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  1. I managed to see a Buy Now button. Only to click on it and the lightbox show nothing. Some proper dog arse caching going on, coz even now it still shows Buy Now. Virgin Media are wank for their caching though.
  2. Me, I care! Nearly got a 120 DK on Ravenholdt as well now. Will probably be around this weekend doing some Monk / Hunter levelling with Rach. I'm hoping they have a sale on prior to SL so that I can get some cheap transfers for characters which I have to have (like Loki :p).
  3. Yeah, I kinda play at stupid times to be fair. Usually around 11pm - 2'ish. Just trying to sort out some characters and make some money still really. Pretty chill times.
  4. I now have a 120 Mage, Warlock and Demon Hunter on your server @Doctor Shark
  5. Yeah, doing world farms in a 4x2 can make shit load of money, especially with the Tailoring tools of the trade item which increases cloth drop rates by an insane amount. I don't like to queue up with others though, just like to farm at my own pace which is why the majority of my gold has come from selling Vials of the Sand. I might jump back into gold farming at some point though, just keep going steady. I levelled it into the 110 bracket about 2 weeks ago I think, then just PvP'd to max level in BfA.
  6. I have a 120 on Defias now @Doctor Shark! Levelled a new Nightborne mage from scratch instead of spending money/gold on transfers. Only took 1 day and 4 hours of play time, she has a whopping 80,000 health Think my Brutosaur dream is dead too. Managed to make 1.7m, but it's not even half way and I can't be arsed flipping shit so close to a new expansion. I'll maybe invest for SL and see if I can flip some stuff in the new expansion and grab it for a similar price on the BMAH or something.
  7. Been having a Civ 6 day today. Sure I'll be about during the week though.
  8. Yeah, the 120 sync scaling is fucked in the 111-119 bracket. There's two hunters that were queuing together when I was last playing (Bourrinax and Edgelorder) and they lost back to back games. I obviously had to flame them for doing so, coz fuck em.
  9. I levelled my Priest as Disicpline and just PvP'd my way to max. Some of the most enjoyable levelling there was with probably a 90% win rate!
  10. You need to use your roll over the gap Super secret tip which will make it easy, spoilered just in case.
  11. Been really enjoying this and smashed the first playthrough solo. Now my partner is interested so gonna have a playthrough with her as well. It's a solid little game to just zone out and have some fun.
  12. Tried playing some Unholy DK over on Ravenholdt. Found them to be quite boring though, more-so than Frost which I'm not a big lover of either. Enjoyed PvP levelling my Monk and DH over on Sylvanas though. They do a tonne of damage.
  13. I've been playing for a good number of months now to be fair, and imagine I'll be playing quite a while into Shadowlands as Rach is really enjoying it. I do have all my 120's on Sylvanas though, and Rach currently has her 2 on Sylvanas as well. Would be good to be on your server though, coz you always play. Everyone else who was on Sylvanas only play for a month or so
  14. Pffft. That's the other brothers. I give it 3 months tops.
  15. Interesting! I do still have my original name of Loki on Ravenholdt. Being called Lokey on Sylvanas is annoying as shit. I do have a 120 mage on Sporeggar too, but she's Alliance. That is a potential idea though. I could play with you after all!
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