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  1. Hearing Samuel talk about it on the Back Page made me realise that the game isn't just aping 16-bit Zelda and (specifically) Demon's Souls, it's very deliberately trying to evoke the sensation of importing them from Japan. The instruction manual full of snatches of English which give you the slightest foothold into comprehension. A deliberate rhythm to the combat that seems archaic and full of obtuse puzzles. The pen scribbles in the manual where the hidden player has managed to grasp some small but notable discovery. Inventing a language (which is translatable) so that sensation would be universal across players, regardless of region. And beneath all that, it still perfectly functions as a modern adventure game simply aping 16-bit Zelda and Demon's Souls. Gloriously pretentious.
  2. Completed ending A over the weekend and managed to control my urge to read up on mysteries I wasn't sure if I could solve. General puzzle concepts but non-specific spoilers ahead: It's so smart how the instruction manual is also a map, strategy guide, storytelling device, soft ability lock and puzzle in itself.
  3. After about 2 months, I finally finished all the puzzles in Picross 3D. Loved it a lot but the time limit is absolutely antithetical to Picross play. Anyone who can do Hard 10-Gold in the available time is superhuman. I had to take photos of my progress just before it timed out and it still took another 20 minutes to finish. Over an hour for one puzzle!
  4. That would make sense if you couldn't just download a tuning setup from the road. I can understand changes to skill points exploits (although that has no bearing on multiplayer really so it's just artificially extending a solo grind because of GAAS encroachment) but who is affected by tuning before a race? Because now having to quit, tune and enter a race again just means longer in menus and not feeling immersed. I've enjoyed my time so far and still have plans to complete more of it but this does feel a little undercooked compared to FH4 now. I've got a bug where I don't get the daily wheelspin from the castle. They stopped Forza rewards. There aren't any stories with weekly payouts. Super Wheelspins are really few and far between. They don't show credits in the results screen for some reason. In a complete change from FH4 where it was easy to feel overwhelmed with how many cars and events and rewards the game was chucking at you, it's fairly miserly.
  5. Saw someone comment on Reddit and only twigged because of it that Stasis, an entire subclass, is locked to a specific DLC add-on that requires you to complete a quest line which will, at some point in the future, be vaulted.
  6. For anyone confused, it does have a pretty linear structure but it's couched in all of the presentation that a fair number don't like! The main single player thrust is expanding the Horizon Festival. Open up all the outposts, complete the expeditions and showcases, get on the Hall of Fame. The endgame is getting high up on the Hall of Fame board by completing accolades. Some of these can be done passively by just playing the bits of the game you want, others require specific cars or activities. The confusion comes, I think, that outside of unlocking the different events through the outpost progression, there's no limit to which activities you can do from the off. And basically everything - spinning out, buying things, actually racing - help contribute towards progressing the Horizon Festival storyline. so it's easy to wonder if what you're doing is correct. If you're wondering "should I be doing the Eliminator?", the answer is "if you like". When you don't have any plan to what you're doing, it can be a fairly shallow game. A lot of cake but no carbs. My recommendation is to decide to achieve one thing at a time (eg. complete all the stunt jumps, finish a Storyline, beat @Ry's time trial ghost because it's the only way to not constantly feel inferior) and you'll have a much better time. Basically get through the Horizon Festival storyline and then it's a playground.
  7. If you don't walk a fair bit, there's not much you can actively do so I don't blame anyone for swiftly deleting it but I'm enjoying the rhythm of this early on. Pot some Pikmin seeds Neck some blooming juice Go walking Collect the fruit my Pikmin have gathered Pick the potted Pikmin Feed Pikmin until they're out of flowers Send them on expeditions Collect the fruit and seeds my Pikmin have gathered Pot some Pikmin seeds Feed Pikmin until they're out of flowers Neck some blooming juice Go walking Collect the fruit, etc etc It's nice to not need my phone constantly out as I'm walking around, unlike Pokemon, although I've not quite grasped the plant stops so that might require some action. Non-essential and seems peculiar that they've not yet introduced a daily login bonus like these games always have but I like it as a very gentle sort of thing. A reward for the walking I normally do.
  8. Larsen B


