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  1. Is it even a true horror game review from a UK publication if it doesn't reference "brown trousers"?
  2. Somehow I've put about 30 hours into this over the week. A tremendous time vortex. Finished up the Pond lab and now moved onto the Haze. Gummed up the weed killer so it's all systems go when the sun rises. I've avoided looking up videos of what good bases can look like as I've stuck with my beginner's hovel, pretty much at the starting spot, and don't feel a reason to move but I do wish the ground was a bit more even to get a proper structure built. The run back to my hut from wherever I've been has never been too bad and the lack of storage permanence means starting afresh somewhere else feels like a bit of a hassle. I'm doing a generic tanky build with Ladybug Armour, poking at things with a Mosquito Sword from behind a Black Ant Shield, which means the early areas are now a cakewalk (although I've still avoided challenging Wolf Spiders mano-a-fango), and enough Milk Molars whacked into healing that Beefy smoothies heal half health in an instant. The one big thing that differs from Subnautica is gear and upgrades being absolutely essential, instead of nice to haves. Until I had all this stuff, infected larvae and bombardier beetles were absolutely destroying me in 2 hits.
  3. Started playing this solo over the weekend, partly for an achievement for the Microsoft Reward and partly because I want another Subnautica and the addition of the story content in 1.0 felt like it might go some way to achieving that. Funnily enough, it did feel a lot like Subnautica in that, for the first hour or so, I didn't really like it. My fond memories of Subnautica are wrapped up in the mid-game cycle where you've got your automations set up and the surviving is relatively taken care of. The survival in this, with the multitude of enemies and my own seemingly low health, felt a lot steeper in challenge and almost turned me off but I persevered. Tried to get to the Hedge Lab but following the marker meant I ended up traversing the (lower) Hedge at night and got completely turned around so went back in the day and cleared that out. Got back to my exposed campsite by the starting field station and was promptly set upon by an Orb Weaver so took that as the cue to get a proper base on the go and create some degree of fortification. What I thought might be a quick sojourn before returning to the Oak Lab has been about 3 in-game days of messing about. Once I realised the spinning wheel converted things at a much better cost, that was it. Everything's getting built. It's just a grass and weed box at the moment (#420) but it's got a dew catcher and water tank and soon a jerky rack. Just need to bash up a few more bombardier beetles and we're all set.
  4. It really does just finish, doesn't it? Going by the achievements, quite fascinated by the 0.04% of people on Xbox who finished the last bit of actual gameplay but didn't persevere the extra 5 minutes to see the end. Was creasing all through Act V. From the reliefs to the coffee press, it felt like the aesthetic taken to an extreme. Fond memories of outTHERE on Bravo. The game could have done with more of that.
  5. Larsen B


    Never in doubt. What's interesting is that we've played 2 more games away than at home in this run. City have done the exact opposite. Incredible character from these boys, especially after last season.
  6. "All-new take" does read like it won't be akin to the Rab run though granted it's written by a marketing team so will always sound horrendous.
  7. It was possible this morning... Anyone want to buy a 3080 FE?
  8. Larsen B

    Ghost Song

    Finished with just under 10 hours on the clock. Got all the achievements except for not dying and the 3 hours speed run so I've given it a good go. And fortunately did it just before they patched the Skab Device! It has its charms but I will likely have forgotten it in a couple of months, which is a shame as it was developed for so long by seemingly 2 people for the majority. Not egregiously bad but never particularly remarkable. Some of the background art is fetching and I think they could have doubled down on that to make some more interesting biomes (do we still call them that?) instead of everywhere being Brinstar+. Also found it weirdly inconsistent with damage. Sometimes enemies would die really quickly and sometimes they wouldn't, even with a red hot tip and standing right next to them. The levelling up elements probably makes this more of a secret numbers game than it appears.
  9. Larsen B

    Ghost Song

    Yeah, it's a little rough and a mish-mash of a lot of ideas without doing anything to an exemplary degree. I will say that the writing is very nice though, when it's not including sci-fi proper nouns. Very literary, sometimes florid prose that folk might get turned off by but it's working for me and each NPC has their own style and personality. MUTT is a highlight, although it's pretty much Siegmeyer from Dark Souls. Movement becomes a lot more fluid when you get the dash and run upgrades but you have to persevere a little bit to get there. The map is relatively small (which may be a blessing with the lack of movement options) but it does mean you're going through the same zones. It does make that a bit more interesting by having non-critical story beats appear in areas you've run through a few times. Think I'm closing in on the end (just picked up the fifth ship piece) and there's a few threads I've still not managed to unravel. Had one experience that gave me an item I needed to go up high to use in a certain way which felt pretty organic and non-prescriptive but then the downside is that someone might miss out if they're just doing critical path stuff or not realise/remember what to do. Feels like a 7 without being a 7/10.
  10. Finished with 7:30 active on the clock (9:15 inactive), 2 deaths and ending M. The third part was a bit of a dip for me, or at least I liked the final section a lot more so it ended on a reasonable high. A map makes all the difference I think. Would say Alan Stock's almost final thoughts on the previous page are spot on. It doesn't do anything especially novel but does often get into a good survival horror rhythm and the story is interesting, even if I didn't understand it unassisted.
  11. Larsen B


    Aston Villa under Emery don't look too bad Although reminds me of the heady days of "we've got our Arsenal back". Well, we've got them back now alright!
  12. Larsen B


    The ref just couldn't get enough of blowing his whistle so wanted an extra 5 minutes to get a few more in. Let us hope that was the last Europa League group game we'll have to endure for at least a decade.
  13. Up to [spoilers for after deck 8] and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it overall. I'm happy to play within a developer's intended design but the restricted inventory really hasn't added much. A difficult choice between taking healing items or extra firepower isn't a choice but a chore when it just means having to run to an item box, drop off your inventory and come back. Silent Hill realised that in the first game. One thing that has constantly irked me has been entering doors relies on the little >>> icon coming up, which doesn't always happen, even when you're standing right in front of one. Classic Resi never had a problem with that. Nor with enemies being right outside a door and the entering/exiting animation meaning you can enter a room right into their arms. At least the puzzle design has been fairly solid (big laffs at them giving you a Tower of Hanoi puzzle and the written solution in the same room) and the transmitter has been a nice wrinkle. Wholly subjective but it's been particularly light on scares. The most horrific thing tends to be the sound when accessing the save screen (and Continuing Without Saving is a fun touch, for those who haven't tried it). Hopefully the story, and the depths that Alan Stock has been able to plumb, will shine a light on why this could be considered an Essential.
  14. Larsen B


    Well, then there's this: That field tilt
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