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  1. We must be watching a different England side, Fry! They've been pretty rotten for a while, even including the lucky run to the 3rd place playoff. But while WoSo is still all about "growing the game", serious questions about under performing and poor management will seemingly not be asked.
  2. Spooky October bump as I played and finished this last night. It goes to some really interesting places and is a fascinating document of a world that I am completely oblivious to. I do think it starts with a bit of a misstep (although it fits thematically) in seeming like it will be a survival horror game because I'd aborted a play through a couple of months ago thinking it was going to be too full of hiding and avoiding things. Really that lasts for the first hour and then the locations and story take a far more interesting turn for the second half, although it does become a bit more of a visual novel at that point which I'm sure some won't get on with. Definitely makes me want to try and find an underground book club to source a copy of Devotion.
  3. Larsen B


    Felt like we didn't play the ball out inside our box for most of the game, instead preferring to do what everyone used to do which was pass it to the CBs outside the box, then we get it to 1-1, play out from the back inside our box and immediately concede.
  4. Heard some whispers on Twitter as well that the frame rate is a bit dodgy in places. Hopefully there's a patch but surprising for a modern first party Nintendo game to not hit a consistent 60fps.
  5. Just back from the third island and still absolutely having a great time but I'm finding the story stuff with Malroth is becoming a bit of a drag. Not helped by the automatic text speed of the disembodied voice taking a minute to get through each page of text. I just want to build stuff, mate.
  6. I've been learning Japanese for a while, almost specifically to play Boku no Natsuyasumi so, on the one hand I'll be happy if they finally had an English release, but on the other, I'll be furious. Really happy that Moon is coming here though!
  7. If you're interested in breaking the fourth wall, all of the clips are in the game installation folder (at least in Steam), in chronological order. Got through it understanding the broad strokes but it was good to fill in the gaps. Felt there were a fair few clips that you'd need to start putting in phrases for so don't feel entirely dirty about watching the rest. Probably the saddest thing about the whole thing is: Uber-ending spoilers:
  8. Larsen B


    This isn't good. Feels like that indicates the police believe they may be specifically targeted.
  9. Larsen B


    Iwobi out for close to £40m is good business. Had he not scored a thriker in the Europa League drubbing, my abiding memory of him would have been missing constant sitters in our final few games. Feel much more confident at the end of the summer window that our funds are being reinvested properly than I was at the start. Just get Mustafi out and this will have been a very good couple of weeks.
  10. Larsen B


    We'll always have 1-1 at Newcastle.
  11. Larsen B


    French dreamboat Julien Laurens pours cold water on the whole thing. I'm also deeply in Camp Fraud.
  12. Larsen B


    And they perform much worse in Europe?
  13. Larsen B


    Comunicado Oficial
  14. Picked up Picross Lord of the Nazarick and while it's definitely Picross, it's also a little disappointing that there's literally nothing new to the actual gameplay. I've been playing Pixel Puzzle Collection for a couple of weeks and that has an undo function and auto fills with crosses once you've filled in the listed number of tiles (whether correct or not) which really takes a lot of the busy work out of Picross at higher grid sizes. There's seemingly only one BGM track and there's no extra medal for finishing puzzles without hints so it's also a strange step-back compared to the S-series. Maybe the manga fans are into the story but after finishing one character's puzzles, I have no idea who anyone is or what they're doing. Despite that, it's more Picross so 10/10.
  15. Larsen B


    The banter is on me.
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