    £50 for London. You're killing me! I'm seeing them at Primavera and I went to New York for the last reunion so evidently I'm a sucker for paying over the odds.
  9. Poor timing to criticize the magazine anecdotes a few weeks after Dan Dawkins revealed Edge used to deliberately turn their lights down and wear sunglasses indoors.
  10. @Jamie John on a note about the items in your spoiler, they won't appear until you've seen all house sequences. This was what threw me when I went looking as, like you, I cleared B4 first time. The sequence has you get Once you've seen that, one will appear in each biome. I think I ran each biome at most twice before finding them so they've got a pretty high chance of appearing, unlike certain glyphs.
  11. I, too, was worried that a glyph in B2 was glitched but it was actually me watching a video and thinking I'd got a certain one when I hadn't, which means I now have the platinum after a touch over 40 hours. From buying it on a whim because I needed something to play on my PS5 to thinking it's one of the most well-crafted games I've played in a while. I've got some inclination to play for fun and unlock more of the 4* traits (I never actually had a Hollowseeker with portal turrets in the whole time playing) but, for now, I will leave Selene in her spaceship to think about what she's done. Don't fear the reaper.
  12. Surveyed B1, B4, B5 and B6 with four glyphs left in B2 and one glyph left in B3. The moment-to-moment feel of playing it is always great and bringing unlocked traits from Act 2 back into Act 1 leads to some hilariously broken weapons (Hollowseeker with Waves II and Serrated II beat Ixiom in under a minute) but it is suffering slightly from me playing it for the sake of playing it, although that's completely my fault due to a misguided compulsion. The silver lining for anyone who is currently struggling with the game is that when you do eventually beat it (and you will), having already run the levels repeatedly will mean you'll be much better placed for the platinum than I was!
  13. Picked up from where I left off and, like many others, went straight through the rest of Act 2 without dying. The Electropylon Driver really is a bit of a cheat code, especially against the B6 boss. Ended with 10 deaths and just under 11 hours on the clock all-told which again makes me relieved that circumstances didn't conspire to hit a brick wall that has stopped so many. Now I'm back in the loop. There's something about games like this and Hades and Souls games where the real challenge is your first time through and you're so worried about losing what you've gained or not being able to beat a boss that you play with fear and anxiety. And then when you've done it once, it actually becomes relaxing to go through again and somehow being close to death doesn't make you erratic or feel stress. I'm not sure I'll see the platinum - I've been all the way through the first 3 biomes again and glyphs have been scarce - but I'll happily give it a few more hours to hit Act 3 and I like that actually beating everything again isn't a requirement so messing around with builds is not an impediment to progress.
  14. I must have really lucked out with my drops yesterday as I ended up doing B2 and B3 on the bounce. Considering how big a roadblock it's been for so many, I'm glad I don't currently have a wall I need to kick against. Sad to lose that setup at the start of Act 2 but ended up with a leech/critical hit carbine which has taken me through B4 first time and awaits me at the start of B5. When it's all going for you, this really feels pretty spectacular. On a narrative note, I really liked the end of Act 1. I'm sure it's been done in other creative works since it seems so obvious but it makes so much sense. Also the rising mania of the music heading towards the B4 boss was great. I like the Metroid Prime-ness of the soundscapes on the whole so it was fun to see it suddenly get intensely gothic.
  15. Larsen B


    Weird to come out of this being feeling nonplussed (actual nonplussed) rather than specifically upset or dispirited. We were amazing for 47 minutes and 52 seconds. Somehow we could have equalised in the second half.
  16. Larsen B


    I was going to write how about having seen us play badly for months, we're being robbed here but, no, actually we've got braindead players.
  17. The ship is a random drop from hunting Xivu Arath, albeit one with bad luck protection.
  18. Larsen B


    Wondered whether this might start a fire under Willian. Passes the ball backwards to no-one in his first attack.
  19. Larsen B


    I've always said we should keep Laca and sell Auba. Always.
  20. Larsen B


    Replace Laca with Auba, Elneny with Partey and Mari with Gabriel and I'll almost think we could avoid the drop.
  21. Larsen B


    Mari! Awful. Leno! Good.
  22. Larsen B


    Feels like this is all set for Ozil to come back in January and get us a midtable finish and show that we've not made any progress in 4 years and 3 managers.
  23. Any other characters don't start with the oven masterworked so you could start or switch to an alt just to bake a rubbish cookie.
  24. 3080 FE up on Scan. Managed an order, although they've removed the Amazon button so had to quickly log in to PayPal and hope that wouldn't get flagged.
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