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  1. dvdx2

    Megadrive Mini

    The d pad on the Saturn version is way out. At least on mine it is
  2. dvdx2

    The Surge II

    Regarding the textures issue - the performance mode he is using in that video, runs at a high frame rate but cuts the detail/ has more texture loading issues. Quality mode outputs at 4k and half’s the frame rate, but really increases the detail. Trade off really.
  3. dvdx2

    The Surge II

    Yes it’s much better than the first
  4. dvdx2

    The Surge II

    Yep, great game
  5. I see digital foundry have finally realised that crt is better than lcd.. ‘Motion handling on CRT is on another level compared to modern technologies in that every aspect of every frame is rendered identically, to the point where even a 768p presentation may well be delivering more detail in motion than a 4K LCD’
  6. I don’t have one either, but I am always on the lookout!
  7. 480i gamecube? No chance! Mostly all the ntsc library is 480p and that’s were a vga monitor/multiformat bvm comes in. Your eyes would melt if you saw f-zero gx running in 480p on my Sony F520!
  8. Personal preference - I find the high TVL produces more interlaced bob between the scanlines. I sit 3 feet away so it’s very noticeable. Looks ok on my 600TVL sets though and even better on a consumer set. yep no L5’s in the uk, but the OP was talking dollars, so I assumed he’s from the US. a guy over at reddit sums it up well It depends on what you're looking for. Generally with lower TVL monitors the image won't be as sharp but the interlaced flicker isn't as noticeable. This is really apparent when you have a consumer set and a high TVL monitor next to each other with a 480i signal going to both. The lower TVL count will result in a more "full" looking image which is softer, while with a higher TVL count you can easily see the alternating vertical scan lines and you'll have a much sharper image.
  9. Sorry for the gobbledygook- yes you can test your wii via component on it - you just need these 3 rca to bnc plugs which you can buy really cheap on eBay. Just make sure the pvm is set to internal sync
  10. You need to get a scart to bnc adapter for RGB, but it will also accept component (480i only). That PVM has a very high line count and 480i won’t look too good on it (it won’t accept 480p by component for your wii; you would need something like a 20L5 for that). If the Wii is soft modded with some emulation, fire up the 240p test suite and you can check geometry / convergence etc Price is maybe a little high as that version was superseded by the 20L4 / L5, but still worth considering.
  11. Reall Enjoying this, but I have a few minor gripes and things I would like to see. 1. Physics seem really good, except when the car rams into tyres. Not enough impact/recoil. Its abit like starsky an hutch driving through an alley of cardboard boxes at times. Also single tyres don’t seem to effect the car when driven over. 2. The music - I enjoy background music in games and most of the tracks are decent, but it could really do with a music skip on the ‘d’ pad.I’ll be ready for the funny farm if I hear that ‘gasoline’ track again..... 3. It could be a bit more generous with the cash. I know there are a few sneaky ways to earn big dough in the custom races but it defeats the purpose. 4. Be nice to see abit of weather conditions in the game - it’s all abit samey 5. Leaky fuel tanks and split oil sumps when the car is damaged would be great (fuel/oil on the track) affecting grip etc 6. Cardboard cut out esq spectators / duplicates - has this ever really been advanced in racing games? anyway back to the game...
  12. Is it actually possible to get killed in the game? Every clip I have see is just the player annihilating the enemies without hardly a scratch!
  13. Oh-oh after days gone, here we go again....
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