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  1. Yeah, the restriction is the island. So you and your girlfriend can both have a playable villager on that island, but you won't each have your own island.
  2. I also booked time off @cohen205. Just cancelled it though and will probably book time off for Animal Crossing instead. Holidays reset in April, just in time for Cyberpunk and Final Fantasy and my birthday!
  3. I use the same Acer monitor as my main screen with two Dell U2715H's for the side monitors: I've also just bought a 65" C9 for the living room
  4. Anything that he doesn't want basically. You need to select one of your Pokémon to trade with someone else, so if he has two of anything he just needs to select that. We'll need to make sure we set the same link code though, so if you're around tonight I can sort it around 7pm.
  5. If you're being unlucky with trade code 4448, I have a spare foreign Ditto he can have (SW-1144-3846-2805).
  6. Some kind soul sent me a Spanish Ditto last night, so that'll make breeding slightly more exciting! I have no idea what them being shiny does though, is it just a cosmetic change? Now that I've completed the main story, I've started to go out of my way to collect some of the Shield exclusives. I think I have the below so far if anyone needs owt: Tyranitar (Not caught a Larvitar yet) Lotad Vullaby Spritzee Croagunk Throh Lunatone Galarian Ponyta I also have Sobble and Scorbunny starters if anyone needs those. My friend code is: SW-1144-3846-2805
  7. Thanks for the offer man, it's okay though. I was more curious to see if there was a way to spawn more than just one a day (which is seemingly the case from what I can tell). Usually walking away from the spawn area so it's out of camera view and going back works, but that doesn't seem to happen with the variety of Eeveelutions in that spot.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a way to get an Eeveelution to respawn near the Lake of Outrage if you fail at catching it? I crit and managed to make the Glaceon faint this morning
  9. If they are greyed out, you need to make sure you have 20 points in Leadership
  10. Photopea is essentially a browser based version of Photoshop: https://www.photopea.com/
  11. I'm level 38 on my mage now and have 37g, quite a bit away from the 90g I need! First mount by be delayed by a couple of levels.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking of doing that. But at the same time I want to play as soon as. I might delete one of my other names, and see if a friend can create a character with the name before testing it on Loki (if I can even get it nowadays).
  13. Zandalar Tribe - Horde for me. For the name reservation tomorrow, can I just create a random character with the name I want and then be safe to delete it and have it reserved for me (sure this used to be a thing where only you could create a character with that name for a set period) whilst I select the right features/skin tone etc?
  14. That's me sorted then. RP-PvP Horde (assuming there's only 1 RP-PvP realm).
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