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  1. dvdx2

    Titanfall 2

    Yes it can be tough at the start, but once you get a few load outs that work for you, it’s exceptional. Call of duty doesn’t come close.
  2. Picked up a PVM 14L2MD a few weeks ago to add to the 14” stockpile. https://ibb.co/0YNvCSj really nice condition this one, and came with a BKM 129x installed in the back (extra RGB/component bncs) and produces a really nice image too https://ibb.co/mtHNfzY https://ibb.co/1YcNDJ6
  3. dvdx2

    Titanfall 2

    92000 on the PS4 tonight. question is; why does it take one of the best games ever to be free, before people will play it? And also, what other junk have they been playing for the last 3 years to avoid this, lol
  4. The latest update on the PS4 seems to have bumped up the resolution abit from 1080p. Good news for 4k TVs/monitors. It looks so much better. Yeah!
  5. How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Some are optimised but lot of the cave ports look pretty blocky in 720/1080p. There are no scan line filters either, but I used a framemeister to add them and hooked my monitor to a vesa stand for full Tate. You can also set the Xbox to 480p and use an SLG 3000 to add scanlines to your lcd, or a VGA monitor, which looks great. An OSSC would probably work too. Straight to a crt via scart, and you will get a 480i output for the Xbox 360, which doesn’t look great. Better-still with the help of some extron devices, you can get a faux 240p to a crt which makes the games look very authentic, but you will need a pro crt with BNC connectors. Fagin did a video on YouTube. Best set up is groovymame to a pvm/bvm. Native resolution output and you really wouldn’t turn on the 360 for them again.
  6. Enjoying it ok, but wtf am up against guys at level 94 starting off?
  7. dvdx2

    Megadrive Mini

    The d pad on the Saturn version is way out. At least on mine it is
  8. dvdx2

    The Surge II

    Regarding the textures issue - the performance mode he is using in that video, runs at a high frame rate but cuts the detail/ has more texture loading issues. Quality mode outputs at 4k and half’s the frame rate, but really increases the detail. Trade off really.
  9. dvdx2

    The Surge II

    Yes it’s much better than the first
  10. dvdx2

    The Surge II

    Yep, great game
  11. I see digital foundry have finally realised that crt is better than lcd.. ‘Motion handling on CRT is on another level compared to modern technologies in that every aspect of every frame is rendered identically, to the point where even a 768p presentation may well be delivering more detail in motion than a 4K LCD’
  12. I don’t have one either, but I am always on the lookout!
  13. 480i gamecube? No chance! Mostly all the ntsc library is 480p and that’s were a vga monitor/multiformat bvm comes in. Your eyes would melt if you saw f-zero gx running in 480p on my Sony F520!
  14. Personal preference - I find the high TVL produces more interlaced bob between the scanlines. I sit 3 feet away so it’s very noticeable. Looks ok on my 600TVL sets though and even better on a consumer set. yep no L5’s in the uk, but the OP was talking dollars, so I assumed he’s from the US. a guy over at reddit sums it up well It depends on what you're looking for. Generally with lower TVL monitors the image won't be as sharp but the interlaced flicker isn't as noticeable. This is really apparent when you have a consumer set and a high TVL monitor next to each other with a 480i signal going to both. The lower TVL count will result in a more "full" looking image which is softer, while with a higher TVL count you can easily see the alternating vertical scan lines and you'll have a much sharper image.
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