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  1. So the basic gist is that the PC version is getting sorted? Definitely want this, especially after watching Youtube video's for the last couple of days. Have a PS4 but never use it, so it'll be the PC version I get. Might just wait a month or so and see if the price drops a little bit
  2. Quick question..... if I buy a download version of a game to replace the disc version, will my current game save just work? My son's copy of Lego City Undercover no longer loads (think the disc is knackered) so I was going to but another copy of it but the download is only a couple of £'s more expensive so might just get that instead, but I wouldn't want him to lose his 300hrs save game.
  3. This has been on my Steam Wishlist for almost 12 months. I keep seeing it for £11 or £12 but just can't bring myself to buy it. I'm sure I read somewhere that there's going to be a new version coming out next year, so don't know whether to just wait and see what that's like or just see how much it is in the upcoming sale. I've heard nothing but good things about the simulation but the GUI is a bit dated.
  4. Do you have any control of the vehicle during the drop? I only ask as I've raced some ghosts and they get to the ground up to half a second before me. Had loads of game crashes too but it could be cos I'm using my Steam controller having added Uplay as a non-steam game.
  5. VN1X, presuming that's your username on Uplay, I've just sent you a friends request. My Uplay username is Darkhorse2771
  6. I'll add you later. Just got got this off CDKeys (wish I'd ordered it a few days ago as it has gone up £2). Only had a 10 minute blast of split screen with my little lad but he didn't want to switch off. Will give it another try later. Have always enjoyed the TM games and still have my disc copy of one of the earlier ones somewhere.
  7. Does this require a Trackmania account? I seem to recall trying to play local multiplayer on the earlier games and each driver had to have a separate account. Does it still do that or has the account thing been scrapped? Its not a deal breaker but I want to be able to play multiplayer with my 4yr old. Suppose I could just use one of my other email addresses to him up an account if required.
  8. I've not had much time with the Alpha yet but was is in there is pretty good. Had some issues with paths but that's all so far. The ability to make bespoke buildings is the big highlight so far. Looking forward to landscape terraforming which is due in the next month or so. Really hope they're gonna add water at some stage. Surely they can't omit that! My 1st roller coaster in the RCT games has always been a Water Chute. Nice coaster King A. Much better than all the really ridiculous ones I've seen on YouTube over the last few days.
  9. I didn't get to play it last night so don't know if I'm right regarding the bowling. Let me know once you've tried it as I might be completely wrong.
  10. Most of those runs were scored hitting to a vacant long on as there was never anyone in that area. Am playing with the Steam controller and haven't read the game manual, just gone through the tutorials but I think I've worked the bowling a bit now. Think my wides were due to not pushing forward straight in the delivery, so I'm finding myself pushing slightly to the off side now. Played a 40 over game last night. Scored 12 off 7 when I edged one to the keeper. Bowling was much better but still no wicket.
  11. Just had my first game for Lancs. Batting at 6 and bowling Fast-Medium. Playing on Amateur I was out for a duck in the 1st innings (4 balls) but then blasted 72 off approx 30 in the 2nd innings. Tempted to up the difficulty level already! Bowling was a pretty poor show but didn't really know what I was doing. Loads of deliveries went way wide. My son has claimed use of the PC now but I'll try and get another game in later. Might do what Marius has done and create a batting only character as the match went on for a while due to my inept bowling. Does anyone know whether, if you skip parts of the game when you're in the field, that you still get random calls to make a catch or does it just skip everything until your next over? Not played a cricket game for a good few years (since rhe Brian Lara games) but this one does seem an improvement after approx 90mins play.
  12. Almost bought it on Steam but then saw the PC version on Amazon for £11 so ordered that. Looking forward to to starting my career at Lancs tomorrow.
  13. Have had DM14 on my Steam Wishlist since it came out but has never been on sale. It was always £35 but have just noticed it's now £25. Worth getting then? I quite fancy a decent cricket game and really like the idea of the 'Be A Pro' mode as I always liked this in FIFA.
  14. Getting towards the end of my first Spring. Loving it so far and there's seems quite a bit to do. Still struggling with fishing, having only caught 2 fish so far. Also, there's still one more person for me to meeting but I can't find her anywhere.
  15. This is taking up my (very limited) gaming time at the moment. Really struggling with fishing but finding it strangely addictive. Had what felt like a real struggle with one fish that turned out to be a 1cm anchovy!
  16. Picked up Stardew Valley. Hopefully I'll get to play it later when the Mrs goes to watch tv in bed. It has been ages since I last played any of the Harvest Moon games, but this seems about as close as you can get on Steam.
  17. Used to love TM back in the day, and my little lad has been playing the demo's of Canyon & Valley recently. Will no doubt pick this up on Steam when it's released.
  18. Starting to love this now. Dug Euro Truck 2 out from my pile of shame and it works a treat. There's a developer setup already there which works fine.
  19. This is definitely an acquired taste. Had mine for a month or so but not used it more than half a dozen times, but my 4yr old is obsessed with Beam NG Drive and is constantly wanting to change environment or car. At least now I can do all this from the sofa having mapped mouse control to the left touch pad.
  20. Having not played this for a few months, I've gone back to it over Xmas. It really is a thrilling racing game, especially with a FF wheel and using the dash cam.
  21. Just had this delivered (thanks Amazon Prime Now). Even got £10 off for using the Prime Now app for the first time. Hopefully my 4yr old will enjoy it and it'll keep him occupied today as he'll be on Lego Dimensions, Mario Party 9 (and Anki Overdrive) tomorrow. Lego & Mario Party were very safe Xmas purchases as he has already put in 110hrs on Mario Party 10, 200hrs on Lego Marvel and almost 400hrs on Lego City!
  22. Has anyone bought Amiibo Festival? Is it as bad as the people are saying? I had it on order a but cancelled it, but have still got the KK Slider Amiibo. Not sure whether to just return it for a refund or keep it and pick the game up when it's cheap.
  23. Just bought this on PS4. Downloading the day 1 patch and gonna give it a quick try but it's then being put away for Xmas. It's mainly for our 4yr old but I've also bought a 2nd controller so I can play too.
  24. The Mrs has agreed we can buy this for our 4yr old for Xmas. ???? Might treat myself to a 2nd PS4 controller so we can play 2 player. Might also treat myself to the Portal add on and maybe one or two others while I'm at it.
  25. This is still my favourite golf game. Don't get to play it as much as I'd like. In fact, I think I'm still only on the 3rd tier of Career mode. Would be good if they did a calendar and you got to choose from a few random courses for each tournament.
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