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  1. Bullet has signed but I I ow sac couldn't come . As Ben says log in for 8.30 and see, primord is first so it's free loot even with Only 9 of us so worth it even if its just him we kill
  2. Just on the train home now was awesome to see you all!! Really fun weekend Thanks John for putting up with me all weekend and letting me use his place as a base of operations! And thanks everyone else for being awesome and comming along
  3. Be able to do most duo healing at a push as long as dps is good which it always is these days.
  4. ta mukka! next time you will be with us, as next time i'll be able to drive!
  5. I cannot speak for him! he wont finish work until 8pm but may check the forums before then will let him know when I speak to him
  6. Deef said in guild chat he is avaliable to go along tonight - me and jera both did not sign up today was our turn / felt like a week off You have 10 covered so you should all be ok
  7. I never fell over last time! Pete just fell asleep All I remember is me kicking some ass with UNI-BEAM!!! Until John cheated Sood stole the gift he gave me and then the party ended but its all a little hazy!
  8. i'm so confused by all this Druids now get shields... Item - Druid T16 Restoration 4P Bonus (New) Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, and Wild Growth critical heals have a chance to cause all cast time heals for the next 12 sec to cause a Living Seed on the target for 80% of the amount healed. what crazyness is this! mad i tell yee! if you ask me another way to get us to hard cast again! overall looks good though And some classes had it too easy with damage reductions, moonkins, locks etc just made balancing a lot more difficult id imagine so get rid of some of it wouldnt hurt...
  9. ^^ the true Druid leader rises!!!
  10. Chauntea


    Fun fun awesome work!
  11. aye its certainly not £7 Well we could go places where its £7 but that just seems silly!! besides were going to the cider place! I remember it being cheap(ish) and the cider was way better than strongbow! after one pint me and fneeb were a little tipsy! only a tad though
  12. Chauntea


    hahah now watch Muk wipe on trash and boss after boss and have a fun 3 hour film on how not to do ToT!
  13. Last time I spent around hell I have no idea I was out my tree! hoho! Its only a tad more expensive than a normal day out, £30 should get you by... Can I book a 1.30pm appointment please gats, I would be too nervous to be first in line but dont want to speak to you after too many drinks we can discuss this druid leader situation! I'm able to meet any time, not too too early as I expect i'll be drunk on Friday night too!
  14. Lenona Fneeb Tynon Savor Chauntea Finbarr Kauwiks Karde Varrsity Jamos Bullet Libitina Gatsby
  15. I soloed Wailing Caverns last night It was tricky, the place is almost a jungle bosses left right and center! Took me a short time but it is doable, a lovely pinky purple druid set drops from there so its worth farming for you druids! or any leather user I was lvl90 and it did take time but if I can do it i'm sure you can too!
  16. ok Well we shall go with Varsity jeraka me James Ash or if not the inferior Paladin Lenopna or something Fin Karde Deef Natdan To replace fneeb Im talking in guild now, but Gatsby as he was in with us before seems to make sense but Ty may well be around to help if now.
  17. hahahahahahaha who knows aye! Sory gats! i did draft you and left James out origionaly... but felt 2 healing things would be silly
  18. The Team Varsity jeraka me James Bullet Fneeb Fin Karde Deef Natdan
  19. aye no worries Varsity! We shall see whats happening, at the moment its all uncertain so we shall see sooner to the time Just let us know when you can, no rush at all mukka
  20. But who actually ran Kara these days? - we did it in a naked run and still cleared it fine, nerfing chess would mean thats still fun to do and chess would be a cake walk but then even at 70 it was really easy so yeah You could solo everything, chess was just a pain but still doable... so whats the harm? If anything its making full use of old content, more people will go to farm pets now and actually see the old raid so its giving people things to do for a small amount of effort. So surely thats a good thing?
  21. Well 7 bosses dead was sucsessful tonight! Cheers gatsby and Moo for stepping in for us was really sucsessful! shame so little useful loot dropped but it was nice to see bosses dead! \o/ Moo is not around for Sunday, so will have to have a rejig of the raid for Sunday will do it when I have more of a idea who is where and when! 0.o
  22. You dont give this much stick to John! In my defence: Moo said he couldn't come for the rest of the week and Thursday looked iffy, so he is fair game Natdan has not been on a Thursday raid night for a while so he had to go We need 3 healers, only 3 had signed so they all go Deef had not been for a while so it was his turn to go I know Ben and gatsby do fun stuff together so when I was deciding it was easier to drop both so they could still have funz together Also I dont have to put up with and of this Eloon crap you guys put me through! One for Elune and head druid! 0 for the mean team! \o/
  23. Drafts done last night Dropped Moo as he said he wont be available for the rest of the week? Jera is not around next week so he shall be dropped then John cant make rest of the week so Ash or Heather would be able to step in maybe? Will see how this first night goes Main task is to have fun!
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