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  1. Id say on a platform with some stairs and a elevator maybe have a aura too
  2. I like a fair few of the fights this tier, it is a fun tier and I feel bad for LFR as its just nowehre near as fun as it could have been, but then we as a 10 man struggle at times to communicate on fights so I can see why its tonned down for LFR (communicating with 25 randoms would be a nightmare) Id say council, magera and Lei Shen are my favourites... I like fights where I get to use my cooldowns and have to use them wisely, loads of damage but doable ... Magera can be a right pain, and at times felt just beyond the group but we have proven it is posisble and well yay! Overall I'm happy with the tier, thanks to all for making it so fun The healing team, all of them (I even coun the monk we had once) were awesome to heal with and the rest of you, tanks and dps were awesome to be with too not all the time, most the time your mean to me! but for the most part <3 you all!!!
  3. ok Who sucks the most: Karde Who brings no suggestions to raids and contriubuts nothing: Karde Who goes afk during trash because its dull: Karde Who talks about themselves in the third person to get attention: Karde My witch hunt is over I know who we need to stone!
  4. I'll be honest it seemed to me the raid last night just didn't seem with it, similar mistakes ring made, lack of input from the raid as a whole I eventually just switched off as it felt like people didn seem to care Give it a shot tonight will mix the group a bit ad see. It's an annoying fight I know people get bored and frustrated but the last thing I like to hear is people yawning and humming etc because they are bored puts me right off . It's a rubbish fight So apologies if I was not great at leading the raid
  5. Not sure about the raid for Monday Seems were low on healers cant 2 healer it so yeah currently as it stands no raid on Monday Unless people sign up and or say on here
  6. indeed who shall drink cider with me!!! Call in sick!
  7. ok no sav means we shall take Jamos if we can Monday we shall take Natdan for fneeb Have to see how things go on Sunday!
  8. It is odd how strong disc priests are even after nerfs compared to other classes. They sort of stopped Monks dpsing and healing yet disc can still do this, fair enough that was the purpose as they have two healing specs but it appers to be SO much stronger than other healers In general it makes healing easier so i'm happy, but I feel I dont bring as much to the raid thats all
  9. I DO!! I DO, I DO, I DO, I DOOOOOOOOOO la la laaaa
  10. I think monk healing works well in 25 mans, but for 10 man I dont see it bringing anything special to the raid For our raid last night, James had shileds on so many things so smart heals dont work amazingly here and in general a lot of damage is just absorbed When people do get hit I instantly get hots on them, mists takes a little travel time by then rejuve ticking has done a lot of the healing One of the big reasons i didn't go monk in the end, I found some situations just felt totally out of control. I couldnt get heals on people I knew needed it I had to hope mists got to them We all did well though last night, it is a difficult fight were on for healing we were extremly close so should get it dead on Sunday PS: if you heal with John moo, you get paladin shields too its awesome fun I tell yee
  11. Ok draft for tomorrow night, I'm going by who has signed cant be chasing people around, i tried for 5 mins and got bored. My calander seemes to be broken in that I can only see this months raids, all before that dont exist anymore? 0.o Healers: Myself Libitina Mooestein* Tanks: Jeraka Varrsity DPS: Finbarr Fneeb Savour Tynon Gatsby 3 ranged dps, 2 melee a mix of all healers and tanks Bullet has not signed so I am assuming cannot make it? I did ask Jamos while he was around but he got an achivement and went offline and never got back to me so I dont know! Id rather be safe than sorry! as we do need 3 healrs and John and Ash are definatly not here As far as I know, none need any extra bosses or anything for the legendary quest? so we shall set right off Im assuming Pete cannot make Monday? if not Natdan shall go in his stead (Same goes for Sunday as Pete has not signed, not sure if he forgot or cannot make it) Sav has said tentative for Sunday, if she cannot make Sunday i'd like Jamos to take her place as plate dps I can change this if we need to, anyone have any issues please let me know in game or here I dont take charge often so want to make it all gravey! John I think you put moo in charge of Thursdays raid, me for the Sunday and Monday thats why I wrote it all here
  12. John make them stop! they are ruining everything!
  13. IM NOT EVEN GETTING INTO THIS!!!! CAPS!!! Also Aloon is a douchbag
  14. does look very cool Jack! Now go farm the mount and you can look like a flying deepholm all the time!
  15. I'm sure this is classed as bullying! surely it has to be John make them stop! they are ruining the memory of every druid to have ever existed (except troll druids who are a load of tosh)
  16. Merry birthday Ash!! have a grand ol day!!!!
  17. I'll tell you what ruined the raid for me last night! and my good mood this evening!!!! RAGE!!!!!!!! all in all was a fun raid though! will be difficult to repeat as it seems to require so much concentration from everyone and quick acting so well done all! but I think he's definatly on our kill list weekly now!
  18. thanks Sav! I have enough it was just a pain I have killed him twice already! Think with the start of the new week i'll go about it again, Ash needed a few to get the achivement and I'm sure Jera will too so will form a group and go kill him and get us all the achivement
  19. Absolutly fine, but will have to be much more vocal on soaking the green slime than we were. People were running into them while I was mid cast, by the time I finished they were half dead and had to hardcast regrowth to keep them up which just cost way too much mana.. I made loads of mistakes too but hey ho it is a boss we are still learning so
  20. So I ticket for that achivement we did on Friday I got this as a reply and no achivement ¬¬ bah so need to do him for a 3rd time now!
  21. Worry not my friend I just had a big chat on skype with you over it but yeah in general Sniping heals is a big issue here Shields are too We rarely stand all in a group so healing rain fails when you do get a chance to use healing raid, I have efflo, we have shields, tranq, mushrooms, etc! so you do a lot but so does everyone else due to the massive damage we all take <3
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