fall Guys

    Looks abit like the dreamcast pen pen?
  12. I bought a PAL saturn and Daytona around launch and loved it, despite it being technically abit rubbish. The music and crisp voice samples where a big upgrade from the 16bit stuff and despite the crap framerate, it played fairly closely to the arcade. I think it cost about £439 for them too in 1995 (and the kids moan about console prices now!)
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