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  1. yeah you should be! heroic Karde, first pull dies from the HUGE thing rolling accross the screen........... heroic Karde giving advice to help kill us ALL constantly..... heroic Karde my foot
  2. For tonights efforts Well done all! awesome stuff
  3. What was Pete thinking, lads night out on a raid night! Pete you suck! Have fun! Looking low, could do flex? or log on at 8.30 and see?
  4. Chauntea


    So after losing the last 8 games in a row I'm still playing people with 4 legendaries in their decks, and last two games managed to do 2 damage to the enemy champ before I die. Seems a bit daft, not winning means I cant buy new cards so i'm sort of stuck in a endless rut where I'm waiting for the game to realise I suck at the game and give me better matched opponents. Which seems to be taking too long to do and sapping any fun out of the game There is so little in game help for people completly new to this type of game. I beat the tutorial and played the other decks to get a few cards but just seems to be placing me way above where I should be at. I understand it takes time to put you into a place where you should be getting 50/50 but playing the last 8 matches losing all of them and never getting them below 25 hp is kind of upsetting. Maybe its my deck but as there is so little help in game I cant actually tell. I get them to build my deck and it fails, i build it and it fails... Maybe you cant play a druid deck until you get good cards, but then it should give you that as a hint rather than letting you lose so much... rant over ¬_¬
  5. I could always start to build a feral tank set up, but would be starting from scratch so would not be ready for a while... may have to with our current situation! 8 sign ups and 2 tentatives, can always see whats happening at 8.30! could maybe do a early night if Johns not feeling great? also awesome Ben! first boss does not need 2 tanks but still for others it would be wonderful if gats cannot make it!
  6. We dont need nerfing.... well ok maybe a little... tiny bit!!! but you know its nice to end a expansion where druids are OP it rarely happens!!!....... oh wait I keep thinking mushroom efflo is silly OP but then its only OP when we stand still, but that happens a awful lot. I enjoy it but I think it needs changing, a shorter duration or starts weak gets stronger until it blooms or something. Currently we move spot we move the mushroom with no penalty, it heals a silly amount (mines about 18k x3 every 2 seconds) so I could pop it down go afk and still be doing 22k hps which to me is wrong, its what Paladins do Still 1% John 1%!!!!! ARRRRRGHHH!!
  7. i'm such a noob Just realised, I have been 1% under my haste cap for ages now.... so my rejuves were doing 1 less tick every single cast.... thats a LOT of healing I could have been doing and never did... DOH! feel a little dumb now!
  8. Well I knew what the issue was, had been comming along a while really but that last push did kill it off completley. Luckily a friend lives close to a PC shop, dropped me off and got me a new graphics card so im currently up and running, not tried anything yet though but will keep you posted Thanks all though! sorry had to leave raid early mind! we were making progress too! o/
  9. Oprah Windfury! arrr some fun times to be had!! So far its all looking rather fun, I dont much like the story from what I have read but who knows maybe fun!
  10. happy birthday Ben! hope its been a fun day so far
  11. As the voice of reason, id say go for it! while its sad to see you go its still better for you so works. Im sure at times you could help out with us still (maybe I dunno?) but still better for you so good Obviously upsetting but still you pay to play and raidings a big part of that, seems a waste to not do it! now remember to post that 1k gold to chauntee (2 e's now not one!) for writing such a fair post!
  12. Elune doesn't have a grave, she's not dead yet..... You lack of druid understanding disturbs and upsets me
  13. So far we are thinking of this little place to stop: http://www.travelodge.co.uk/search_and_book/index.php?action=search&check_from=&locationCode=h531&location=Birmingham+Central+Moor+Street+Travelodge&checkInDate=05%2F11%2F2013&checkOutDate=06%2F11%2F2013&no_of_rooms=1&adults_1=1&children_1=0&adults_2=1&children_2=0&adults_3=1&children_3=0&adults_4=1&children_4=0&adults_5=1&children_5=0&adults_6=1&children_6=0&adults_7=1&children_7=0&adults_8=1&children_8=0&adults_9=1&children_9=0&search=Find+rooms 2 people per room, about £60 a night, so £30 each or there abouts if we share it would be good. If we know definate numbers I can book the rooms for us all, maybe get a discount but if not at least get all on the same floor or somethng be funz! its a suggestion so can be changed if we want lets get this moving!
  14. Birmingham! christmas market and all that But im fine with London, I like London
  15. Yeah some real fun fights this tier so far! I think the best thing though has been the atmosphere in raids when doing bosses we struggled against. It has been unusually overly optimistic with a lot of the fights with the epic fails and changing of tactics constantly, I think its been real fun! So thanks all
  16. NOOOO!! Sorry to see you go (for only a short while hopefully!) I liked the pally tank, so much easier to heal than those other pair hehe but will miss you in game mukka, see you soon!! Edit: I just thought, your doing this because of your headset!! didn't want to get a new headset so just quit the game instead!!!! pffft
  17. They already do I was tempted to get them on alts, 7k BARGIN!
  18. and THAT is the reason i'm still subbed! See you soon Ash
  19. Poor Chauntea died moments before the kill... a sacrafice I made to save the group! Well played all though such a epic fight, awesome atmosphere in raid chat real fun! And Gatsby im sure this is cyber bullying!! and i always prefered cobra, but looking back on it my taste sucked when i was that young
  20. And you let him into the druid fold I call for a vote of no confidence in Gatsby for poor leadership!! Chauntee for druid leader!
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