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  1. Finally - me seeing if I can capture play off my beloved Asteroids Dx cabinet. Not bad just plonking the phone on the plexiglass! You don't get to enjoy the pin sharp vector display though - I need to see if I can focus the camera better.
  2. How to play Kaboom! (Ghetto recording here off my old CRT so excuse the quality). This is the NTSC version at proper speed. Just a demo of how to use the 1000pt barrier to keep the game as easy as possible. I play to 10,000pts.
  3. Here's one of mine. A deathless Wardner run.
  4. Is there a difference between the versions apart from the cart shape? I was under the impression it was the same ROM. I've been offered a replacement again (they are refunding me the return postage) but I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle.
  5. davyK


    Very nice indeed. I wasn't a Megadrive owner in the 90s. I was on the SNES side - purely because I was more into that style of game. So my MD collection is spartan and the games I want now (like Slap Fight) go for a King's Ransom. I picked up a repro of MUSHA though - as I like playing on hardware over emulating and it works great. I don't want to go overboard doing that but for the real high price items it's a workable alterative.
  6. Took Delivery of the new Darius Extra Version from strictlylimited at Christmas time. Sadly - it crashes - as does the replacement they sent me. I'm using a modified model-1 PAL (with region and 50/60 switch). Anyone here have this game? Ive been offered a refund but it's such a nice port it's a real shame. I've thrown PAL,US,JP and even repro of MUSHA at this machine and it works with them all - except this.
  7. Late to this party but I'll add my 464 waffle. Full disclosure - I didn't really like the 8bit micro era. I got a 2600 in '82 and played the hell out of it for a couple of years or so and then sold it and the games to buy into the 8bit era. I had played Spectrum games but hated it and as I was into programming and fancied learning 6502 (which was the 2600's processor) I looked elsewhere. The C64 was beyond my budget so I went Oric-1. I know. I enjoyed it though. It had enough games to entertain me while I taught myself 6502 assembler and its version of BASIC was probably the best apart from the mighty Beeb. I created a few simple games like a Video Poker simulator etc on it. It died on me though In 1986-7 I went for a 464- attracted by the screen and the built in tape drive. I could only afford the green screen version but I ended up getting a modulator for using the TV later on. I got a fair bit of enjoyment out of that machine. Mapped its excellent port of JSW2 on an A2 sheet and played a hell of a lot of Bombjack, Thrust 1 & 2, Leaderboard, Infiltrator,Gauntlet and Chuckie Egg. All of which got splendid ports. Cybernoid II was a splendid game as was Stormlord so I can't really complain too much. I also did some BASIC coding of poker games etc. But ultimately I didn't enjoy the 8bit micro platform. There were just too many compromises. Compared to a console - even something as primitive as a 2600 - I missed the immediacy and raw speed of those old cart games - and lets face it - the advanced craftmanship of Atari's, Imagic's and Activision's seasoned coders. The micros were largely a solo affair too. Something like 4 player Warlords on that old 2600 had no close rival on 8bit micros. The only 3 games I'd go back to would be JSW, Chuckie Egg and Thrust which I consider 3 classics of any era. 8bit micros with tape loading (inc. multi-loads), dodgy difficulty curves and over ambitious attempts at projects well beyond the hardware's capabilities at the time almost put me off gaming for good. But the NES and SMS appeared in the early 90s just in time to draw me back in. I have no desire to go back apart from watching the occasional YT video of some games that appeared impossible to play in the day - just to see something like Cauldron 1 or 2 being taken apart which is gratifying. But I have been impressed by some modern homebrew efforts. The 464 was a fine computer for its day which shone when it got proper versions coded for it instead of lift-and-shift Spectrum ports.
  8. davyK


    Hi @ImmaculateClump. Yeah. I've been around. A long time. My finger has been hovering over the Sol Cresta buy button but there's too many things being said about it that makes me hold back - not least of all the loop play time length. £30 quid too for a digital game? I'm too set in my ways. Happy to pay that, and more, for a physical shmup. Will keep an eye on it. Heard the odd rumour of a Layer Section remake - hoping it isn't another one of those Cotton/Saturn emu hatchet jobs though.
  9. davyK


    I'm bashing away at Mushihimesama on steam (Normal original). Level 4 boss is my best 1 credit run so far. I've 1CCed it on Novice but that mode is a bit too easy. I'm also putting a few credits into Normal Maniac just for fun. Between times I'm trying to get the Layer Section monkey off my back : getting to level 6 on 1 credit but that is one bitch of a level to try and get through even with 1 life loss. Have been at this for a long time on and off ever since I got the Saturn port several years ago.
  10. Dreamcast was the arcade at home and I don't think the mainstream gamer wanted that any more*. That and Sega pissing away money and annoying the user base over the MD addons that they never fully recovered from. * It's exactly why I like it.
  11. My first Dreamcast was bought January 2002. It was the pack that gave you VF3tb, Ecco and MSR. It was on sale in Argos for £50 and they threw in a 2nd 3rd party controller. Would have been rude not too. Cue me vulturing the games off the shelves cheap in GAME and EB as it died. Have a rather nice PAL collection and all the gubbins - wheels, arcade sticks, guns , coloured VMUs. Have 2 keyboards for Typing of the Dead (US version I use with a boot disc). Pretty happy with my collection but still fancy picking up Gigawing 2. Picked up a couple of indies - Sturmwind and Wind&Water Puzzle Battle. Both very nice indeed. Have a VGA box but I'm using the RGB SCART with the CRT at the minute. Favorite? Tough - between Daytona, Mr Driller and Gigawing. First console that made the scales fall from my eyes and discovered 60Hz gaming. Changed my ways after that.
  12. This. A splendid game. Supports up to 4 in some events too.
  13. Just checking in here. Got a PAL machine back in '97 and played it a fair bit. I still have that old console with the original controller - all working well but I've since bought a JP model modded for RGB SCART for play on my 25" 4:3 CRT. Looks pretty damn good. Plays US games too. I've been selling my boxed PAL games and getting nice CIB JP versions of my favourites. Jp N64 boxart is the pinnacle. I financed a CIB copy of the lovely Bangai O from PAL game sales. I think I might actually prefer it to the Dreamcast version. The rules are different, but it's a close call. Favourite game for the console will always be F-Zero X though. One of the few games that uses the rumble really well. I still have a few PAL games left. Mario 64 I have the JP version and the rumble versions but I like to keep it for nostalgia as I got it with the original console. Bust-A-Move 2 - because the wife and I played 2P time trial mode to death. I have the US version now but I keep the PAL cart because the best times don't transfer to the US game off the controller pak. Mystical Ninja 2 - because it's worth a lot but I really should flog it even though I love it, to finance some other stuff. Pokemon Puzzle League - keeper until I can get a US CIB boxed one which is unlikely The one game I'd really like to get is Dr. Mario 64 - just because. A US exclusive and a late release and costs a packet. But maybe if I sell that Mystical Ninja.
  14. It is. Has a gorgeous picture - really vibrant and no overscan issues. The big old Samsung's decent too though. Does a nice job especially with SNES and MD.
  15. Here are my little babies. Both 4:3. Both with RGB SCART. The 21"Panasonic on the right is smaller and I have it perma-rotated for TATE shmups. I have a powered SCART switch plugged into the bigger 25" Samsung for traditional gaming. Gamecube, Saturn, PS1+2, N64 (modded), Dreamcast, SNES, MD all hooked up with RGB SCART. Have a dedicated 360 with RGB SCART for shmups too. The 2600 woody is still RF but I run that through an old VCR which has a better tuner than the Samsung and feed that in using composite cables.
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