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  1. Still no patch out to sort out the grain disable? Dear oh dear. Naughty dog must be short of a bob or two ;-)
  2. I’ve clocked both games, so am in a decent position to comment. The 2nd is definitely better overall; bigger scope and story, scale and better graphical presentation, but combat is pretty much the same as the first game, (infact everything is very similar to the first game. From the basic crafting, item pick ups and core gameplay loop; from cutscene to walking sim, to exploration to combat. The controls still have that slight lag and clunkiness, the cover system is seriously last gen and the gameplay boundaries are still very much in place. It’s a really impressive game though; better looking and tweaked, but at the core of it, though it’s still very much from from the same stock, with nothing really radically that that much different from the first game. Given the development time and budget, they could have changed so much to make it very different from the first. Not complaining though I loved it.
  3. I am pretty much at the end and to be honest have probably had enough, as its starting to feel abit bloated now. Wasn’t a fan of the walking simulator bits and some hokum story elements, but the urban exploration, set pieces, gameplay mechanics and superb graphics/more than make up for it. Still would give it a 9/10. Be interesting to see what they do with the ps5 version; I think there is huge scope for huge technical improvements- here’s hoping for a 4k (or as close to possible) presentation, 60 FPS, with more detail in draw distances/more FOV options. Infact I hope the extra grunt tidies up a few of the effects, as the some flowing water and foliage movement looked abit ropey at times, along with some lower res assets. I am beginning to think they insisted on the grain filter into try and disguise certain limitations.
  4. Maybe needs a clean? I took to lid off mine to clean it and it’s Definitely an improvement.
  5. I really don’t know why they opted not to have an option to remove film grain in game (especially when it’s in the photo mode). I mean there are options for pretty much everything else and a lot of people like a crisp, clean presentation especially at the higher resolution.
  6. If you have a 4k tv/monitor and a pro, you will output at 1440p. Don’t switch to 1080p!
  7. Bumping both those slides to 5 makes massive difference - cheers
  8. Few nitpicks; I’d like to see an auto collect item and disable film grain in game - you can do it in photo mode, but not in the main game; it’s not as bad in light scenes, but I think it would look better with it removed. i have seen a few reused assets - the same white board appeared with the same management brain storming notes in two different locations. I’ve also had a few bugs, such as not being able to go back to the game from viewing a trading card (O button unresponsive) and my gun got stuck in the wall, whilst flicking really fast. Great game though!
  9. And higher resolution
  10. Totally disagree with that - kept me busy for a good 15 hrs and the expeditions were brilliant.
  11. Mint panny q, vectrex, wondermega (both victor models), RGB modded Pc engine duo r to name a few.....all worth probably 3 or 4 times now, what I sold them for lol
  12. Yep - resolution boost for x and pro!
  13. Could be - wonder if they have boosted the resolution?
  14. Noticed this up on the psn store today is it a ‘new’ remaster or the 1080p remaster from the older ps4 collection? 2 and infinite are also up
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