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  1. Larsen B


    Good that we won't kick up an actual fuss because we want the Champions League lucre.
  2. Larsen B


    The problem with only selling your bad players is that you often won't get a lot of money to replace them with good players.
  3. Finished the whole thing last night with Harder Monsters after 150 hours on the clock. By the end you do get a decent degree of customisation for a play style but the bosses become a bit ridiculous with three attacks per turn and constant paralysis/shouts that it became only sensible to spam Magic Burst and Divide/Flash. Act 3 was a little bit of a deus ex machina but I did like how the normal game gives you a perfectly fine ending and then it's up to you if you do want to try and make everything better. I did hugely enjoy it for the most part and liked pretty much all of the characters but I can't see myself ever playing it through again. Feels like every JRPG since the PS2 era is just a little too bloated to encourage replaying.
  4. Larsen B


    True but £70m next to Lovren has done wonders!
  5. Larsen B


    Strikers who score are beneficial. Maybe if we also spend £100m on our midfield and £100m in defence we might have a... good team?
  6. Larsen B


    So we need the old manager who was a flat track bully and the current man for the big games? Folks, I think I might have the answer...
  7. Larsen B


  8. Larsen B


    It's not boring, got to give them that.
  9. Larsen B


    This is now the Arsenal (Women) thread. Choosing to watch this game instead seems to have been a wise choice. Amazing that they've done it with a midfield constantly in the treatment room, although a bit worried to see Tabea Kemme on crutches again. A full strength side should be able to put together a great Champion's League run next season.
  10. Larsen B


    Gutted for Auba('s composure in the six yard box)
  11. Larsen B


    Season was both over and heading for glory within 2 minutes.
  12. Started this at the weekend and I'm having a great time. It's resolutely Dragon Quest but isn't (yet) as much of a drag as DQ7 was, probably because of how the Draconian Quest options allow you to change it up. I played the first 5 hours and then restarted because I was finding it far too easy. Stuck on hard enemies, no exp grinding, no item buying and no fleeing and it's a good challenge. Not ruthless but enough to keep me actually involved when I've set my party to tactics. And having to use the Forge to make everything is adding a nice wrinkle to it. Beat the Slayer of the Sands first go which apparently is a big roadblock but possibly because a lot of folk underestimate how important debuffs are in DQ. Although it would have been slightly easier still if Sylvando didn't insist on immediately waking it up every time Erik managed to put it to sleep.
  13. Larsen B

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    When he jumps up and slams down on his arse. Keep your distance (stay about one False Knight away). His one big move is to hold his mace behind him for a second and "charge up" at which point he will either do a single mace slam which sends a white shockwave - jump over it and get a few hits in - or he will bash on either side of his body - wait for it to end and get a few hits in. The actual damage is when his white head pokes out so, while that time is good for healing, you need to hit him or it will never end.
  14. Larsen B

    Wrestling PPV Predictions

  15. Larsen B

    The Division 2

    What a difference a year makes. The environments are beautiful and the way they've managed to include huge variation is really smart, the revised enemy armour system is actually clever (such a great rush when a bit comes off and everyone just absolutely hammers some poor lad's leg) and chucking the flame launcher at enemies and seeing their own bullets set themselves on fire is never not hilarious. There are some teething troubles but definitely not enough to sour the overall experience.

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