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  1. It’s almost impossible to win an auction for the nice Japanese stuff. You are always sniped in the last 5 seconds. Someone always has more disposable than you!
  2. The braindances really annoy me and I wish you could skip them!
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165702402464?hash=item2694a201a0:g:XxQAAOSwKvRjNvQQ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoIUkqGTa%2BpMg5xWzQ8HmcPjIpM%2FcAO1PRUAWjEdjAYVk%2B29buBdBgXgq2wsgUWV345jCOxvCUFsGsD4lk%2Fh96AnVp4qR8k69G4MCfKcRnQYLFyIbvfnLt9KOywuQu%2FCNobcs9LIejHfjkC10jA58yPA%2FPxUYIM99uOKte%2FT6ScL1iPhpzecA1QzIMu7KU%2FtDrEQ8OaoBiy51D4m6my6AaeY%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8CqgYryYA think he’s found a gold bar at the end of his bed….I’m getting too old for this sh1t.
  4. Most consoles bar a few, output RGB natively as do most crts in the uk - so you should be fine. The n64 needs a mod and it’s stock AV doesn’t look great (along with The slower/cropped image of the PAL format). However If you just want to the play games aren’t fussed, it’s serviceable enough and you could look at improving things it further down the line, with a Jpn RGB modded unit with deblur. Throw in an everdrive and that’s you sorted.
  5. A consumer crt would suit your needs perfectly. Keep an eye on gumtree etc. Any brand would do, but the Sony Trinitrons are especially nice. If you are in the uk, they have RGB scart / svideo etc (unless its really ancient). Shouldn’t cost too much, but even consumer sets have went up in price. Maybe £50 for a 21” + is decent. I personally wouldn’t go near scalers to an lcd (I have been around the block and back with them). No matter what you do with them, it never really feels or looks right.
  6. Cheers for the heads up on that - never seen it. About half way through and it’s seriously bizarre; love the appearance from the guy from time bandits!
  7. ASUS 27” 4k VRR monitor for ps4 pro /xbox series x BVM 20F1E (crt) for retro (240p) Sony F520 (pc crt) for retro 480p +
  8. dvdx2

    The Jazz Thread

    I’m not an Elton John fan, but this is great. the intro is called ‘blast off’, before rocket man starts
  9. If you value higher resolutions and framerates, and have the extra cash, the series x is a no brainier.
  10. I sold most of my retro stuff about 10years ago, but recently I have been trying to build up a small collection of Japanese retro games for some of the older systems. Have to say the prices are making it pretty difficult. here’s what I mean https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165559382640?hash=item268c1bb270:g:i7oAAOSw6hViwV1B&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoJ0NDDFfg8NhRNI0JND4sLg8cjUmcEBs%2FJd1KiHMRw3tqKDXas5wMFRg8HBAp4uF9Ts2kY26yXsOBKwddGagzK8DqxBGfd8Rze3%2B%2FHQkuxa8k6gLtMaZwcsKcJLQd5T0gbe4hUPKkZ6f057SufQRQaDymaP2WfKFEhZQGB0bCKJnrGJoP%2FJn2IPfDjc5VV59SGnUyKI8HIw04st3kYz5vZE%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5TjmdbuYA do you think this bubble will burst, or it’s the new norm?
  11. I personally don’t think adywans work is disrespectful at all, but I get your point with some of the other fan creations out there. He brings so many subtle changes and a few bigger ones to compliment what Lucas did and actually improve the viewing experience. There are so many minor changes, that in some cases you really need the list beside you to spot them, but when you do spot them they usually bring a smile to your face. More importantly he does full colour correction which looks stunning.
  12. Enjoying it after coming back To it. Can someone please give me some tips for the control settings as I can hit a thing in gunplay!
  13. I seriously recommend adywans releases; I haven’t went back to The Lucas cuts since watching them heres a clip of the battle of hoth - some really amazing stuff in this
  14. Cheers for the heads up - I’m a massive breakdown fan and this looks decent
  15. Ghettoblaster (3/5) I am a big fan of vigilante style movies and I managed to pick up an uncut German pressing on dvd of this obscure American movie. It’s no Death wish 3, but has some good action scenes and a decent enough story to get you through to the end.
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