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  1. dvdx2

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    The PS4 pro version looks like a right dogs dinner on a 4k screen - blurry, Vaseline smeared with a max of 1080p support.....
  2. dvdx2

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    It doesn’t really look like that in game though....
  3. dvdx2

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Is it £50 better than the first one?
  4. Other than the guns, this seems as much Titanfall as the moon is made of cheese. it pretty much COD blackout crossed with the characters of overwatch.....
  5. dvdx2

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    There are quite a few sealed ultimate play the game, games on the bay at the moment
  6. dvdx2

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    point 3 now in full force 3) The defense force Piss on their chips at your peril. Don't like how Zelda BOTW's weapons break all the time? Think ARMS is a load of shit? You should probably keep it to yourself because you will have it explained to you in forceful, condescending terms why you are wrong and how your opinion makes you a bad person. Go back to Call of Duty, you filthy casual; Nintendo's brilliance is clearly beyond you.
  7. That’s a shame; MP is probably one of the best gameplay experiences of all time!
  8. dvdx2

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Downloaded the patch and I’m glad to say it vastly improves the visuals (ps4 pro). Turn the blur off and it looks just right. Better dynamic resolution and the horrible dithering is now gone too (and the cut scenes are improved too). Shame they didnt wait abit longer to release it like this.
  9. That’s the cheapest I have seen it in a while - go onto the bay for a chuckle and a half!
  10. dvdx2

    Your Retro Grail Items

    I wouldn’t wait too much longer; prices and demand are rising and stocks are seriously shrinking.
  11. dvdx2

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Frame rate is a locked 30fps on the pro, and the gameplay is better than JC3, but the resolution, terrible..... xbox one x seems to fair a lot better though
  12. dvdx2

    Your Retro Grail Items

    I’ve had many a grail retro item in the past, including a wondermega and laseractive, but nothing comes close to my two sony BVM 20F1E crt monitors (one in tate) for everything 240p and my Sony F520 crt monitor for everything else 480p+ https://imgur.com/a/kdct979
  13. dvdx2

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Despite all the negativity, I am really enjoying it. Plays great and it’s a load of fun. I am a bit disgruntled on how it looks on the PS4 pro, though. It looks like the resolution of a PS3 game when outputting to a 4k monitor. It must be sub 1080p. Please tell me there is at least a 1440p patch coming?
  14. Was interested at the start (for Mario, splatoon 2 and the neo fast racing update), but never actually bought one. Just seems like endless reams of indie games now though. I think it will have gone full Wii u (ie dead), within the next 1-2 years, so might pick one up near the end. my own opinion of course, before the NDF has a canary!
  15. I am sitting at nearly 15 days. Probably the best multiplayer fps I have ever played

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