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  1. Is it actually possible to get killed in the game? Every clip I have see is just the player annihilating the enemies without hardly a scratch!
  2. Oh-oh after days gone, here we go again....
  3. I have gamed on 50” + sets for years and actually prefer a smaller monitor. I think you loose a lot of small details in games sitting way back on a sofa. 4k looks great - it’s just 1080p to 4k upscaled looks abit soft and slightly blurry. Anything 1440p up looks nice though and I was hoping for that for rage 2.
  4. Two reasons - because I have a small gaming room and I have very little spare space for any bigger than a 4k 27” monitor and secondly I don’t want the poor response times/lag that consumer TVs offer for gaming.
  5. That’s abit grim. 1080p looks gash on my 4k monitor i’ll not hold out too much for the pro version then?
  6. Lol - you mean the guys trapped in cars. I think I had 3 looking the exact same too. QC in that company need a serious urgent boardroom meeting!
  7. Yeah its great at the start - until the chronic repetition, game bugs and other technical issues start raising their head, then the sheen starts to fade quickly. I had weapon locker items inaccessible, upgrades vanish,, sound cut out, vanishing gas tanks, to name a few. The amount of patches in such a short space on time show it never should have been released in the state it was. Regarding the repetition, When you have picked up your 500th kerosene tank or rag, filled your 100th motorcycle petrol tank and press healed yourself the 1000th time, you will know what I mean. Thank goodness they didnt make you press a button to pick up the trophy ears....
  8. Prices are through the roof nowadays mate - it’s an older unit, but you would still get £150 (maybe abit more) easily on gumtree, or more on the bay. Just be careful about posting these monitors - they have a serious tendency to crack down the left hand side of the bezel, potentially causing other internal damage. I’d suggest collection only. Retro gamers are going nuts over pvms/bvms at the moment! Be mindful that you may not be able to pick one up next time as easily if you do sell it. They are becoming more scarce and you are going to get inferior quality from a Scaler or consumer crt, if that’s your next go to for retro.
  9. I got 10 hrs in, before I couldn’t take anymore.....
  10. Why does every vehicle have their windows all smashed?
  11. dvdx2

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    The PS4 pro version looks like a right dogs dinner on a 4k screen - blurry, Vaseline smeared with a max of 1080p support.....
  12. It doesn’t really look like that in game though....
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