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  1. Even if you don't keep up with the curve and you have to struggle through a couple of zones, at least when you're max level you still have the opportunity to do World PvP. Not going on a PvP server because leveling will be more difficult just doesn't make sense if you're interested in World PvP at max level.
  2. I've only practiced with Kitana so far but hear she's pretty crap/difficult unless you're a god in neutral, but I do like the feel of her more than any other characters I've tried (namely Shao Khan and Jade). Not had any games online yet though, so if anyone fancies some matches by PSN is Xanthie
  3. Mage will be my solo leveling character as I'll be on more than the people I'm playing with I'm sure. Might level a Shaman with friends/family. Or a Rogue... :p
  4. Engineering/Tailoring I think for me. Engineering for certain as it's just too strong in PvP not to have, but I might switch Tailoring out for a gathering profession.
  5. I suspect the most played classes will be Warriors, Mages and Rogues. Mage is 100% going to be my main, but I'll no doubt have alts to level with friends who aren't on as much. Shaman will potentially be one of them, just because I've been wanting to play a 2H Windfury Shaman for ages.
  6. I've been re-watching all the Vurtne videos lately. Can. Not. Wait. We still haven't heard anything about realms yet have we? Might end up on Sylvanas myself if RP-PvP realms don't make return.
  7. Finally managed to get the Kitana Kahn mask by dumping millions of koins into the shrine. Now to save another 5,000 souls so I can progress further into the krypt >_<
  8. Loki

    vinyl lovers

    How do you guys all store your vinyls? Do you use outer sleeves as well as replacing the inner ones if they're naff quality? I've only just bought a Rega Planar 3 as my first turntable, so everything is completely new and I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Currently I've just kept all the vinyls in the cardboard box sleeves they were shipped in as I don't have a shelving unit yet either.
  9. You get a skin for completing all lessons in a character tutorial as well.
  10. Yeah, it's really not surprising taking into consideration the completely random Krypt as well. So all the skins which say "Unlocked in the Krypt", there's no way of knowing where in the Krypt it is, you just have to go around spending Koins as every chest is random (fuck knows what the coordinates are for in that case). Alongside that you only have 5 or so items in the Featured Store, which are on a timer (similar to Anthem), so you have to rely on RNG to even buy the stuff you want. Which again, is hugely overpriced at the moment. Hopefully they pay attention to that shitty reaction it's getting and sort something out.
  11. My copy from ShopTo arrived on Saturday, which was great as an early birthday surprise over the long weekend. I finished the story mode last night and have done all the tutorials and enjoyed every bit of it. I'm pretty crap at fighting games, but this is great fun nonetheless. I had a bonus code within my physical copy which I had to enter to get Shao Khan. Is yours a digital copy? You might have a code within your emails or something you need to apply?
  12. That's a good point, RP-PvP wasn't a thing at first was it. Just had a look around and it seems they've also confirmed RP-PVP servers won't exist at launch which is a bummer.
  13. Yeah, I get that. Twinks and gankers don't make for fun gameplay. It probably helps that until the most recent changes where you had to enable War Mode I was on a server with 85% Alliance. Tough life as a lonely UD Mage :p
  14. Haha, I'm almost certain we would've PvP'd our way to max level between questing :p
  15. I've never understood ganking, but it was always fun when you managed to turn a fight around. The one that comes to mind is when a 60 Paladin tried to kill me and my brother as two level 45 hunters, but we managed to kite him from EPL all the way to the border of Tirisfal Glades. I'll 100% be playing on a PvP server once classic arrives.
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